Saturday, May 10, 2008

IPL watch

Where have I been..No visits on my own blog since last few months..Hope it does not go bad than this..Afraid even to make promises if I can't keep them..
IPL is the most happening thing right now in most Indian homes..and lots of it is happening in mine as well.Went to catch upon match in chinnaswamy stadium. Was surprised to see so many of facts cleared up after seeing the match
1.View in the field is quite clear with the naked eye.Yeah binoculars are only for eyeing the celebrities gracing the event ;-)
2.Sixers and fours do not look as grand & as powerful as they do in TV...Can be attributed to the fact the ground is not as large as it looks in idiot box(Now u know why they call it idiot)
3.Surprisingly it's the bowled and run outs which have the real sheen..forthe first time I started appreciating clean bowled,stumps falling and why umpires can make wrong decisions..
4.There is no stage for presentation ceremony ..The prizes the talk all happens in front of a glass panel full of sponsors ads..
5.You need not take odomos,association does pest control to ensure there aren't mosquitoes around to fight..Yipee
It was amazing being part of a three hour crowd cheering event..Aryans the band played nice numbers..Laser show on the stadium was simply amazing and the spirit of cheerleaders unbeaten..Was happy we had someone flamboyant like Mallaya owning the team..Only thing I missed was firecrackers how I wished RC had won..well if you are wondering,let me make it clear I am no cricket person ,that hubby is ..I went to match for the frills and thrills and IPL surely didnt disappoint me there..So if you ask me if IPL is a hit,I would give it a huge thumbs up..Yeah if it can make audience like me interested enough to know all the team names ,watch a match live(I don't even know how do u spell bowled always thought it was bold yeah laugh at me but thats how it is)..well IPL surely has arrived with a BIG BANG
So a perfect except I wish Bangalore Royal Challengers were as royal as their name..The worse part even though the whole experince made us want to see another live match BUT we know one of the teams will always be RC so not much to be expected..(how I regret this)..I let this to be taken care of by Mallaya hopefully he will something abt it next season at least :-D

Went to rangnathitu(a bird sanctuary) twice in last few months.Very nicely maintained one.U can get a boat ride(the boatmen know all the birds by heart) passing you by diff islands with lovely migratory birds all around you..Its an amazing feeling and by the second visit I was able to identify quite a few of the birds..Egrets, ibis, pelicans,darters..Did spot a kingfisher,and that was my highlight..(Seems like I am quite impressed by mallaya)..Both trip we got the same boatmen another coincidence :-)
Another visit to Mysore palace but this time we ensured a guide.I always feel if you get a good guide they can make a place come alive for you..After hearing so much now surely next time I can act as a guide.. Cld see some of raja ravi verma's 3D paintings..Never had heard of 3D concept in paintings before so found it amazing...I am always amazed by the curse on Wodeyars(it said they will never be able to have direct genealogoy)..and it been happening since a long time now..One generation has kids and next one has to adopt..Current wodeyar's was born to his parents but his father was adopted and now he again has no kids..
Past to present.How many of you are watching the paanchvi pass..I do,am so much for all the quiz shows..My dream,hope I do get a call and win at least 2L :-) Nothing wrong in dreaming
Its been raining on and off in Bagalore making the weather better than most place in the country. Been going to labagh for my morning walks since last few days..Mornings its harld 12 minutes drive.Forced hubby to take me lalbagh one sunday mrng and thats when we realized the small water lake..Imagine me going there for last one year and still never saw it..Good,he has been hooked to it ever since ..Lets see might go one day with my Digicam to get some pretty shots ;-)
Till then c ya