Friday, October 10, 2008

Speed On Bro , Hell ain't full Yet

Diwali is round the corner and durga puja festivities just died down..After seeing the pujas here I can understand why bengalis everywhere cant stop raving abt poojas back home in Kolkata..

Went for the durga darshan in two most famous pandals around my area..One of them was inside an apartment complex owned by benglais mostly..I was hugely surprised by the kind of arrangements they cld manage to do..Apart from usual loads of khana peena shops there was cultural programme going on with artistes frm Kokata and even the security arrangements..There were metal detectors ,regular scanning and stuff. As such these thing are not that big deal but being arranged by an apartment for an event open for all(and I can assure u that means huge crowds in India) is amazing..

This wld be first diwali when I am not going to be home(Ppl find it quie funny that I callall of my rented places home.. but then home is what we make it ain't it)..I will miss all the lighting up,looking for new diyas and stuff..
Might be I will just lit my poojaghar up hoping there wont be any short circuits in my absence. Though I have doubts abt hubby letting me do this.

So ppl keep asking me if I made any new frnds here..Sometimes I think I am past making friends stage its more of aquaintances..(some exceptions are always there though)..Now here my link to other apartment ladies is typical maid talk..I consider myself quite a ideal employer(yeah I know we all love to think that way :-D) but some how my plea of informing leave dates till now is falling on deaf ears..and so comes all the calls here and there
Here I know all apmt ladies by their house numbers..well thats how it works on intercom ..So there is 953, 133, 613 681 and so many more..Somehow it reminds me of the idea mobile ad where u get to know a person by their mob numbers..Do I like them..Not sure but I am amused..Never seen such a secretive lot..Not sure what secrets they are hiding though or it just plain habit here of talking straight..681 lady in her first talk simply didnt tell me her house number..I asked and her response was I am calling frm 6th block..Well well well give me a break .This is no suspense drama. 953 lady was more interested in which caste I belonged to..I asked her why what diff did it make to her..She stammered and said nah just curious..I told her I am no brahamin :-D But nope this wasn't enought to ward off ladies spirits she was gutsy enough to ask me again..613 lady told me her name,asked mine On hearing Sangita,said hers was the same name earlier ,changed as they got another Sangita in their family..Interesting ppl
Then I met this doctor lady in my lift who already knew where I was living frm where I had shifted. I am not sure though why did she ask then cld have introduced herself straight way..Somehow it reminds me of the curiosity generated in Saas Bahu aur Sensex when kiron kher and daughter shift into this new apmt.I have never been such object of curiosity since my marriage..So its weird
Now hubby is too amused by our talks and if my intercom rings he is all ears to whats happening..
Finally took metro to rajouri garden to explore the shivaji district centre..well an amazing concept for ppl like me..U come out of metro station and there is this huge space where there are 5 malls lined up and some more coming up..This is what they shld do..will avoid a lot car jams..Loved one of the suits..Might buy it in my next visit let see..
Oh and in one of the stations there was only one lady getting out and another guy rushing..Both wearing same mix of pink an white exact same shades as well ..I wish they had had noticed each other standing right there with just the yet to open door between them.

Went to Jaipur and Kurushetra..Jaipur was nice and Jaigarh Fort was amazing..U can take ur cars inside nowadays..All to promote tourists and they say footfalls has increased since then..And if u are thinking aint car a little too broad(I did think so)..well then if elephants with all howrah and stuff can go on those peripheries cars surely can :-)but somehow whenever I think of jaipur now it will be poorness of the city which makes a mark rather than anything else...Was amazed by the poverty which was right there in the middle of old city to see..U didnt even need to go searching for it,beyond my expecations(not at least in the capital city).Been to so many cities and even the old city areas but this was beating all of them.I thought Vasundhara raje was doing something..If this is the state in Jaipur I am not sure whats the case at other small places..

Saw Loads of trucks on the way much more than I had ever seen in my drives..yesterday driving down saw on one of these cars with the sticker ."Speed On Bro , Hell ain't full Yet".and I thought it was so true and catchy :-D I wish I cld click it. I dont sit in car with my camrea in hand :-(

So on a caution note be safe whether u are driving or crossing roads or going for diwali patakha spree..Enjoy :-)