Sunday, November 26, 2006

Past, Present

That's glass painting,recent one being made by me..Planning to gift it to one of my friends That way I can make more ;-)
On side is this pntng of mine which I got recently framed. Placed it in my bedroom ,the only place bereft of my pntngs till now..Now this is one of my non favortite one's. As the dancing ladie's face has not come out with soft features.
Irony is that the location of pntng is such that as I lie on that she looks straight into my eyes.. And the effect is her looking angrily at me doing tandav nritya..Gives me a creepy feeling ..U know the kindaa when all your faults are looking at your face :-( Will very soon shift it to another location. :-)

Went roaming around forum mall yesterday.. Bought a collection of books ..Had not gone with the intention of buying but then got lured into it by hubby..And next I see is I have bought three of Gerald Durrell's.On second thought was nice of hubby to do so.Been long since I had read any.Most of his books are about his journey to various island in search of endangered species and his experiences in trying to catch them..Make it a very interesting read..And the best of all is the new way I have find to supplement his readings..Now an amateur naturalist like me has mostly got no idea of the kind of flora and fauna he refers to..So here I am in front of the net looking for these names..This happens when I am in one of those moods where I want to imagine what I read..Other wise it just reading and imagining urself in those make belief world..

Many times I wonder what I was in my earliy life..(If there is any such phenomenon).BTW do u guys wonder a swell. For me, I round it all to three choices:
1.Queen:Considering my love for castles,bldngs architecture, king's queen's lives, gossip's of that era ,I must be somewhere in there..BTW this phenomenon became quite evident after my visit to london..So was I queen of england lol Rolling on the floor laughing ..yes I know little incredilous but then what the heck ;-)

2.Nomad: My love for nature..the excitement of seeing new cultures, their ways and everything I can get to know..And the ease with which I gell with them..(Well that's hnow I wld like to think)

3.Hungry Man: (I know u surely enjoying this)..Well considering I am soo hungry most of the time, and bite I take is soo god sent for me.Yeah even during my regular meals I relish every bite.(Hubby loves to watch me eat.).Makes me think I must never had enough food in my past life

Yeah I know quite unrelated realities but I find the thought very interesting..
So here I have given you all some food for thought..What do u guys think u were in your past life..Do u wanna share ;-)

Enjoy the week

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just Chill

Been busy with relatives for quite some time..Had a gala time roaming around Bangalore.(U know my first tendency was to say Bombay here ;-)) lol Bombay surely is addictive.

Nowadays becoming a regular watcher of Big Boss..For starters few celebrities are made to stay in a place and there are cameras noting their every action..Now one of the characters out there is rakhi sawant..This gal has fallen head over heels in love with this another guy called amit..And man u should see her brooding over the fact..Yesterday in this scene she was complaining "Tum to sab se baat karte ho sabke saath hanste ho ....bus ek meinhi hoon jo tumhe nahi dikhati kindaa"Man that made me laugh real hard..Her expressions were soo evident ..I do not think the gal is faking it for her TRP sake..It really reminded me of some of our brooding sessions in college days ;-) Good to see a reminder bringing back the old memories

Then there is this humourous show by Cyrus "This week that wasn't"'s good to see humour back on screen not the johnny lever kind (no offences meant)..Nach Baliye is another of my favorite with couples dancong on various themesand choreographers assigned to every one of them..Surprising the kindaa dance maniac I am why I never have pursued this interest seriosuly..Or is it something which u need not learn it or something..Never know but I still wish someday I will learn kathak some day..(Have I said it many times before here ;-) )

wohoo looks like I am watching lots of TV these days :-)

My chotti mil(Hubby's chachi ) and her daughter(my sil ok sis in law) were here..took chotti mil to a "Infant Jesus Church" church here.Famous for granting any wish u ask for 7 consecutive thursdays.
Though I have been there this was the first time we took our own sweet time sitting and enjoying the peace there.It was kindaa funny first we burnt the candles and sat in front of infant jesus statue, then moved to other church and sat infront of the virgin mary stature then the huge chotte pil (pa in law) said are u going to convert or something??

One thing I admire about churches is the sense of calm there as if u are having one to one chat with god..I abolutely love that feel..We used to have temple in our colony where I was bought up with similar calm and quite..But then am yet to see again another one non bustling like that..
Finally got a palce to frame one of my painting yipee near the church only..Doscovered the fish market near as well..So church visit surely has been very fruitful ;-)

got most of mil's shopping done from deepam..By now deepam shld give me some loyal customer award as every relative at home does one visit there.well u get all with loads of variety under one roof,so kindaa convenient for me & few day visitors as well
weather is getting colder here and I seem to be enjoying the chill at least till now..Let's see how cihlly it goes in this part of the country..Good time for long drives..Let's see if I can get hubby out of his sleep for one..

So see you guys soon :-)

Note:My PC is supposed to back on Tuesday after all the repairs..Wish it will last longer this time..Wohoo My PC is back and it feels awsome to sit and home and surf..Too hungry now will go and get something to eat..Yipee