Monday, February 18, 2008

Camel Ride

Been down and out for more than a week with the usual cold..More than a year since I had the cold last. Recovered we decided its been long since we went for a drive so decided to have our loved sandwiches at eagleton..The joy was the camel ride there..Have taken my share of elephant and horse rides but then this was new..Another story abt hema malini's(the actress) ride on a camel in movie rajia sultana made me curious enough to try..Seems during the shooting she had demanded bottles of perfume bcoz of the peculiar odour that camels have..
Well good that I tried..Ride was humpy,I cld even feelt the hump where camel stores the water and nah contrary to the report I had read, I did not find any objectionable smell..Might be camels have evolved ;-)
On the ride we got talking to the ride guy and found for him this was an ancestral buisness..Originally hailing from jodhpur in rajasthan gujarat,he has been travelling all over india where ever the buisness had been brisuqe.Maharasthra has been good for him and he seemed to be real fond of pune where he had stayed for over six years.. He had travelled on foot to bangalore and it took him 4 months to reach bangalore..well of course with the tiny miny money making stops..
Between the three brothers they had 256 camels he was travelling with 100 and the rest were with his elder bro in hyderabad..His father had more or less given in the reins to brothers.. And his role was more of the doctor guy for camels now.Been six months in banglaore and his next stop wld be Hyderabad..

Cool I didn't know such such buisness was there even today..I find it interesting going from one place to other,finding new people new customs..But then after a while it can feel tiring and that's when u start searching for your roots..such a dilemna..The camel we have in pic is only 12 years and has not reached her full ..Seems once they grow real heighty,they are no more used for tourists instead for caryying luggage..Average agespan for a camel is 35 years..Small lifespan naa waise depends what u are comparing against :-)

Had a nice brunch with view of greens of the golf course..I wish their service has been a little faster. Love the kind of look they give to the overall serving check out for yourself..makes me feel yum yum even now :-) The faraway one in the pic is mine

Have been reading a lot..Done with angels and demons(book by da vinci author) recently..Gripping book and for the first time reading about illuminati was cool..Illuminati was another ancient brotherhood in the turbulent times when church had strong control on all aspects of life.Some of the greatest scientist were the member of the brotherhood(started with Galilleo) and even the one dollar bill seal (Pyramid and eye ) is illuminati...Made me curious if we had any such similar concepts in our mythology ..Secret societies and stuff.Dont think I heard of any..Am I missing something.Or were we so liberal we didnt need any,I should look for on the net..
Have been reading about religion for past sometime..Were soo surprised to learn some new facts..Genesis is there in Chiristianity,Islam and Judaism and So is Noah and the flood story..Jesus is there in Islam as well but known as a prophet & till Ibrahim all the three religion had same lineage..Such close ties. And do u know why we celebrate December the 25th..Nah that's not jesus DOB..well every take over frm another and in the process es with earlier beliefs,stories..Before Christinaty it was what pagan's winter festival..In those days taking over the holidays and replacing the gods was a common way of taking people with you in ur new belief and thats what happened..Though there will always be some controversy around this but this is the most plausible explanation I could see..
Has been reading historical fictions Amber room by Steve Berry. A room full of amber(now even the art of carving amber seems to have died) severly sought after in russia and germany by treasure hunters..Seems hitler wanted in his art artifacts and so did herman goring(No 2 after hitler)..till this is fine but what was a surprise was the fact that both these guys wanted to make their own museums in their respective birth towns and had an art rivalry which is well documented in history..Interesting ain't it..U and ur no 2 going in on ur own seperate ways..
Sometimes I ask myself why do I need to read or write such stuff..what purpose it is serving..I wish I knew but I love doing it
So here I am :-)
Wishing you all a great day ahead
PS:Camel guy requested the top pic..I wish I wld have been able to give the pic..& I loved the the petal arrangement in water.One can give so much attention to a tiny decoration.Pretty

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just back frm another wedding..yeah too many wedding at home but then weddings are always good time..
Even went on a 2 hour drive to bokaro Nice one..Had gone to pick up my bil(bro in law).. On our way it was good to see early morning mist, and ppl just waking up going about their daily chores Bokaro station was a small one had thought of a bigger one considering that its a soo well know city..3 platforms thats it..Only regret cldnt get an omlette on station..Bird flu seems to have made a strong impression on people's minds..

Way back was nice sleepy time on bumpy roads
Quite a cold time of the year and after so many years of living in kolkata bangalore mumbai had really fogotten what chill Was good recall how teeth chattering & hitting cold feels ..just for old times sakes :-)

Repurcussion was of course felt after being back now down with a horrible cold so much so that even my sound is alien to me..Fil(father in law) was all packed up like a kid with his new sweater and the monkey cap..yeah it may sound funny bit it really saves you :-D

Got my mehendi done :-) mehendi gals were too fast and good.Admitted to doing it for last 4 years.quite some time..We asked the cook to light up a gas for warming our hands(trick to ensure mehendi color comes).of course it served the purpose of so much needed warmth in cold wave.

Nice to have attended finally a dulhas wedding after a gap of three dulhan's marriages and of course the chance to dance.One new ceremony was making a replica of dulhan which is done with once the dulhan comes home..Here is the one with full makeup of lehenga choli bindi mattha teeka and all...

Loved the ceremony where the groom's parents are all dressed up as dulha dulhan themselves..and here is mami posing for me ;-)

Literally gorged on litti choka on the shaadi day ..never had tasted them but somehow had this non tasty image of them..But yummy they are..I was one of few ppl on that stall and the only one to come every second either for more litti or for more chokha..

Silver man was another attractive feature.Had seen the same in europe US but in IndiaNot sure how was the guy managing in such a weird posture without even battling an eyelid
The hotels where we got married were quite nearby to where we were staying.Saw them first time after marriage.How did it feel..I wish I cld recall something or might be it will be some more years later..As of now those moments are so un vivid's more of chaos that I remember..abt new ppl new place the look the makeup and of course for me the most imp issue of me and hubby to go our sperate ways for next 6 mths

But yeah glad I was to see it :-)

On our way back,was our halt at kolkata. Airport had a cloak room and I thought only railways stations had..Thanks to it we deposited our stuff in there and went roaming around..went to city centre ,used to be our fav haunt in kol days.Ate at pizza hut,manager had changed with one of serving guys having hit the position..I think i remember faces though always have been bad at names..even got to buy a sandal from khadim's.
I have a record,none of my footwear lasts long for more than 3 months..Does not matter how expensive or how cheap it is.hubby used to say this to me always and I used to make fun of him..But then after some time I started keeping the receipts just being curious to see how true his claim was ..Though I hate to admit it it but he was right yeah 3.5 is the maximum record that any of my chappals have :-(
Been watching so many movies of late..None that impresed me a lot.I think godfather series was the last that impressed me.Now that have got a DVD player,is more like a movie a day..thanks to the DVD library we joined..

Liked the concept of "sunday"(Imagine thats a movie name) but then its good with all those fast forwards only..

Friday night it is time for another movie..C you guys