Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bye Bye Kolkata

I am in the process of relocating..So let's see how active I wld
be on blogging scene..

Going with warm memories..and wish for a new future :-)

Trivia: Home in pic is not mine but one of my favorties here

Monday, March 27, 2006


Walking down the memory lane..I was on my last visit to IFFCO
Allahabad..I spent 18yrs of my life there..Gosh sounds so stagnant to me
today..But then never felt so in those 18 yrs..Guess I still have that small town with in me somewhere

On the way back from visit to Windom falls..I fell in love with
the setting..quite surprising how suddenly u find such places which u see and say
Hey that's soo perfect..One of those kodak moments for me..

I felt this was so picture postcard like..and imagine it coming out of my mobile
camera makes me more proud..Going on a boat ride on sangam was my idea of giving ode to my grandma and ganges for one last time..
I still remember the early morming when we used to pack our aloo ka paratha's and leave with grandma for the sangam snan..(Sangam is metting of three river Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati. and it is there in Allahabad)

Half an hour my world was still in those waters..

Such a cheery pic..Have a Happy Day

check out more in Album "Sangam Vihar" at

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rang Barse

Rang Barse has become synonymous to holi..So Happy Holi it was..

My mind has been too clutterred for the last few days to think or write..But guess this is the beauty of blogging it unclogs ur mind or at least it does for me..

It makes sures thoughts which has been haphazardly standing there are straightened out..Thoughts not necessarily important or big things but smaller ones or anything that catches your fancy..

Have u ever had that feeling when things are there running into your mind and do not leave you till you put the feeling to rest..Yeah sounds so like me

So not sure what I am gonna write..but surely purpose is to get it off my head and put it to peace

Well coming back had a wonderful and colorful holi..Trip to parasnath to pick my devarji from station turned into a picnic with all of us tagging along with chotte babu (chotte sasurji/my sasur’s younger bro)..We had poori bhaji and tasty tea at the station..

Ride was as wonderful a u can get with lovely breeze flowing and scenery hmm what can I say ..Have a look urself..

Holi had loads of colors in the morning and evening..Though evenings are only for gulal..

Mostly ppl were wearing white or shades of it..White everywhere with gulal on it is quite a pretty sight..

Me and chotte jeth

Kids show..Balli Boni Munmun and Shubham

Morning Holi Show .

Still recovering from the holi fever..Today me off to another destination..
Till then Enjoy..

Trivia: Pic at the top was from city centre holi decoration

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Balloon Love

Today was shopping day..We went to City before our impending travel..And there I got my balloon
Yeah on our way back I fell in love with those balloon flower..Not I am not that fluffy soft toy or daily "I love u" balloons kindaa person..But this was little different so yeahhh I went of it..Buying it was quite a scene..Hubby trying to juggle it from taxi window..Taxi walla waiting & encouraging hubby to open the gate to get it in.. Loads of taxi shouting at top of their voices so we move ahead..

So ultimately balloon did come after all the efforts

Here is hubby..To him this has more resemblance to a sword than a petal..well as I always say perceptions differ

Ok Apart from the balloon show,got a kurta pajama for my chotte sasurji.. suit for myself and yippee a sandal for is very chamak chamak but fell in love with it

Went to malgudi Junction..Pretty decent place for idli dosa lovers like me..tea was not good.. guess should have gone for south Indian coffee..

My Nib painting is finally over and today it along with two other paintings went for framing..Yeah had been due since soo long.

Last week went to Zoo as well.. Was my first visit to a zoological garden as an adult..Surprisingly I loved it..Not only was I surprised by in general good conditions in which animals live..After all the ho halla about zoo's I thought it wld be something really pathetic..But I was satisfied at least on space and water front..

Though I agree that some of the pinjra’s were small but most of them exceeded my expecations..Pics did not come out that nice..due to the sheer distance
And of course the bars between us and animals

But anyways here are some of them in case u wanna have a look at the Royal Bengal Tiger, kid king kong ..
Check out the Kolkata Zoological garden album at
Holi is approaching and so is my travel day..Yeah tomorrow we are off

So, Wish you all a very Happy and Colorful Holi

Friday, March 03, 2006


Saw friend’s last episode in Star World..How I love that serial. Scene where every one picked out their own keys and placed it on the tables looked so much familiar and endearing. well yeah we did share the keys but nah it never was so many versions..Or was it??

Yesterday was a good day. Went to City Centre and imagine the surprise when I met two of my college mates there..I was like wow meeting both of u is kindaa bonus ..One friend completed my words saying “Ek ke saath ek free”..
Yeah I know I become so embarrassingly obvious at times but she took it quite sportingly..

Half an hour was spent there chatting and catching upon abt us and so many around us..
In those 30 minutes I was declared a brave woman who somehow did what all of them have been thinking . Ppl still get shocked at how can I quit a well to do job and what I do whole day..I wish I had the perfect answers.

At least the fact that it’s been five months helps them understand that I have no plans for a comeback.

One of my best friends gave birth to a baby boy..I tried so hard not to call her(I did sms her) but in the end I did.. Talked to her mother gathering all the tiny miny details..Aunty was left wondering who she was talking to..yeah she knew my name but that was it..Funny it was

Also I had hakka noodles yesterday. Since I came to Kolkata this was the first time I was having it..why I never had it in such a long time,I have no idea..Just that It happened so. I ended up blocking my throat..Not as bad but enough to get me knowing greed is bad..We all know greed is bad but at times reminders are cool

Apart from so many personal goodie’s came the great news that Nuke deal is done..

Now I am quite confused abt this whole deal..Let me try to explain..Few Nuke deal highlights that concern my query are

1. Our civilian reactors wld be under IAEA safeguards permanently
2. Nuclear fuel wld be guaranteed to the civilian reactors .

Impact of deal is India wld be De facto Nuclear Power
Now that's good and understood I am cool abt it..

Second part is abt IAEA safeguards which has made our scientists worry(and me as well).
As for scientist's worry, reports say these nuclear techniques were developed indigenously under many constraints( yeah that’s how TOI reports states it).

My worry, are we trying to say that we might not be adhering to IAEA safegueards. Well still ok but if so it leads to

· Requirement of R & D, Change in existing technology..(And we are not getting any support on this part right??)
· Applying this technology change to reactors to ensure they adhere to IAEA safeguards
· Are we putting a stop on new reactors till we have this new tech. which adheres to IAEA safeguards is in place. But then I heard NPC is planning for at least 6 new reactors

So basically I am pretty worried abt these nitty gritties .. I hope I got across my point..

Unfortunately no paper no report seems to be bothered..I have not seen a single person questioning it all..And that’s what has been pricking me since the news has come out of this Nuke deal

Is it there is something too obvious that I am missing or I am thinking too far ahead.
No I need not be a nuclear scientist to figure out questions like above..

I am sure our ppl do have the plans and answer to whatever I said above.And it’s only a case of information not being dissipated..Though I wish it had the info (if anyone can enlighten me please do)

On a lighter note weather has been cooling off for last few days.. ..A respite from the heat.. Dove’s kids are growing day by day on my balcony. Soon it would be time to pack the bags and travel.

Have a Nice Day

Trivia: I love the play of light and shadow creation in the pic..One of our rooms getting sunshine