Monday, August 13, 2007

Real and Virtual

Its Mid August and no postings.Last I had was on 9th July.. just saw(I mean really sawww) the dates today..Long hiatus guess..

Independence day is near..How does that make u feel..I don't know I feel nothing from inside u know I mean like when something means to you in real sense.Might be I am not patriotic enough or something..Yeah I love those AR Rehman new releases every 15th ,get goosebumps when i see flashes of our freedom fighting pictured all over channels I can be feel very proud when I hear out anthem from a distance every time recited in one or the other school functions..I even recite it with them but that's a momentary feeling ain't it what after this?? I mean its more of a festival feeling(ain't that how I believe many of us treat it)..Might be its before my era that I can never fathom things as they shd be but yeah I am thankful that I can do what I want,go where I want and live like I want..So Thanks INDIA and all those who gave us his all..and I am proud to be here.

Got XBox 360(gaming thing) recently..and its yummy.I love the car racing game.Somehow I can never take turns in one go..My car goes totally in reverse after a huge bump..Once derailed,after that I can't even go straight and its a humpty dumpty ride after that..One bump on right,another on the left Sounds funny..It makes me really laugh..But yeah now after a few days of gaming its little improved I do get hit still but at least can go forward and complete the race

Went on a drive this Sunday..Roads were as neat and weather nice..And I realized I missed the roads..Must give this to TN
they have really maintained their roads well and just stretch back to Karnataka u need to even go 1 km to see the difference..There is broken road as soon as u enter karnataka welcoming you:-)

went to reliance plaza for a breakfast of dosas..Nothing extraordinary as in food but a nice concept..Decent sitting area, food(little less than decent I wld say but ok),freshning up options and petrol, all at one place..

Drive was interesting.. I was comparing the car steering to my gaming ways..I mean I cld really see turns and say ohh on this turn I wld get hit in my game and here in real world my car steering worked just the right way.(Must say Thank god for it working right way lol).So that's what u call mixing up the real and virtual worlds..
Noticed quite nice back truck quotes on the way..Loved this one
the way daboo choudhary has declared himself "Chora Jaat ka" Funny gave me a good laugh and I patted myself on clicking it so nicely I mean both we and truck were moving at 100 kmph..I am still smiling on this one.

Ready to go home after a gap of nearly one year..and this one is a real longg trip..yeah I do not remember when last I had gone for 9 days end to end..

Am reading Stephen King nowadays..whenever I used to say his name I always got an image of guy on wheelchair with some life support system.But then on the back of novel there was a different person looking at me.Well some days back figured out why I have this image..Stephen Haw"King" is what I thought of , now tell me with such similaritites in name how am I to blame..