Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Independence Day

Was I sleeping ..John asked me..I really think I was..Been through loads.. lately saw KANK yesterday and was quite surprised by the fact that I liked the movie..Had gone keeping real low
expectations considering the reviews..
I think one reason for me liking it cld be attributed to the fact that being in a marriage changes ur perspective..Guess hubby
rightly pointed this can be really confusing for already scared on shaadi's thought youngsters..
Biggest surprsie to me was all the ho halla in reviews over the fact that how come rani does not like a dude as cool as
abhishek..To be honest I was quite surprised at this question itself..I mean if this would have been asked by ppl of my
parent's generation I wld have thought ok..As when they look for the partners for their kids this is what they go out for.(A
wonderful looking well settled well groomed man who wld look after your daughter)
But this coming from our generation was quite surprising..I mean realllly if that is the case why all this talk about clicking
with our partners. I personally believe "This click" is something very very individual and no amount of money personality can
enforce this..Well yes this can be improved to some extent ..That is where I believe rani cld have worked a little harder on
her marriage but then there is a limit to what can be shown in a 3 hour movie and karan was definitely showing one aspect.. So
a commendable effort overall..
Coming back to life,bangalore has been good to us for long drives..Went to hosur..Actually Sunday afternoon we decided to go to
Hosur road and the empty stretch was sufficient enough to convince us to keep driving ..That's how we reached tamilnadu and the
college my sis in law did her MCA..highlight of the drive was a scene where this woman with a vegetable jhola in her hand was
walking besides her buffalo(bhens) in such non hurry attitude..Both of them side by side silently enjoying each other's I wish I had
clicked her..
Have u ever realized in your life certain things come a full circle..Let me explain..As a kid there was a time when we were
fans of Parle G trhen came the era of all the wonderful creamy chocolaty biscuits..And suddenly few days back i realized I was
back to Parle G. Thanks to my bro in law who gave the habit to my sis in law and there it came to me..Now the stopry does not
end here..I went to teena(my close buddy I must say) and there I find her taking out PARLE G and I was like gosh U TOO:-)
Saw Main hoo Naa again yesterday.I have seen sequence of Shahrukh first time waiting seeing sushmita and singing "chand mera
dil" soo many times but it is as hilarious and sweet as ever..Both me and hubby watched glued to our TV's..he did not even took
calls which is rare :-) There are some movies I can watch & watch & watch..Another one of such wld be Mummy yeah I know very
kiddish but we love it..
Too much of movie talk..But then this is movie season with so many releases coming up..Very expectedly waiting for Lage raho
Munnabhai..Songs sound good. so should be the movie. yet to take the tickets.
Will give the updates soon..See u guys till then..Enjoy

Sunday, August 06, 2006

For the Love of it

Been on a book reading spree since last few weeks. Read “The Zahir” by Paul Cohleo. Cld never understand his “The Alchemist”..Due to author's/book's immense popularity among everyone I knew,decided to give the author another try..So when I saw "Zahir" I thought it was the time..Worth it was.

Does not mean that I change my stand wrt Alchemist but Zahir is another story altogether. Or is it that I am in a realtionship, makes me indentify with it more..Have u ever thought if ppl really appreciate these bestseller's or is it more of I should not be left behind feeling. I do have my own doubts.

Coming to think of it there has been quite a few interesting incidences of me not being able to read bestsellers. Best example in the list was Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy”. Made hubby gift me on one of my B’days . After quite a few chapters I was lost totally lost in all the banares ki galiyaan described by the author. Still trying to find my way thru them and the book, yeah u guessed it right never cld complete it.

Similar story was repeated with Alchemist ,Call Centre one..though I must say by this time I was intelligent enough not to buy the books rather read them and decide upon my opinions abt them

Took me really another 2 years before I could gather the courage to pick up Vikram Seth’s another book. But finally I did “Two Lives”. Real treat and something I cld finish at one go. But the bitter lesson had taught me to really believe my instincts rather than going by bestsellers. Now I make sure I read at least 2 chapters of the book in the bookstore before deciding it as a worth buy. Good strategy and thanks to Landmark or say so many new browsing bookstores can be fulfilled

Coming back to reading. Currently on Chronicles of Narnia. I had loved the movie(there is a movie on Part 1) and so when I came across this ebook I grabbed the opportunity. Six more stories to the legend..Reading them I could almost visualize all the details, thanks to precise detailing in first movie

The talking lion, kids as kings queen, walking and talking trees, talking squirrel too proud of his whisker’s.. Wohoo .interesting it sounds ..Power of cinema.
Out of the reading world is full of adventure. Found this group of trekkers organizing regular trips from Bangalore nearly every weekend.

Also came to know abt ppl who do regular Bird watching around Lalbagh. DO NOT LAUGH. Not the bird watching u think the real original one..
Rightly they say it as a city of opportunities. Must thank orkut as well as all the info came from there.

Nowadays u can found soo many articles on blogging. Most of them are so outrageously funny..Trying to put blogging into steps to be done...well u get some tips as well to popularize your blog. Like read others blog Leave comments there to popularize yours.. Never stick to a topic for long. Blah blah blah...

Well not that mine is a popular blog but I still believe, the day I start blogging keeping such steps in mind my blog surely will be dead. It is the passion which makes me write and it is the lovely feel I get when I read other’s blog that makes me write comments rather than u praise me and I praise u stuff.

There are counterviews to any theory and so my ears wld be open to hear that. Writing this since last 45 minutes and to think of it, can this be really done without the love of it.
Interesting thought

Cheers and BFN

Trivia:Pic of the home is from one of our walks. Fell in love with it..Looks like a dream home