Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The T Tag

Me tagged me..and the pretty pics he placed up made me search hard in my kitty.. I have tweaked it a bit for my benefit..Sure u won't mind

1. Most Admired Celebrity

Comment: Eyes say it all.

2.Want to do this someday

Comment:I always walk on these paths so often but the desire stays

3.Want to visit this place

Comment:Trekking to such pretty valley's

4.Random Favorite

Comment: Beautiful memories

5.I was tagged by me[post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from].

Friday, June 16, 2006

Games we watch

Ain't that look at the second bunny face very funny..I find it so cute that thought had to share this with anyone coming to my blog and so here it is..
Found them during our lalbagh visit and pic was just a trial. Never expected to capture their expressions so nicely. :-)

Realized after coming to bangalore been quite long time since I clicked any pics..Well can't say why..Might be as my main balcony has a construction building opposite it ..Enough to kill my creative energy from flowing into balcony.(YM tongue out). But that wld be an excuse as the other windows have church facing.Anyways I just hope the desire will come back some
day..Till then I got to struggle with which pic feature on my blog.

My painting has started and is going at quite a satisfactory pace. Estimation as 30 hours of work..Approximately month and a half...let's see how I fare here.

Tried watching the soo happening soccer game with hubby and I realized my attention span is quite short. I can follow the trajectory of the ball for ten minutes at most and then somehow unconsciously my attention shifts to players their expressions ,audiences ,all the ho halla going around..I love all the drum beats, sounds and euphoria around ..I really felt some sounds were quite similar to drums in our shaadi bands ..Not sure if any of you noticed.. But then how
can they carry drums inside the stadium..No idea and too impatient to sit in front of game and find out..Wish they could make an album of all the music and background sounds on the games.Say something like sounds of the ten most popular games
played. Interesting that wld be..Are there any audience

Yeah Yeah I know all u soccer lovers must be cursing me for being
crazy but then see so many ppl and so many ideas ;-)

Coming to TOI..I am getting good at loop the loop.Yeah almost 100 percent success rate..Nice one..where do they pick such games
from..Good I'm loving it.

Last weekend we went out for a walk and a long walk it was..Enjoyed it except for the fact that whatever i wear my feet gets
all the rashes..I hate wearing my gym shoes for walk..Need some smart footwear for my walks and it has to go with my suits. Phew
My purse is getting older as well.. Today cld see the foam coming out..Poor thing just been a year and seems already so overused. Always overloaded so had to be..I hate shopping for the right things as they r quite diffcult to come by..Wish all of them cld come to me with required specifications and I will just go and buy them..Being lazy I am

It's raining again..though not much but the tip tip is enough to get the hopes up.

So go out there and Enjoy the Weekend

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Saw Fanaa Today..Did not get many positive feedbacks for the movie so was apprehensive at the start
But finally decided in favor of movie and of course the cheaper tickets..Oh how I love morning shows
What did I like..Shayari was good..Not too cheap and not too heavy for a non shyari person like me..Just the right mix..Guess wld be Difficult for ppl not very fond of hearing hindi and urdu words..Second half was little slow but granted
Shots of Delhi were just superb ..Talking of delhi, everytime I hear of it ,it has shown different facets to me..
My impression of Delhi has been a place always in news for the kind of treatment meted(hope right usage) on women .Not that my view has changed even today. Just that I have seen the other part of the story as well..

My first visit happened last year when hubby was on training there.. That was a Delhi with all the broad highways,near zero jams, market and sweets at every possible corner..So many mehendiwaalas, bangle waalas..Those nookad small shops which has surprisingly heavy stock of all varieties compare to sizes of the shops..

And ofcourse u can never forget rashtrapati bhavan, lal kila, amar jawaan..If u ever go to delhi just go to that area itself..I fell in love with it at first sight....Had I stayed there for long, I surely wld have gone there every morning just to get the feel of it all.. Astonishing it is..

That is what fanna gave me..Delhi as I see it from my eyes..And that makes it special for me..
Some of scenes where I thought director wld go wrong were the ending scenes and when kajol hides in kernal's house from aamir..But he did not disappoint me..
Saw the movie alone..As hubby was on a tour and in mood to watch fanna..Good that I did..Though people around me were in shock how can I watch a movie alone..
Well what can I say to that..I enjoyed and loved it

Will soon be starting on my next painting..Yesterday did some tracing..Was not getting a clear pic on tracing paper,so put some oil on it..
Trick worked..I am still surprised at where did I learn it from..
Sure shot effect of so many movies I have watched.

Well hope will see some more good ones in future :-)

Went for Lalbagh garden..Enjoyed our time there..Check out pics at
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/sangita_gupa/my_photos LalBagh Visit


Trivia: Loved all the blues in Fanaa. So badly wanted to place in Kajol's image in one of those blue tops but not too many good one available..So guess u gonna watch the movie if u reallyyy want to find out :-)