Saturday, July 29, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Wanted these dream like pics to say for themselves. So here is a picture blog for you all :-)
Cindrella's Castle Dream Like it is

Aladdin :Guy has takes such a alaadin lookalike pose

I love the swirl here

Pink is pretty always and so here it is

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Blogging

It is so good to be back on your own homepage.. I really missed that greeny home page and all the fellow bloggers..And now when I come here suddenly found everyone had found their ways back here long before I found out the alternative. That is quite embarrassing ..shows how lazy I can be..Anyways loads of thanks to pkblogs and TimesofIndia

Went for Bangalore walks last weekend. To start with, concept is on the lines of London walks (say kind of theme walk).. Around that theme u see various places with the interesting anecdotes & stories revolving around.
We never realize being in a city there is so much more to it than we see..So many hidden facts lying just in front of our eyes ready to be discovered ;-)

Three hour dream walk treading the nostalgic path of city’s ppl, it’s history, culture. A must if u want to get into the skin of the city and feel like a true bangalorean. Yipee

Cheers to Arun for the wonderful idea and an awesome start of the day we had !!!(Yeah it starts at 7 in the morning)

Check out the pics at in Bangalore Walks album

Last few days spending a lot of my time on net. Thanks to orkut..Someone had mentioned the same to earlier as well but I found it veryy weird and non-user friendly..Yesterday a chat friend really guided me into it ad that is when I realized it was a real treasure.. I got this link to sooo many ebooks that my eyes are still in the process of appreciating the titles only.. Yipee u know they even have term for this called orkutting funny ain’t it

Talking of treasure next in line movie is Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2. I absolutely fell in love with the first one..Try it out if u love all those silly pirate stories..For the first time was a bigger fan of any English movie than my husband.

Also bought this book by Gerald Durrell. My farm and other animals. Such a cute and humorous version of life on an Greece island from the eyes of a ten year old boy(interested in the world of animals) and his eccentric family.

Also learnt some more yoga techniques from one of my gym friends. Somehow there is no progress on weight loss front and I am quite disappointed by the fact. Let me do the watching for some more time and then might be it is time for a change of gym.

Seems like so much is happening. I love it this way though.

Wishing us all a happy unblocked blogging

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Eagleton Long Drive

Pics of the long drive we went for..Bangalore Mysore highway (famous for all it's controversies) was surprisingly a cool stretch to enjoy the perfect bangalore weather and the scenery all around..
Drove some 40 km srtetch and took the much required break at Eagleton Golf park..No I am not golf fan in any way..I find it quite a lazy game where all u do is keep kicking that small ball in some faraway holes..and then walk all around the ground in those stupid half pants and the golf cart..Gosh this elite stuff looks so frivoulous to me and how I would have loved to belive that all the ppl playing out such a game are all rich spoilt ones..
Alas can make no such claims as half of the CEO,entreprenurs janta I admire list golf as their favorite games..Adding to the beauty of of the situation,the look on hubby's face tells the day he gets a chance to try his hands on golf he would be glad to do so..
Thinking of future I would then start moving around with my camera in golf cart..Only way we can ensure a harmony :-)
Though I must agree all these golf park do provide us a long green stretch. You can enjoy the pretty turns and twists on our way at in Eagleton Drive album

Check out the swings..My favorites..but my stomach was too filled after sandwich. So dare not venture out ;-) Did u see the guys sitting there on the swing.They are te drivers waiting.First sighting of guys enjoying the swing time ..

Here is me and of course the lovely pathway..

Trivia:Eagle out there belong to the eagleton golf park..Though i still wonder what can be the connection between an eagle and golf park..Any clues sure leave them for me

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Trying to explore Bangalore. Now that can be a difficult task considering the city itself being very small.(Having stayed in
Mumbai and Kolkata definitely my comparison parameter might be little tough)
Location wise Bangalore is at such a juncture there are enough two or three day trips you can plan.But what abt ppl like me who want one day joys and who does not have the endless appetite like a Normal Indian for temples..

I know that make things a lot tricky..To add to the trouble we did take that one day KSTDC tour in 2003 leading to our visting all the major places inside the city.
So what is the solution..If there are problems there sure are solutions as well..And so far my bangalore renzdevous has been planned thanks to information on the internet. So again last weekend spent an hour at net trying to find the right kind of place for our moods and time..Yipee and there it was Banerghatta National Park Though reviews on net were quite bad with respect to the infrastructure maintenance.. but then I am not even sure why people cribbed about..I consider it a known fact for any government enterprise.

So there we were ready with our aloo ka paratha's and digicam to accompany us. Visit was interesting.
First time I took an elephant ride.They call it Joy Ride and sure joy it was.

Best part was the tiger safari. For the first time it was we who were caged inside the bus instead of the beast..And it was the beast trying to smell us and see what was inside that caged structure(yeah the bus)..Seem them in the wild and u get to know why are they called royal

Next stop was zoo. Snake's Meal time is something I will never forget..caretaker was soo cool about the whole process..he went
inside the cages in absolutely normal clothes. Kept the food of rats and chickens at a centre place and then with a steel rod
in his hand,went on with task of going to each and every hole picking the snakes out of it..Yeah and I saw it all with my eyes
and mouth open
This man sure deserves a placed in guiness book of records..Here are some of the pic you can enjoy.

Check out Banerghatta
National park album at

Since coming to Bangalore I have been to quite a few places like the planetorium, muscial fountian,lalbagh gardens.but the best part I love is our weekend walk. Today it extended for two hours..Just a gully(Next time I surely am getting the name if this one) and some surrounding galliyans and still we find so much there..we
start at our leisure pace covering parks on the way to our loved street..To be exact there are at least three of them on
the way and I am not counting the ones in surrounding gullies..No I do not visit all of them everytime..Just that I have soo
many choices available makes it cool
Then comes our juice centre.Juices here are so inexpensive,easily available that I am trying to convince hubby to take walk
till here everyday..Soon I shall succeed. On top of all this, gully has golgappa shops, bhelpuri telewaala, sweet shop and today we found out corner house(Famous ice cream
shop here) as well.
Sounds like a perfect street..:-)
Coming to think of it we have been a great lover of such street food since our Mumbai days. In Mumbai juhu beach was our
favorite haunt with all the dosa's, malai kulfi..Kolkata it was city centre .. and now here this street.
we always need a place to haunt in every city which is comfy to reach and is a sureshot joy..Good to see all the cities so far
have accomodated us in this respect..Hope shall see many more in my lifetime

So here comes another weekend and the walks of life goes on.