Thursday, January 11, 2007

Looking Back

Been quite a cold day.Not a single ray of sunshine in my balcony .One of the days when all you want to do is curl up in ur bed with your favorite books..Bedspace full of magazines,books around which I had been planning to read for soo long..Finally the day has come....Made myself cosy in those lovely quilts and spent the day flipping books,day dreaming and sleeping

And of course my beloved tea breaks thrown in between..After a long time had lemon tea(hot of course..I am more of a hot drink person than cold one).Always brings back the memory of my distant Dadi. she was my grandma's sister. It was she who had introduced me to kaava tea first..I remember her visiting us when I must have been around 10 years of age.she had this habit of getting up real early in the mornings,when whole house was asleep and making kaava for herself.Somehow one day I tasted it,and that's how I got hooked to it..During the rest of her stay (which was for a month or so) of all three of siblings of us , I was the one to get up early just to share that cuppa tea with her..I used to have my cup and then would go back to sleep. I can't feel or remember today the taste of that kaava but the feeling associated with it, is there so clear in my mind.Some time it is surprising how some of these memories are still so fresh in our minds..These are the ones you cherish most I guess..weird that I do not remember much else of her trip except this one incidence..So today's tea to her..

I do not even know if she remembers me as that was the only time when we met..But I am sure had she been listneing to this she would be a happy soul..That reminds me of the story behind her name "Parsinni"
My grandmaa used to tell us about her family.Best story was how my grandma's sister was named "parsinni".As we know girls in those days were not as welcome as boys.(Holds true even today to some extent). So when after my gradma, my grand grand pa(her father) had another daughter, they said we are too happy ("prasann") with two daughters and we want no more..Hence the name "parsinni" . ;-)

Now my grand ma and her sis both are no more but I still remember them at times like this and always wish I had some more time with them..Or the time I had I should have asked for more stories from them :-) So this one blog for all my loved ones..

Coming to writing ,I do quite a bad job first lol..(I know what r you guys thinking) What I mean here is I need to read my blog at least two to three times before I can even think of publishing it..There are so many mistakes of all kinds grammatical..words crumbling over each other..looks as if I was trying to write as fast as my mind can think..If I publish my blogs without few rounds of proof reading they come out so raw..check out my last blog,simple laziness made me skip a third proof reading and look at the half sentences or half finished words leading suddenly to a completely different sentence.

And when I go back to them I always think,gosh is this what I have written..

At times life is so weird..There is simply no end to perfection..or trying to do better..What if some day I suddenly get tired and say I want to improve no more..Knowing myself I am completely capable of this..But I really wish such a day never comes..Gosh such gloomy thoughts not sure why are they entering my head..Is this what no sunshine does to you :-) Or is this post holiday blues for me as well. The thought makes me smile for sure
Waiting for tomorrow..Sunshine day awaits me..Till then enjoy

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year

Start of another year.sure all of you wld have had a great time.

This time of the year is making me feel all the more lazy..Had a nice XMas ime with my niece..and then New year time with my SIL(sis in law).so it's good to be back home now.. Love enjoying the sun in my balcony with a paper as company..Peace prevails..Is it that I am getting old..Well i refuse to believe so but read sometime back,this is the time when teenagers feel highly depressed.(So as pr the study I sure am no more teenager.. ok :-( ). Reason stillness of life after all the ho hungama starting from pre XMas bash and lasting till New year.

Guess shld call it post holiday blues..Or is this an already existing jargon
was mentioning to one of my friends I love holidays now as I know I got no work next day ;-) Saw Vrindvan garden in night and enjoyed bowling..went there saying I won't play much but ended up playing for two of us..Yes even played for my sil as dropped out at the last moment..
After a long time tried cycling..Was quite a relief to see I can still ride one..Though must say was little surprised by the fact that the flexibility was missing.

Been making use of my so many sarees lying in the closet.Should say was on a saree wearing spree..Must say there is not another attire as pretty as this one..Hides all those tires at the wrong places and still makes you look so pretty..Ever thought abt the origins of this one..Do not know much except that it is one of the oldest attire dating some 5k yrs back

do you ever wonder what has New Year in store for you?? I always used to wonder what more is to come..Somehow this year feel different..So here is welcoming 2007 and

Wishing you all great days ahead..