Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Holi

Have seen a pattern to my writing but then I am sure everyone has their own patterns. After all the ho halla is over can be some function.festival or internal uthal puthal, and then when I am in one of those reflection moods that's when I sit down to write..Going by the rate I write seems like I reflect too much ;-)

Just over with the holi bash..I am sure as by now most of u would have an idea that I love festivals..So this one was no unusual event.Just another oppurtunity for me enjoy the revelry.This was the first time I played quite loads of dry colors.Always used to feel they are more dusty then wet colors .But guess with time things change and as I can hardly find pl around me who are ready to do with wet colors..So I got to go for change of mode..Though I did my shubharambh with wet colors but that's what it was, only a start..Rest of holi belonged to gulals..I love the medley of colors they provide All the yellows reds & jamuni's.

Had holi in the apartmnet as well and then a nice get together with close one's..Best part was the dishes I could make..Dhokla,cake,dahi bada,nimki and kheer..I surprised myself that I cld make quite decent preparations of all of them..Dahi bada recipie was shared by a friend of mine..Never knew a small portion of adrak(ginger) and soda could make so much of a difference..Chocolate cake was the most wanted items as I had to make many in succession to ensure a smooth demand supply equation..And I never knew I could make kheer for ten people at a go..Made it in cooker thanks to idea confirmed by ma..Yummy it sounds.

One thing I missed was bhaang..I really wish I could have it some day in holi. Though I have serious doubts about that..Learnt thandai from neighbor and decided next year will add the same to my menu..Easy to make and adds to the holi feel..Esp. will let me crave less for bhang ;-)
Phew,was little tired at the end of it all..Monday was left with nothing but to finish off all the leftover sleep.
Had my tooth extracted recently. Got decayed so badly and all the time I was like why are things getting stuck here.Thanks god I went to the dentist.Hardly top part left.Even brought it home so it reminds me to take care of my teeth properly.

Now am sitting with this weird swelling on my face..By now my maid and sabji waali has asked for explanations..Though I have given them a truthful account,I have my own resrevations how much of it they understood considering they know no hindi and me no tamil..Just hope they are not thinking husband has beaten me up lol lol Poor him..

Might have to shift homes..Another week to know and then will have to start home hunting..
Did make one of my first canvases at last..Am no good at drawing so was thinking of copying a drawing but all my efforts to do so failed..Yeah I do not know how to copy on a canvas.Any ideas there are welcome. So finally had to draw myself.Made a bunch of flowers with all the colors I had in my kitty :-) Holi effect I guess

Won't say outcome is that good.Still waiting for hubby to come and see how he reacts..he is the best critic though it's always hard to believe what u did is not good enough.
I always have to think hard for words to end a post..Thank god am not a writer,else this would have been real nightmare
So ending the post by hoping all of u had agreat holi.

PS: At times I feel like I am writing a letter as in old days uncle and aunts used to do..writing all of that has happened in a simple postcard or envelope..Seems like a lost art today :-)