Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Anniv

Yesterday was a hectic day. Last day of my bhanji and Jijaji with us..She had come for her comed-K exams & was leaving for
back home..AND was the day of our marriage anniv. Quite a surprise that we finally managed to spend some quality time together..and yeahh we got the cake.
Most of the morning was spent taking wishes..
Took niece for afternoon lunch at Mac D.. Good decision only if u cld have seen her face light up..(Yeah I know all of us can
aruge till death that kids shld not be encouraged to eat junk food)..After that it was shopping time..we went to Deepam sarees(MG Road). My niece wanted a
saree for her mom..Running short of time we were..but we managed..Shopping in record time of 15 minutes..We exceeded
our own expectations.. Collection was cool will surely visit there when got to take one from hubby :-)
Rushed to Yeswantpur Station. Saw Bangalore city station as well few days back..It is so pretty. How I missed having my digicam there..That have lantern style displays displaying bogey details..I love that station feel.
Drive back Home was nice with pretty weather all way long. we even managed to get a cake on the way back..Thanks to driver who took us to this bakery in austin Town. Does that name reminds u of something. To me it does..austin powers the movie..first time on hearing this name I was like what
why..yet to get a answer on why part though..

I find that name still funny. Bringa a smile to my face.. Nah I am not one of those austin powers
fan..Outrageously stupid movie in my view..
Coming to views, it can be quite dangerous to have views nowadays(indirect reference to Aamir Khan controversy) :-)

Came home from bakery..Did R & D on digicam to ensure together pics of us.. yeah the auto timer..We even got video of our cake cutting & candle blowing ceremony..Came out pretty neat.

These five years have been roller coaster ride..though with up's and downs we lived & loved every single moment ..

Sixteen years since we met .A long way it is.

Time to celebrate all the moments spent together and for all to come..

Happy Anniv to US


Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's Up

Time between my posts seems to be growing longer and longer..(angel while I was writing this u gave the comment..C here I am ) Can not be helped..Got to do with nearby cyber café..Though I will miss all the access to my pics.
Been nearly a month in Bangalore now but days are still busy..Still trying to finish off that one last thing (phew)
Weekend is busy with relatives coming up. Falling in love with Bangalore weather. And another good part evening breeze and the sound of my chimes coming across..Such a pleasure to sit in my balcony and enjoy.. Went to Infant Jesus Church few days back with my gym friends. They say it has miraculous powers and if you go 7 consequective Thursdays ur wish is granted.
Well not sure if I believe in that but I loved the ritual of lighting up the candle. Bought two pink ones
Another hot favorite nowadays is my microwave. Working hard to get ways to make good food with minimum of efforts. Too early to say if I have succeded.. But my milk boils without any spillovers Yipee.. Also got the cake done though it had some flaws.
Wrote mail to so many of my friends and got their calls back..It is so good to have friends who find it tedious to write mails.. They call you..(YM tounge out)
People ask me I must be liking Bangalore much more than Kolkata. I don’t get it. Why compare. Every city has it’s own aura, experience. It is you who make the best out of that city experience. Considering the fact that I am not settling in in any of the cities for too long why shld I crib..yes kolkata is laid back but then Bangalore has power problems. Bangalore is so happening with all the malls and hep janta but then kolkata ppl are soo much art conscious.
Personally for me, I find this debate useless..Sit back and enjoy the feel around..it is quite exciting to see though how our customs our attitude everything changes as we move from one state to other..
Nowadays have started playing this new game in TOI called “loop the loop” Exciting it is..Do not think that this has taken the place of sudoku..but yes this has been another addition to my daily kitty of puzzles..
They have also started this number crunching game called Kakuro..But somehow could not make myself to like it. So time to get proficient in “Loop the Loop”
Trivia:Pic above is the backyard at in laws place. Well looks like the one in saas bahu..Evil Grin

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rains Rains and Rains

Bangalore is cool..Yeah I mean in literal terms..It rained yesterday..I was lucky as I went out exactly at the time when it started raining..So kindaa saw the the rains the dhool and winds all thru
Got few snacks packed and took them home to my friends place..Had a nice candle light talking time with her..Feels so good and of course along with the chocolate excess it was yummy..Hail Barista..(Yeah it was a barista product)
Read ruskin bond (better re-read)..guess he is my all time rain favorite..Gosh how I wish I cld quote him here..Yesterday while reading tried to remember the words but no use..My memory always fails me..Sure will do so once have net at home and can do all the copy paste stuff..

Read whole of Vikram Seth "Two Lives". Collected it from roadside. Imagine bok of above 600 in 120..
Such things can happen only in India. Lovely and I can return him after reading at 50 percent..what say
Thanks to Nango yeah that was the name of the guy..Even took him mobile number..Poor soul seemed worried what was I going to do.. (YM Smiley)

Well coming back to the novel it was good..Though the part of Henny's letters are little diffcult to follow but I love the feel of it..No pretension life of 2 ordinary ppl who have seen quite a lot in their lives..at times I think i can read any biography but nope not so..It all depends upon who the writer is and how nicely he is able to capture your imagination

Noticed quite a few eateries on my way back to gym..Usual very small one room kinds..and what I find written on the walls "Customer Satisfaction is our aim" ...Nope I am not saying that huge shops are good, they also turn out to be worse at times..What I am pointing out here is the awareness of the terms like "Customer Satisfaction" at such grassroots level..Amusing yet surprising.

Oops my time seems to be getting over :-( yeah that one hour cap..So will surely drop by soon..Till then enjoy

Note:Pic on the top is one I took while visiting Adalaj Stepwell..You can visit the whole album at
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/sangita_gupa/my_photos titled "Adalaj Stepwell Visit"

Friday, May 05, 2006

Life Settles Down

Am at loss of words ..but guess this happens to all of us in a blue moon. Life is settling down in Bangalore..I love the fact that I have got an open kitchen and balconies all around..imagine to my surprise when I found myself staring into a gilhari,sitting on topmost seat of a ladder..Funny it was

Bangalore is lot more windy than Mumbai. good for me, ensures the soothing sound from my wind chimes. Guess my ears r attuned to that voice..hubby says he can’t hear a single thing but I can hear lightest of tinklings..quite soothing..One day will have a water fountain as well..

One of my balconies has church next to it. last weekend when we were shifting could hear the sounds of Sunday mass..
This weekend will ensure sitting thru the same at my balcony..such prayers have a very lovely feel to it..

Someday will have a jhoola in this balcony. Sure u wld have seen many of them in gardens/terraces. not sure what exactly do we call that L

Met my college day friends as well here. gap of eight years. So many of us are in Bangalore right now. As someone mentioned either everyone we know is in Bangalore or in US..
Got a maid who speaks Tamil.. She is trying her best to teach me some.
Though I never discourage her, I have some serious doubts on my capabilities in this regard.. Tamil is soo different from hindi..at least Bengali had some similar sounding words..She doesn’t even know how badly I am struggling to even remember her name..it is kurungi..I just hope I got it right.
Here ppl know at least 4 languages..especially ppl in professions like drivers, maids etc..

Joined a gym as well. Gym hunting was quite an interesting exercise..Never thought it could tell of city’s culture but sure it does..Loads of gyms r there but ppl here are more into the objective of body building ..
Settled for gym near my home. Owner said they r discouraging ladies from coming there as they r few in number
and too ireregular..I insisted..At least proximity will ensure I attend the same daily J

Went to Lalbagh gardens once..Nice place but little far off..Need to visit when have mire keisure time at hand..Do I hear someone laughing that what more time do I need. J

My marathon seems to be off. Considering the fact that I have not done any preparations at all..Let’s see.

Difficult to work from laptops(Hubby’s)..guess good for working ppl ..
PC’s are such a comfort..yeah little bulky though.
Met my neighbors on the floor. One of them had a son doing freelance marketing. Another had loads of realtions visiting her currently. She is from Malda in west Bengal though a rajasthani..And third ones r the couple both working..No me not that social just that our cable was off..Hubby gave me a deadline which ensure my knocking on every possible door to get the number..Good it was though J

Hmm, New beginnings made. Let’s see where life takes me from here.

Let me live each day as it comes. Ciao

Trivia: Pic above was taken in Ahmedabad garden.