Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Capital Calling

Finally settled in delhi..Or saying home is set wld be more apropriate..My settling never is complete till Ifind my places of interest and that takes time..People keep asking me how am I finding delhi and why delhi after bangalore..To many its a no brainer why someone wld give up Bangalore..Yeah true to an extent
But for me,2 yrs in bangalore & my soul was troubling me with too long a stay. So I was more than happy to when hubby got an oppurtunity at a new place.So am I regretting it,yeah the weather is so unrocking :-( . I am still trying to beat it..Though a home at top floor and loads of balconies gives me some breather but phew no one can beat bangalore in that respect..
House hunting was quite an eye opener.Noida was out due to huge distances though parents place so near was definitely an attraction.
Gurgaon was our next stop and we were shocked see the bad state of the infra ..I am still struggling to understand how can people call a place like that hep..
Though I give it to them that the buildings are world class and so are the facilities till you are ready for the cagey existence it gives..There are enough malls to keep you occupied but then I can't spent my whole life mall hopping..I need my walk , roads ,parks, the roadside market and the pedal rickshaws as well ..First thing we noticed when In capital was the roads wide roads real wide the long flyovers and no traffic snarls..Might be mine is a twisty view due to weekend drive only but its cool..
Finally got place of choice, dwarka..Wide roads, enough public transport to make me feel I am in India not in some faraway place ..No malls here and no movie theaters(sounds quite abhorrent doesn't it) but then weekend visits to the nearby Gurgaon should suffice for the purpose..For weekdays I love it here in the sector market,which is more like a picnic place in the evenings..U name it and u get it,its been years since I cld see all those kababs on roadside ..(yeah till now we had to sit inside the restraunt and had whole meal there if we ever waned to have them.) Mehendi waalas on every nook and corner and so are those chuphut stuff shops..I wish I had taken some pics here ..
Last three days have been roadside food for us..gorging on those chicken tandooris and kababs..(though I think we did overdid at times)..

One thing I am missing badly here,even more than Bangalorean weather is my books..there is only one magazine waala and if he is not there then I am doomed yeah u heard it right there are no magazine shops..or might be I am yet to locate them. was searching thru libraries listing on net ..the scenario looked quite bleak if I am to believe the site..Hopefully I will find something if I try hard enough..
This is about delhi but what about delhiwallas..Now not that I had a lot of interaction..but whatsoever I had I learnt one thing..Mumbai was prompt and efficient,Bangalore prompt though inefficient,delhiwalla tops it all..As he is nether prompt nor effiicient..It takes ten calls to get a thing done and if u let it be upon them to do it their way then god save you.. Can u imagine it took me 4 days simply to start a simple service like milk and paper..Waise I am still learning how to deal with them.
Came to delhi via ahmedabad..did our grah pravesh..Function we thought was a home funtion became one with 150 guests (now thats a overshoot lol)..Overall it turned out to be great..food was veggie but amazing ..and I loved the saree I wore..Had got it on our visit to Waynad(Kerala)..Imagine getting a North Indian attire from south India on cheaper price and with a lot less effort than I wld have placed if in Bangalore..
Talking of kerala..Last outing we had from Bangalore was Waynard,..(just before our pack up)..waynard means land of paddy.. Attraction was kuruwa dweep island and speed boating at the earth dam..View at both the places were amazing and the baddie was hubby got a bad foot bite in the island waters :-(
I was quite fascinated by the name earth dam and thats when hotel help desk guy told us its so bcoz the concrete structure in the dam is quite less the three side are more obstructed more by natural resorces..One of the amazing thing I found in there was however hilly remote the terrain you will get the icecream wallas with their colorful vehicles parked in there..Wasnt the cost of commuting more than what they could earn..Not sure but above is a pic

Went for bamboo rafting in the islands as well and saw some of the tree houses..First time I got to see one ,it was nice looking at an adventourous experience but a price of 700 in such a remote place made me feel more scared than anything else..

Just now heard the news of so many bombs being diffused at surat..and the ppl were a lot more vigilant..It reminds me of sometime back when we were travelling by a train where one of the stops was surat..It was after the plague days and the station was spot and clean..We cld not stop ourselves from commneting on the neatness and thats when a tea seller started telling in his proud voice,all the dirt garbage was before plague days..we learnt and now u will see surat is the cleanest city..Its so rare to see all indians hopeful or proud for a cause so that was a welcome..

Similar feel I got in delhi wrt to asian games ahead..even the rickshawallas will tell you that so and so things will be done before that..Now thats some hope ppl look forward to an optmistic feeling and I can see why
The rate at which construction work is going on is amazing..makes me remeber me of bangalore where a flyover starts and then takes on years and years to build upon
So much said need to run for my idlis (Yeah u even get the idli mix here roadside and with chutney as well)..
Will be back soon