Thursday, November 27, 2008

Its Happened Again

It happened again..and I am sitting here in anguish how can this be..Have we not seen the same bad dream so many times..But every time its come more stronger more organized and better funded than before..Who is to blame for this,we,our politicians or the country there across the border

How we allow ourselves to be cheated by the broklen promises time and again..Or is that we have simply perfected the art of let go..and made it sound great with "being resilient"..Or is that in a country of billion few hundreds dont matter..Keep punching us and we will come back stronger in numbers at least if
not in strength..Where are the lessons we learnt frm the so called attack on our democracy 7 years back..

There has been so many question running around in my mind

--How come its been 7 years and still there we are as vulnerable as ever..No lessons learnt and every time the same promises frm politicians..Will this time be any different if so why.

--Do we really think getting some more hawaldars stand here and there is going to make the terrrorism stay atbay..Dont we see we need to be a lot more active on gathering intelligence..Some men came by boat checked in to our best hotels made their control house there for 8 days and we didnt even get a sniff on that..Wld the guys in govt realize how significant it is

However we might criticize bush I still have to agree on on fact that he has not let his country to be attacked since 9/11..Do u really think ppl dont plan to attack them..

--when will see a co-ordinated response to a terror act..Do we even have a list of hostages taken out or anything to calm the families struggling to get any news of their families..Looks like disaster mgmt is in disaster itself..I thought TAJ Mgmt was so better appreciated here even though half of there staff
was killed..U cld hear the appreciation in the guest voices frm inside.Thats how u play a moment of crisis.

--When are our politicans going to realize that they need to present a solidaroty front on at least some basic issues like home security.They can't keep dog fighting each other out just for the sake of it..

--If we really so strongly believe that Pakistan is behind every such attack..Why we haven't put forward the strong evidence across to US UN and them itself..How can someone really deny a conclusive evidence...Are we missing something here or after so many attacks we still are to gather evidnce against them(a Shame)..Or is it govt thinks it too conveninent

So is there any hope for all of us..Of course there is..we are democracy..and at the end of the day govt want votes..Such situation will force all the parties to make security their top priority.They will have to act upon the groundswell demand from us the people.Even politicos know they can make it a huge election issue and they will be measured on it..Also aren't we on our way to become a economic superpower..So what abt all those buisnesses who fourish in a calm and peace env. Am sure that wld be a good force to make govt act..

So do I think its going to happen soon..No now that wld be a mistake..Till we make the habit of letting go it will be a let go issue..
And before things go for good there is always a dive hold ur breath as there might be more to come before we see the good happen..

Till then have faith

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winters after a longg time

Delhi is having its smog day and night nowadays..I knew of fog since my childhood days and that it meant the biting cold in which we had to get up for our schools..But now its different..Whole lot of smog but not as cold as u wld expect..Looks can be deceptive ;-)

Never knew delhi was so polluted in its CNG days as well..I must say though in summers I never had the pollution or smoke feel..Why with so many innovators around the world we can't have a clean fuel car with decent mileage and cool promotional value in market(very imp.)..Yeah I am true beliver in marketing u just need to get the campaign right to give a product intial boost,rest a good product will take care of itself..

Looks like Strike of TV workers is still on.That brings me to the fact that BIG BOSS is still running and with no more shows on air,my guess wld be its TRP shld be running high..Its time like this whihch tells how good are reality shows I mean u need no story nothing just some editing here and there and bang show is on..

I have been an avid follower of BIG BOSS...and I think the part 2 is damn interesting..In the intitial days itself I thought this group was the one writing the rules rather than the BIG BOSS writing them..

I remember the episode where all of them decide to quit together the task of not sleeping as it was too injurious to their health..Lol it was a great change frm ealier studious batch..These guys were like if all of us do it who are they going to punish..Then there was rahul threatening BIG BOSS for the ciggies..and now comes all of them running out of the house for food..Yummy I think at time even BIG BOSS is at loss of words..and did u notice the special announcement by BOSS about how a dietician decides the right amount of food etc etc after the episode..This was more masala than I expected..and raja is one person whom I hated most in the start but who has evolved most in the series..Did u see his and sambhavana's encounter in the last episode..Temper under leash but how long hmm

Have been reading audacity of hope by of course president elect obama..Nice read..But more because I was really curious to know what drastic change this guy plans to bring..Or what are his thoughts on burning topics..After reading I find his thoughts are quite well meant and well written,though am not sure how implementable(BTW is this a word)..Now I can at least map what he thinks and what he does :-)

Finally went to see Qutab Minar in Mehrauli..Overall nicely maintained and kept.Keeping a slideshow here of QM pic..Had wanted some better ones when the sun was going down but then the itnerest in guide story made me leave it..Next time..I still have that image of sun dawn @QM in my mind..There are always lots of kabootars in such areas...Must be creating havoc inside QM,but then being closed frm inside due to suicide attempts,we wld never know what those kabootar has done to the insides..But they sure make for a very pretty sight flying in grps here and there..

Getting a glimpse of winters,home fans are not needed anymore..Pullover,jacket or shawl is all time wear now. and with it the feeling that we want to get up late,be there in cosy quilts every morning..

Pleasant :-) It's winters after a real longgg time..(Lets see how long I stay in this mode))