Friday, May 25, 2007

It's the time of the year which I love most..Rains..this year rains are much more prettier than any other as I am into a independent house ground floor..So I got an aangan/peechwaada and even front real small garden as well..So I can just step out when I want to and be under the roof when I want to be a mere spectator..

This house has a mango tree..yeah u heard it right.At most weird times of day one can hear these sudden big bangs of mangoes landing right in my backyard.Half of them eaten by birds frequenting the tree..Since I came here I have been a keen listener of loads of different bird voices..Google is coming up with new video search..Imagine u putting in a small pic and it will find out all similar pics and their details for u. How I wish they had a audio search where I can just place in the bird voices and they can find out the details of the birds for me..sometimes I wish I knew the voices better and could say names like whistling thrush and what not..I do hear loads of whistles in my backyard but not sure if they belong to the variety said..

Want to put up a bird bath kindaa thing..wld be real interesting..have a huge diya and many times, the thought of converting the same into a bird bath has crossed my mind ..

It's quite different a feeling living on your own rather in an apartment..No security whom I can call anytime of the day to whine light is not there. Instead I need to look out for problem source..Ringing owner's bell is a nice way of finding out if its a colletive failure or only my concern ;-) Surprisingly this is the first city stay for me where power cuts are so common but am sure now such is the situation in most of the cities..
Another important tip for non starters like me, voltage dim is a generic phenomenon and not home specific..So need not bother just say gods name and have belief in our power supply units.Another intresting aspect always try looking into ur neighbor's home,and u might discover something interesting like TV is still working :-) and can help u kill some time
Also CFL's(compact fluorescent lamp) work wonders in such conditions..Nothing else wld glow but CFL won't give u away and light up the home for you..Just the other day read an article on how a village has reduced their power cuts by saving the power by using these wonder lamps..

Life is different now that I am down and out with this weird slip disc thing..Been so long since had any outings..Just the other day was watching my sandal,how long since wore it..Now adays a small sneeze can make me feel all the 306 muscles in my body.Yeah and some of them u never even realized were there.I surely know my body more than I knew in all those years of studying :-)

Plans to go out this weekend though.One visit to my doc and another to cheeni kum. Hope Big B does not disappoint me..waiting eagerly for Penguin's love story on NatGeo, 27th at 8 pm..again voiced by Big B..So do try to catch it up and have a happy weekend.

Note: Pic is of my adorable nephew who recently turned one ..and also tells of the nice times I had at my in laws

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Been a month but time flies away or must say runs away..How the nitty gritties of the daily life can keep u busy considering that now I got no other job than sit at home :-) Weird...
Had loads of relatives visiting starting from chotti maa,chotte babu my devar..So had endless get togethers,eating outs,eating ins, dinners, and of course shopping sprees..and the fact that hubby's bday fell in during the exact same time was an added reason for all the fun and gala time.

But then all masti maza had to end but here it did end with a thud..Came down with severe backache and never could believe myself when I just could not get up from the bed. Acupressure rocks though still going on allopathy as well..
Did the house shifting. yeah another one our average surely is one per year.During one of those early conversations with the new landlord called him Mr kumaraswamy.For unknowns Mr kumaraswamy is the CM of karnataka.How stupid can I get..

Yet to get used to the new house and set it up properly. Day One went only in guiding the movers and packers on keeping the things at right place..and next day morning we started for Ahmd..Need to set my abode again once back.
Now at my in law's place for some rest,shopping and few more cautious getaways..I know difficult to amend ways ..
Went to this mall called gallops. It had a wonderful horse sculpture with "Photo Prohibeted" Tag on it. Instead they could have placed artist's name somewhere.Might have bought some publicity and money to the artist..Was surprised to see the loads of new buildings , malls and hanging out places coming up in a year,bought loads of lightings and of course crowds on the roads though nothing in compared to the metro's...This is just the start but I hopethey do not overdo it. But yeah I know that's quite subjective. Malls are great equalizers I believe..U will see all categories of ppl whether they have money in their pocket or no money venturing out and checking what's inside..Yes I have seen this even in Bglr and more so in Ahmd, u will find college kids, window shopping ppl ,village going junta with their women folk doing their outing (of course this proprotion is little less now but I am aure same won't be the case soon), buddhist monks (this made me really smile) and at the end ppl with deep pockets.
It surely has something for everyone.
Saw a small garden outside some complex..Loads of ppl with their families resting their after dinners..Kids doing their khel and tactics was good to see there are still ppl around who after dinner instead of being glues to TV sets are out there enjoying with the families..

Ahmd is so hot even at night seven u can feel the heat being radiated from the earth.It is such a dry land that it is difficult to find any greenery on the outside..Suprsingly the mornings are cool till 9 -9 :30..So gives me just sufficient enough time to get up and read my paper in the garden ..Yeah they have a pretty huge garden..Best part is while u read by the birds come by in the garden hopping near you here and there,unaffected by ur presence. Quite a refreshing feeling.Rest of the day not much can be done except sit in the AC talk,sleep.So good enough time to catch up on things.
Met another of my family friends here and seems she is also down with slip disc..So had a classic meeting with her with both of us lying on beds and discussing away.

Never mentioned about this movie "Bheja Fry" Went just to kill some time and this one had decent reviews..Came out feeling why what a day. Still remember it was a day after my slip disc and I was laughing so hard, that i was real afreaid of hurting my back..A gem of a movie, u do not see many of them nowadays. So if u are in need of a hearty laugh do keep some time for this, u are not gonna regret this one. I remember that guy Vinay pathak from his khosla ka ghosla days (I simply mean that I have been keenly observing his performances since then not that I know him :-)) Knew he was good but this good..Cool Sil(sis in law) is coming tomm. so might make up a plan again this time with the whole family though.

Tea Time,so need to go and make one for myself..enjoy
Note:Pic there is decoration I did for hubby's bday..was a nice idea about using diwali lightings.. :-)