Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long Drive

On our long drive skies went all red and blue..Very nice I tried ignoring it for a while cosidering I might not be actually capture the beauty in the absence of digicam but then finally decided to go ahead..And here this one is the results from my Mobile Cam.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shopping Spree

Been busy for last week..With my mil(ma in law, a shortcut me and my frnd use while chatting) visiting..Did loads of shopping.. Roamed around commercial street.One of the market areas with shops on both side of street and ofcourse shops in every bylane that comes on the way. Guess went into nearly every second shop Phew ;-) and did my long overdue shopping.Got the bindi's yeah that's one thing I like in loads of different shapes and sizes and nomral ones don't do for me..So most of mine are in those vilianish style of saas bahu serials.

Hanged out at every mall possible..Yeah my mil is very mall savy..To be true even my parents have gone the same. and well the less said abt me the better..Parents recently shifted to Delhi..They have been living in non metro towns since most of their years..During my last visit to delhi and our first so called experience with frequent power cuts we realized malls are such a wonderful place to hang out and no restrictions on time pass..

Afternoon power cuts used to be unbearable so after a small nap we used to leave for these malls present at every nook and corner..Nice walk inside the mall,loads of window shopping and a fun gapshap time in the food courts..Cool Na

Not sure how good or bad it is but surely comfortable it is. Of course with the added condition that u never visit them in weekends/evenings..Yeah the crowd becomes little too diffcult to handle. That way in Bangalore malls are too full on weekends so much so that we now go there only on weekend afternoons. Nah it is not empty still but at least we are able to move around freely. I usually visit Forum mall..Love looking around those streisand paintings..They are so life like wish i cld try my hands on it.But they are soo full of colors, I mean u will need tubes and tubes of colors..Now being a first timer do not think myself capable of that.So right now being happy abt browsing thru their collection. And they change the display quite frequently.

For last two weeks have been missing on my weekly walks. But the good thing is we have started on morning walks..Hope it continues..Since our study days(Not even sure abt that as then we used to study late night) ,now is the time when I feel the morning breeze, see beauty of the roads(with no vehicles) and the parks.

Here in Bangalore we have these huge trees with red flowers. Very pretty one's need to find out what they are..They make such a pretty flower carpet..Yeah a red carpet welcome ;-)
Let's see how long it lasts..

Bangalore Marathon was there last week and nah I did not participate in that..Guess lethargy kicked in,though wld like to give thousand other excuses..Soon it wld be Septmber 30th..Day I left my job to be a housewife..Everybody made their own claims and still ask when I am joining a job..but me wld be celebrating my home anniv..So that says it all..

Love Peace and Enjoy(Copied from SWB)

Note:The guy was playing piano in Leela Palace when I took my mil. All the time I was thinking it was recorded music , so when came in face to face with the guy was quite pleased. ain't that setting so perfect

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Teacher's Day

Yippee At last my net is working again..15 days of stupendous effort and follow upto sort things out..Phew I am a very patient lady

Word of Caution to you all:Never ever take up indicom service..Pathetic is the word.

Net has become such an addiction..Started going to cybercafe nearly everyday since had this bitter realization that my net might not even come up again..Having net at home makes me feel so liberated..
Imagine three years back,me and hubby had a compromise on the whole issue of having net at home..We had decided that we will hire a PC and use the dial up service just to check out how much we really need it .

I must have been stubborn enough to make him commit :-) Pleasant memories..

Hubby is always travelling..Thanks to Airtel can call him at Rs 1 ..Cool na..Yeah that's India1 service for you..And I love rahman's airtel tunes & ads

My gym now has this new automated treadmill.After one use feels like my legs will come out of my body..Not funny .It is painful. "Jaake pao na pade biwai woh kya jaane peer parai" Yeah this used to be one of my favorite phrases as a kid..It means "Only the one who has pain can understand it's real meaning others can't"

Surprising do not remember using it in quite a long time..So I must be quite happy or might be little more stronger to face the pain..Hmm I would like to go with the second explanation for sure..How we all love to flatter ourselves ;-)

Celebrated my B'day last week. Was a wonderful day with hubby flying in from hyd for me. We went to leela galleria.That's a huge hotel here,seems more like a palace to me. I love this place for it's pretty galleries,huge chandeliers,pillars garden's & of course the buffet..I have this habit of starting my buffet with sweets always..and slowly with every serving quantitiy of sweets reduces giving space to other less favoured ones..

Sweet tooth they call it..But yummy it was.. I had malibu chocolate mousse tiramisu and god know what else..Buffet was cool and the spread huge..Oh yeah and how can I forget the bathroom..I went there without my mobile else wld have clicked there as well..They had his hugee pretty mirror kept on side with the outline of some antique crafting..Amazing it was
Enough rantings..Here are the pics check and u will know what I am talking about here..Leela Galleria Album in

Joined akhsara an NGO as a volunteer..Not that happy as yet not started working directly with kids. But yes a defnitely good experince in letting me know where I stand wrt to my so called commitment towards society. Small steps at a time..Must say have been faring good till now.. Also realized teaching is not my job..Though I love the process somehow my vocal cords do not agree. After every session I have this weirdo cough and need to resort to gargle..Thank god my fate did not let me be a teacher..

Life is good as it comes