Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Summer go away

"Two days of power cut in Delhi made life miserable ..Worst affected was Metro Station where families of Santa and Banta were stuck at Metro escalators for 48 hours "

I can't stop laughing and smiling..delhi heat caught my attention to the joke .. Santa & Banta tooka way some of it though :-D

Summers are miserable here..Daytimes are horrible almost anywhere in India nowadays but what makes it special here is the hot baking oven even in the nights..No respite..and for ppl like me its home arrest..U can at most hop around frm malls to malls and thats it..or keep ur rendezvous to early mornings like we did for our anniv..

Went to Lodhi gardens..Here is hubby after meeting karishma kapoor..He says she was too thin and tiny but I think most of actresses are but they do look good on the screen..

I loved the boat in the pic ..someone had brought it here for the purpose of seeing it swim..Sweet huh

Had morning breakfast at american diners..Thankfully we new gen indians are late risers so not many ppl there where otherwise it takes half an hour to just get a table..enjoyed the morning meal of pancakes with maple syrup(after a longgg time) and scrambled eggs..soft and creamy..Yum Yum..

For whole day kitchen was shutdown..Actually it was a three day long weekend celebration..Also got to see angels and demons despite the horrible producer distributor conflict..went to a single screen theatre in search for the movie and to my surprise it was nice and even romantic frm inside, once you get past the cark parking..

I loved the cleanliness of the hall and the star studded ceiling ..yeah I watched it till the light were dimmed I cld see tom hanks on the screen [:D]

Been doing lots of shopping lately..Got a red purse..somehow my red collection ahs been growing for past half a year..Now I have a red mobile a red purse a red minipurse and a red suit..Just a red chappal is what I think is left..Imagine the scene a lady in the red he he[:)]

Talking of my mobile reminds me of the priyanka chopra ad which says "’it’s who we are". yeahhh I find the ad so apt I love it.This time(actually its been six months now) I looked and in the market to get the look I wanted..I was not looking for a hi fi service one but something that's the light weight, smart ,has nice voice quality & FM and most imp has the color that I want..So I got a red black combo slider Nokia..Nokia is always the first choice because of its robustness. So even if its mishandled it can work.. [:D]
( I think it looks even better in person.)

Recently tried fruit beer at Berco's. and I even went back for two more glasses of it within a week [:D] I think am a fizz fan..ANyday give me pepsi cola's to those miranda's fanta's..Though I still can avoid them but Thums UP is an all time favortie and to this day whenever I see it I go for it..

Saw Star trek..I am one of those early star trek TV series avid followers..Dont even remeber the year but I must have been a small kid..But I remember capt Kirk I found him wonderfully smart and Spock, was an interesting character for me..I went all wide eyed to see the current BIG screen adaptaion and boy I was not disappointed..Though I thought Kirk was less smarter but Spock looked better here..

Another transition is waiting hopefully will see less hot days ahead [:D]

Happy Summers

Note:Pic at top is amaltas flowers only ones still blooming in the heat..