Monday, July 09, 2007

It was federer versus nadal game again in finals..Oh I do not know even an iota of tennis..But yeah I do keep a tab on news..and guess its the upteempth time I have heard the two play against each other in finals..Guess after that Boris Becker,Pete Sampras era, this is another when I know names of players..

Knowing my equation with sports,if I know both of these names then it's like saying joey(friends am sure u guys wld have heard of it) figured something out..An indicator these really are great days for tennis..For me whom do i prefer to win is entirely a question of persona for me..Any day I wld love federer to win..Was surprised to see he does not even whine when making those powerful shots..No idea how he does it but I do not remember a single playe,of whatever little tennis I have seen of, who does not shout at the top of his lungs..Now am not sure if these are really required shouts or more kindaa I shout louder than u show..But be assured,such gentlemanly charm surely makes my vote go for the guy ;-)

Went for tea to my landlords place..Cute couple they seem like..Will post a pic of theirs some day. Loads of plants they maintain,I wish I cld as well but then me and plants our vibes do not go together quite well :-)

Loads of reading and reading..Seems my appetite has grown many fold in last few years..By now librarian's(yeah there are few of them rotating) of course knows me by face..

Latest am reading this book called "The Egyptologist".Anything to do with mummies,egypt catches my(am sure there are thousands more like me) eye.Tried thinking many times why so..Think there is that element of mystery,suspense,grandieur be it of their tombs,riches inside, all give us a glimpse of a great era left behind..And that's what allures us..

But then I see questioning myself,why my own history not allures me?? Guess a bit of that I wld attribute to the textbook ratto style in my school days ,which made sure I was away from anything to do with history for a very very longg time..

Talking of today,even all the ho halla abt the taj being in wonders,cld not make sure a single piece broadcasted on taj and what makes it such a wonder..What the beauty inside is and how its been holding all these years and what do all the pretty patterns inside mean..

Do u remember anything on Indus civilization?? I do,some of those potteries in history book and fact that it was a great acheivement for that time.Not a word on their structured town planning,sewage systems and fine designed jewellery ..
Try finding out the same for romans/egyptians,and u can the whole of roman city re-created as it was in those days..Yeah I really did seeing shows where they explained all abt their town planning,living style,all the day life nuances...

Now how can i not be mesmerized with information as beautifually pictured as that..How I wish I cld have something like this happening in to our country's heritage..

It was all those phirang desi's books which really ignited my interest..I personally believe they have more dilligently tried to understand our own past.Try reading a tully or william's Age of kali, and u wld see our own country,its landscape with such a surprise..

Phew sounds like a history lesson and that too from someone who knows nothing abt it..Is this what happens if u are too deep in reading..;-)

With the live earth campaign, I am trying to get rid of my habit of having so many lights switched on..Putting off all the power switches after charging and all..Not sure how much that helps but then can try.Did I see sav earth live,nah,not my kindaa music. Somehow am waiting for MTV Aids campaign which happens every year, really curious to see if they change as well to MTV earth or some kindaa..well with all the climatic change thing taking priority I am expecting that to happen..

Trying to watch movie in bangalore is quite a harrasment..Even on weekdays u get all the shows booked all the time..Need to wait at least 2 weeks before I can get my hands on the tickets..

Whole of bangaloru has no other pass time I guess..Well with all the traffic jams I guess this is the easiest way to chill out
Need to go and get my chef cap on now..Bye till then

Note :Pic above is from lalbagh somhow posted it for thinking of "Save Earth" campaign