Monday, December 15, 2008

Waiting for More

Trying to come back to normalcy that's how we as a country are feeling..So,Is all back to normal..No it isn't and I really wish it's not..

Political back lashing by janta at least ensured co-operation among various faction on India's integrity issues. Though how long they it stays this way is anybody's guess.
Let the pressure be on..

For the first time I am seeing the response frm pakistan on our channels..I am really able to see why aam janata there failed to believe 26/11 was being rooted in their soil itself.
Yes our politicians shouting Pakistan for all happening here never helped (especially sambhavana blast being the recent example)..Dawn's own investigation definitively reveals some role media can really play..Now this is a new change,as I never remember something like this coming out frm pakistani media in Musharraf government.Some faith in civilian government and of course freedom of speech..(To be honest I always was a Musharaf fan and cld never understand why ppl were shouting freedom in his reign apart from political reasons..Shows how far projected images can go,But I stand corrected).

I appreciate our govmt's measured response and pressure building tactics on pakistan.
Ensuring there won't be a any war but pakistan will have to fight hard for any terror on its own soil. Stopped Zardari in his own tracks rather than letting him blackmail the world by saying they wld be shifting their troops.

I sound for the time being satisfied with government is trying to achieve on border scene.. But I am yet to see anything concrete on home front..Measures so far hasn't impressed any of us. So yes I am waiting for more a lot more..

Also some hot questions still running wild in my thoughts

--yeah PK has banned Jamat E Udwa but then announcing 2 days in advance and then banning doesn't help much..By then all assets are transferred else where and member already start disappearing. So whats the way to take this forward.

--How does one change the basic nature of an organization(ISI) which has been at war with INDIA since their inception be it frontline war or being involved with indirect warfare..(trying to train insurgents/militants)

--We are thinking of creating a new federal agency but does that ensure smooth transition and information flow among our agencies ..How do we solve that? Also how do we minimize the bureaucracy for various approvals required?

Sometimes I try to think back when all this started..and I am not sure why my mind stops at Babri Masjid Demolition.Its not that our history didn't have riots before that but somehow this one seems like unending loop to me. But the recent attacks are far beyond our own issues or are they really??

Would Don's involvement ink something similar?

Sometimes I wonder how someone like advani can sleep comfortably at night..Does his conscience never bother him or it it really easy to say and believe things went beyond ones control..Was he not the leader,the one driving his rathyatra..How can one fool oneself huh

Note:Last post I got at least 2 of my queries answered by steps taken by govt..I wish things get clearer by next time..

So yeah I am Still waiting for MORE..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Its Happened Again

It happened again..and I am sitting here in anguish how can this be..Have we not seen the same bad dream so many times..But every time its come more stronger more organized and better funded than before..Who is to blame for this,we,our politicians or the country there across the border

How we allow ourselves to be cheated by the broklen promises time and again..Or is that we have simply perfected the art of let go..and made it sound great with "being resilient"..Or is that in a country of billion few hundreds dont matter..Keep punching us and we will come back stronger in numbers at least if
not in strength..Where are the lessons we learnt frm the so called attack on our democracy 7 years back..

There has been so many question running around in my mind

--How come its been 7 years and still there we are as vulnerable as ever..No lessons learnt and every time the same promises frm politicians..Will this time be any different if so why.

--Do we really think getting some more hawaldars stand here and there is going to make the terrrorism stay atbay..Dont we see we need to be a lot more active on gathering intelligence..Some men came by boat checked in to our best hotels made their control house there for 8 days and we didnt even get a sniff on that..Wld the guys in govt realize how significant it is

However we might criticize bush I still have to agree on on fact that he has not let his country to be attacked since 9/11..Do u really think ppl dont plan to attack them..

--when will see a co-ordinated response to a terror act..Do we even have a list of hostages taken out or anything to calm the families struggling to get any news of their families..Looks like disaster mgmt is in disaster itself..I thought TAJ Mgmt was so better appreciated here even though half of there staff
was killed..U cld hear the appreciation in the guest voices frm inside.Thats how u play a moment of crisis.

--When are our politicans going to realize that they need to present a solidaroty front on at least some basic issues like home security.They can't keep dog fighting each other out just for the sake of it..

--If we really so strongly believe that Pakistan is behind every such attack..Why we haven't put forward the strong evidence across to US UN and them itself..How can someone really deny a conclusive evidence...Are we missing something here or after so many attacks we still are to gather evidnce against them(a Shame)..Or is it govt thinks it too conveninent

So is there any hope for all of us..Of course there is..we are democracy..and at the end of the day govt want votes..Such situation will force all the parties to make security their top priority.They will have to act upon the groundswell demand from us the people.Even politicos know they can make it a huge election issue and they will be measured on it..Also aren't we on our way to become a economic superpower..So what abt all those buisnesses who fourish in a calm and peace env. Am sure that wld be a good force to make govt act..

So do I think its going to happen soon..No now that wld be a mistake..Till we make the habit of letting go it will be a let go issue..
And before things go for good there is always a dive hold ur breath as there might be more to come before we see the good happen..

Till then have faith

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winters after a longg time

Delhi is having its smog day and night nowadays..I knew of fog since my childhood days and that it meant the biting cold in which we had to get up for our schools..But now its different..Whole lot of smog but not as cold as u wld expect..Looks can be deceptive ;-)

Never knew delhi was so polluted in its CNG days as well..I must say though in summers I never had the pollution or smoke feel..Why with so many innovators around the world we can't have a clean fuel car with decent mileage and cool promotional value in market(very imp.)..Yeah I am true beliver in marketing u just need to get the campaign right to give a product intial boost,rest a good product will take care of itself..

Looks like Strike of TV workers is still on.That brings me to the fact that BIG BOSS is still running and with no more shows on air,my guess wld be its TRP shld be running high..Its time like this whihch tells how good are reality shows I mean u need no story nothing just some editing here and there and bang show is on..

I have been an avid follower of BIG BOSS...and I think the part 2 is damn interesting..In the intitial days itself I thought this group was the one writing the rules rather than the BIG BOSS writing them..

I remember the episode where all of them decide to quit together the task of not sleeping as it was too injurious to their health..Lol it was a great change frm ealier studious batch..These guys were like if all of us do it who are they going to punish..Then there was rahul threatening BIG BOSS for the ciggies..and now comes all of them running out of the house for food..Yummy I think at time even BIG BOSS is at loss of words..and did u notice the special announcement by BOSS about how a dietician decides the right amount of food etc etc after the episode..This was more masala than I expected..and raja is one person whom I hated most in the start but who has evolved most in the series..Did u see his and sambhavana's encounter in the last episode..Temper under leash but how long hmm

Have been reading audacity of hope by of course president elect obama..Nice read..But more because I was really curious to know what drastic change this guy plans to bring..Or what are his thoughts on burning topics..After reading I find his thoughts are quite well meant and well written,though am not sure how implementable(BTW is this a word)..Now I can at least map what he thinks and what he does :-)

Finally went to see Qutab Minar in Mehrauli..Overall nicely maintained and kept.Keeping a slideshow here of QM pic..Had wanted some better ones when the sun was going down but then the itnerest in guide story made me leave it..Next time..I still have that image of sun dawn @QM in my mind..There are always lots of kabootars in such areas...Must be creating havoc inside QM,but then being closed frm inside due to suicide attempts,we wld never know what those kabootar has done to the insides..But they sure make for a very pretty sight flying in grps here and there..

Getting a glimpse of winters,home fans are not needed anymore..Pullover,jacket or shawl is all time wear now. and with it the feeling that we want to get up late,be there in cosy quilts every morning..

Pleasant :-) It's winters after a real longgg time..(Lets see how long I stay in this mode))

Friday, October 10, 2008

Speed On Bro , Hell ain't full Yet

Diwali is round the corner and durga puja festivities just died down..After seeing the pujas here I can understand why bengalis everywhere cant stop raving abt poojas back home in Kolkata..

Went for the durga darshan in two most famous pandals around my area..One of them was inside an apartment complex owned by benglais mostly..I was hugely surprised by the kind of arrangements they cld manage to do..Apart from usual loads of khana peena shops there was cultural programme going on with artistes frm Kokata and even the security arrangements..There were metal detectors ,regular scanning and stuff. As such these thing are not that big deal but being arranged by an apartment for an event open for all(and I can assure u that means huge crowds in India) is amazing..

This wld be first diwali when I am not going to be home(Ppl find it quie funny that I callall of my rented places home.. but then home is what we make it ain't it)..I will miss all the lighting up,looking for new diyas and stuff..
Might be I will just lit my poojaghar up hoping there wont be any short circuits in my absence. Though I have doubts abt hubby letting me do this.

So ppl keep asking me if I made any new frnds here..Sometimes I think I am past making friends stage its more of aquaintances..(some exceptions are always there though)..Now here my link to other apartment ladies is typical maid talk..I consider myself quite a ideal employer(yeah I know we all love to think that way :-D) but some how my plea of informing leave dates till now is falling on deaf ears..and so comes all the calls here and there
Here I know all apmt ladies by their house numbers..well thats how it works on intercom ..So there is 953, 133, 613 681 and so many more..Somehow it reminds me of the idea mobile ad where u get to know a person by their mob numbers..Do I like them..Not sure but I am amused..Never seen such a secretive lot..Not sure what secrets they are hiding though or it just plain habit here of talking straight..681 lady in her first talk simply didnt tell me her house number..I asked and her response was I am calling frm 6th block..Well well well give me a break .This is no suspense drama. 953 lady was more interested in which caste I belonged to..I asked her why what diff did it make to her..She stammered and said nah just curious..I told her I am no brahamin :-D But nope this wasn't enought to ward off ladies spirits she was gutsy enough to ask me again..613 lady told me her name,asked mine On hearing Sangita,said hers was the same name earlier ,changed as they got another Sangita in their family..Interesting ppl
Then I met this doctor lady in my lift who already knew where I was living frm where I had shifted. I am not sure though why did she ask then cld have introduced herself straight way..Somehow it reminds me of the curiosity generated in Saas Bahu aur Sensex when kiron kher and daughter shift into this new apmt.I have never been such object of curiosity since my marriage..So its weird
Now hubby is too amused by our talks and if my intercom rings he is all ears to whats happening..
Finally took metro to rajouri garden to explore the shivaji district centre..well an amazing concept for ppl like me..U come out of metro station and there is this huge space where there are 5 malls lined up and some more coming up..This is what they shld do..will avoid a lot car jams..Loved one of the suits..Might buy it in my next visit let see..
Oh and in one of the stations there was only one lady getting out and another guy rushing..Both wearing same mix of pink an white exact same shades as well ..I wish they had had noticed each other standing right there with just the yet to open door between them.

Went to Jaipur and Kurushetra..Jaipur was nice and Jaigarh Fort was amazing..U can take ur cars inside nowadays..All to promote tourists and they say footfalls has increased since then..And if u are thinking aint car a little too broad(I did think so)..well then if elephants with all howrah and stuff can go on those peripheries cars surely can :-)but somehow whenever I think of jaipur now it will be poorness of the city which makes a mark rather than anything else...Was amazed by the poverty which was right there in the middle of old city to see..U didnt even need to go searching for it,beyond my expecations(not at least in the capital city).Been to so many cities and even the old city areas but this was beating all of them.I thought Vasundhara raje was doing something..If this is the state in Jaipur I am not sure whats the case at other small places..

Saw Loads of trucks on the way much more than I had ever seen in my drives..yesterday driving down saw on one of these cars with the sticker ."Speed On Bro , Hell ain't full Yet".and I thought it was so true and catchy :-D I wish I cld click it. I dont sit in car with my camrea in hand :-(

So on a caution note be safe whether u are driving or crossing roads or going for diwali patakha spree..Enjoy :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot Times

Its been hot here for the last few days..Amid all the hot news is hubby might be travelling to aamchi mumbai for few months..Oh how badly I wish to get a chance to vist the place..Though his last few visit's report has been getting worse and worse ..Everytime he visits, he insists that infra is bad.going further worse and so on .But that still is not enough to demotivate my visiting thoughts
Mumbai has been city of dreams for me though I never thought so even for a day till i was there..I still can't forget our juhu visits(which used to be quite often),walk on the beach in front of SRK's house,all the time staring at his house (see I am already forgetting the name of that beach in bandra ..yeah Bandstand ) and of course our visits to AB's both house(jalsa and ...)..I cld never get salmans house right somehow it gets lost in the maze of bldngs..

Then there is this pomfret near heera panna (I think name is noorani's)..they say sanju baba gets his food parcel from this place.A very no sense place but serves an amazing pomfret..Yummy So many memories in there..The thought of it makes me smile.I wish its not as bad as hubby says when I visit it..

Back to Delhi..I am yet to explore any of Delhi..Wish to take the INTACH walk heard its nice but am not sure if anyone in govt really picks up phone for bookings. Even have to re-read the Delhi Jinn book by William derymple(After checking on net I see name is City of Djinns)

Delhi metro is amazing..I think Kolkata metro is cool but delhi's metro has this bright and sunny character which of course makes it more adorable.Surprisingly its clean,though I must say the credit is more to the system than to the people. Reason being in metro stations they have not allowed anything to munch on..chips and sandwches and stuff..All u get is water and cold drinks..
So not much for our indian public to create a mess :-)

Metro has connected me to the most of to be visited delhi..That's one cool advantage ,apart from the fact that the whole journey is a colorful experince.Last visit I had these group of four college gals,on the whole way discussing how to get makeups right for a perfect cam pic..After a longg time I did peer reading (peering over someone else's magazine while the person is reading) .and there is nice nap time with background ongoing noises and a good AC inside..Travel makes me sleepy a lot more sleepy than usual..I sit in a plane and even before its stable in the skies and seat belts sign off I am half wayto my beauty sleep.Same with trains ,metro..Car is the only exception as there I go in a trance staring at the outside world,in my own thoughts..I love the feeling.
How I wish noida was directly connected to my place..Wld have made my travels a lot more shorter..I love the metro part but I hate the auo part..Though I have met some nice autowallahs..One of them told me how to identify noida autos at delhi metro stations..

An interesting thing here is about the name of apartments..U have a doctors apartment(yeah the bldng occupants are mainly doctors),samachar apartments(This one is quite a landmark) and many more..though don't remember seeing any of lawyers apartments might be they will fight/bite each others off ;-)

Market in my place is interesting and I finally got hold of a library as well.Not a proper one as bangalore but a sadak one,better version of my kolkata sadak library.Expensive though,well imagine charging 40% as reading charge but then I can use it for occasional purposes or say fall back mechanism.Plane to re read HP 6 and 7..yeah I am a big fan(though I admit it only in some of my book hungry moments)

Saw jaane tu and bachana ..Ranbir looks cool and I absoultely love genelia and Imraan..Imraan looks so the new happening guy to me.These kids are the ones who have made me think SRK Aamir bandwagon has realllly grown old.. Waise thinking kats and ranbir are of same age,was weird.Might its about how old a face u have become in the industry..

Have nice balconies in my new home..And there are some flower pots as well..Been bringing some plants from parents home to fill in my empty pots..Did see parrots here and loads of them. here is a pic..Have pigeons visit on my ,mainly attracted to the water available in the pots.. That reminds me I am yet to water the plants :-)

Its lovely feeling hearing the flutter of their wings flying in and out of my balcony..Now that's a good advantage of having a nice top floor apartment though I guess next years summer will really tell me how good or bad it is..

We were just thinking we dont even have warm clothing for delhi winters..Lets see how much we buy phew I hate overloading or underloading of clothes..

Lots said rest will be for next time

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Capital Calling

Finally settled in delhi..Or saying home is set wld be more apropriate..My settling never is complete till Ifind my places of interest and that takes time..People keep asking me how am I finding delhi and why delhi after bangalore..To many its a no brainer why someone wld give up Bangalore..Yeah true to an extent
But for me,2 yrs in bangalore & my soul was troubling me with too long a stay. So I was more than happy to when hubby got an oppurtunity at a new place.So am I regretting it,yeah the weather is so unrocking :-( . I am still trying to beat it..Though a home at top floor and loads of balconies gives me some breather but phew no one can beat bangalore in that respect..
House hunting was quite an eye opener.Noida was out due to huge distances though parents place so near was definitely an attraction.
Gurgaon was our next stop and we were shocked see the bad state of the infra ..I am still struggling to understand how can people call a place like that hep..
Though I give it to them that the buildings are world class and so are the facilities till you are ready for the cagey existence it gives..There are enough malls to keep you occupied but then I can't spent my whole life mall hopping..I need my walk , roads ,parks, the roadside market and the pedal rickshaws as well ..First thing we noticed when In capital was the roads wide roads real wide the long flyovers and no traffic snarls..Might be mine is a twisty view due to weekend drive only but its cool..
Finally got place of choice, dwarka..Wide roads, enough public transport to make me feel I am in India not in some faraway place ..No malls here and no movie theaters(sounds quite abhorrent doesn't it) but then weekend visits to the nearby Gurgaon should suffice for the purpose..For weekdays I love it here in the sector market,which is more like a picnic place in the evenings..U name it and u get it,its been years since I cld see all those kababs on roadside ..(yeah till now we had to sit inside the restraunt and had whole meal there if we ever waned to have them.) Mehendi waalas on every nook and corner and so are those chuphut stuff shops..I wish I had taken some pics here ..
Last three days have been roadside food for us..gorging on those chicken tandooris and kababs..(though I think we did overdid at times)..

One thing I am missing badly here,even more than Bangalorean weather is my books..there is only one magazine waala and if he is not there then I am doomed yeah u heard it right there are no magazine shops..or might be I am yet to locate them. was searching thru libraries listing on net ..the scenario looked quite bleak if I am to believe the site..Hopefully I will find something if I try hard enough..
This is about delhi but what about delhiwallas..Now not that I had a lot of interaction..but whatsoever I had I learnt one thing..Mumbai was prompt and efficient,Bangalore prompt though inefficient,delhiwalla tops it all..As he is nether prompt nor effiicient..It takes ten calls to get a thing done and if u let it be upon them to do it their way then god save you.. Can u imagine it took me 4 days simply to start a simple service like milk and paper..Waise I am still learning how to deal with them.
Came to delhi via ahmedabad..did our grah pravesh..Function we thought was a home funtion became one with 150 guests (now thats a overshoot lol)..Overall it turned out to be was veggie but amazing ..and I loved the saree I wore..Had got it on our visit to Waynad(Kerala)..Imagine getting a North Indian attire from south India on cheaper price and with a lot less effort than I wld have placed if in Bangalore..
Talking of kerala..Last outing we had from Bangalore was Waynard,..(just before our pack up)..waynard means land of paddy.. Attraction was kuruwa dweep island and speed boating at the earth dam..View at both the places were amazing and the baddie was hubby got a bad foot bite in the island waters :-(
I was quite fascinated by the name earth dam and thats when hotel help desk guy told us its so bcoz the concrete structure in the dam is quite less the three side are more obstructed more by natural resorces..One of the amazing thing I found in there was however hilly remote the terrain you will get the icecream wallas with their colorful vehicles parked in there..Wasnt the cost of commuting more than what they could earn..Not sure but above is a pic

Went for bamboo rafting in the islands as well and saw some of the tree houses..First time I got to see one ,it was nice looking at an adventourous experience but a price of 700 in such a remote place made me feel more scared than anything else..

Just now heard the news of so many bombs being diffused at surat..and the ppl were a lot more vigilant..It reminds me of sometime back when we were travelling by a train where one of the stops was surat..It was after the plague days and the station was spot and clean..We cld not stop ourselves from commneting on the neatness and thats when a tea seller started telling in his proud voice,all the dirt garbage was before plague days..we learnt and now u will see surat is the cleanest city..Its so rare to see all indians hopeful or proud for a cause so that was a welcome..

Similar feel I got in delhi wrt to asian games ahead..even the rickshawallas will tell you that so and so things will be done before that..Now thats some hope ppl look forward to an optmistic feeling and I can see why
The rate at which construction work is going on is amazing..makes me remeber me of bangalore where a flyover starts and then takes on years and years to build upon
So much said need to run for my idlis (Yeah u even get the idli mix here roadside and with chutney as well)..
Will be back soon

Saturday, May 10, 2008

IPL watch

Where have I been..No visits on my own blog since last few months..Hope it does not go bad than this..Afraid even to make promises if I can't keep them..
IPL is the most happening thing right now in most Indian homes..and lots of it is happening in mine as well.Went to catch upon match in chinnaswamy stadium. Was surprised to see so many of facts cleared up after seeing the match
1.View in the field is quite clear with the naked eye.Yeah binoculars are only for eyeing the celebrities gracing the event ;-)
2.Sixers and fours do not look as grand & as powerful as they do in TV...Can be attributed to the fact the ground is not as large as it looks in idiot box(Now u know why they call it idiot)
3.Surprisingly it's the bowled and run outs which have the real sheen..forthe first time I started appreciating clean bowled,stumps falling and why umpires can make wrong decisions..
4.There is no stage for presentation ceremony ..The prizes the talk all happens in front of a glass panel full of sponsors ads..
5.You need not take odomos,association does pest control to ensure there aren't mosquitoes around to fight..Yipee
It was amazing being part of a three hour crowd cheering event..Aryans the band played nice numbers..Laser show on the stadium was simply amazing and the spirit of cheerleaders unbeaten..Was happy we had someone flamboyant like Mallaya owning the team..Only thing I missed was firecrackers how I wished RC had won..well if you are wondering,let me make it clear I am no cricket person ,that hubby is ..I went to match for the frills and thrills and IPL surely didnt disappoint me there..So if you ask me if IPL is a hit,I would give it a huge thumbs up..Yeah if it can make audience like me interested enough to know all the team names ,watch a match live(I don't even know how do u spell bowled always thought it was bold yeah laugh at me but thats how it is)..well IPL surely has arrived with a BIG BANG
So a perfect except I wish Bangalore Royal Challengers were as royal as their name..The worse part even though the whole experince made us want to see another live match BUT we know one of the teams will always be RC so not much to be expected..(how I regret this)..I let this to be taken care of by Mallaya hopefully he will something abt it next season at least :-D

Went to rangnathitu(a bird sanctuary) twice in last few months.Very nicely maintained one.U can get a boat ride(the boatmen know all the birds by heart) passing you by diff islands with lovely migratory birds all around you..Its an amazing feeling and by the second visit I was able to identify quite a few of the birds..Egrets, ibis, pelicans,darters..Did spot a kingfisher,and that was my highlight..(Seems like I am quite impressed by mallaya)..Both trip we got the same boatmen another coincidence :-)
Another visit to Mysore palace but this time we ensured a guide.I always feel if you get a good guide they can make a place come alive for you..After hearing so much now surely next time I can act as a guide.. Cld see some of raja ravi verma's 3D paintings..Never had heard of 3D concept in paintings before so found it amazing...I am always amazed by the curse on Wodeyars(it said they will never be able to have direct genealogoy)..and it been happening since a long time now..One generation has kids and next one has to adopt..Current wodeyar's was born to his parents but his father was adopted and now he again has no kids..
Past to present.How many of you are watching the paanchvi pass..I do,am so much for all the quiz shows..My dream,hope I do get a call and win at least 2L :-) Nothing wrong in dreaming
Its been raining on and off in Bagalore making the weather better than most place in the country. Been going to labagh for my morning walks since last few days..Mornings its harld 12 minutes drive.Forced hubby to take me lalbagh one sunday mrng and thats when we realized the small water lake..Imagine me going there for last one year and still never saw it..Good,he has been hooked to it ever since ..Lets see might go one day with my Digicam to get some pretty shots ;-)
Till then c ya

Monday, February 18, 2008

Camel Ride

Been down and out for more than a week with the usual cold..More than a year since I had the cold last. Recovered we decided its been long since we went for a drive so decided to have our loved sandwiches at eagleton..The joy was the camel ride there..Have taken my share of elephant and horse rides but then this was new..Another story abt hema malini's(the actress) ride on a camel in movie rajia sultana made me curious enough to try..Seems during the shooting she had demanded bottles of perfume bcoz of the peculiar odour that camels have..
Well good that I tried..Ride was humpy,I cld even feelt the hump where camel stores the water and nah contrary to the report I had read, I did not find any objectionable smell..Might be camels have evolved ;-)
On the ride we got talking to the ride guy and found for him this was an ancestral buisness..Originally hailing from jodhpur in rajasthan gujarat,he has been travelling all over india where ever the buisness had been brisuqe.Maharasthra has been good for him and he seemed to be real fond of pune where he had stayed for over six years.. He had travelled on foot to bangalore and it took him 4 months to reach bangalore..well of course with the tiny miny money making stops..
Between the three brothers they had 256 camels he was travelling with 100 and the rest were with his elder bro in hyderabad..His father had more or less given in the reins to brothers.. And his role was more of the doctor guy for camels now.Been six months in banglaore and his next stop wld be Hyderabad..

Cool I didn't know such such buisness was there even today..I find it interesting going from one place to other,finding new people new customs..But then after a while it can feel tiring and that's when u start searching for your roots..such a dilemna..The camel we have in pic is only 12 years and has not reached her full ..Seems once they grow real heighty,they are no more used for tourists instead for caryying luggage..Average agespan for a camel is 35 years..Small lifespan naa waise depends what u are comparing against :-)

Had a nice brunch with view of greens of the golf course..I wish their service has been a little faster. Love the kind of look they give to the overall serving check out for yourself..makes me feel yum yum even now :-) The faraway one in the pic is mine

Have been reading a lot..Done with angels and demons(book by da vinci author) recently..Gripping book and for the first time reading about illuminati was cool..Illuminati was another ancient brotherhood in the turbulent times when church had strong control on all aspects of life.Some of the greatest scientist were the member of the brotherhood(started with Galilleo) and even the one dollar bill seal (Pyramid and eye ) is illuminati...Made me curious if we had any such similar concepts in our mythology ..Secret societies and stuff.Dont think I heard of any..Am I missing something.Or were we so liberal we didnt need any,I should look for on the net..
Have been reading about religion for past sometime..Were soo surprised to learn some new facts..Genesis is there in Chiristianity,Islam and Judaism and So is Noah and the flood story..Jesus is there in Islam as well but known as a prophet & till Ibrahim all the three religion had same lineage..Such close ties. And do u know why we celebrate December the 25th..Nah that's not jesus DOB..well every take over frm another and in the process es with earlier beliefs,stories..Before Christinaty it was what pagan's winter festival..In those days taking over the holidays and replacing the gods was a common way of taking people with you in ur new belief and thats what happened..Though there will always be some controversy around this but this is the most plausible explanation I could see..
Has been reading historical fictions Amber room by Steve Berry. A room full of amber(now even the art of carving amber seems to have died) severly sought after in russia and germany by treasure hunters..Seems hitler wanted in his art artifacts and so did herman goring(No 2 after hitler)..till this is fine but what was a surprise was the fact that both these guys wanted to make their own museums in their respective birth towns and had an art rivalry which is well documented in history..Interesting ain't it..U and ur no 2 going in on ur own seperate ways..
Sometimes I ask myself why do I need to read or write such stuff..what purpose it is serving..I wish I knew but I love doing it
So here I am :-)
Wishing you all a great day ahead
PS:Camel guy requested the top pic..I wish I wld have been able to give the pic..& I loved the the petal arrangement in water.One can give so much attention to a tiny decoration.Pretty

Friday, February 08, 2008

Just back frm another wedding..yeah too many wedding at home but then weddings are always good time..
Even went on a 2 hour drive to bokaro Nice one..Had gone to pick up my bil(bro in law).. On our way it was good to see early morning mist, and ppl just waking up going about their daily chores Bokaro station was a small one had thought of a bigger one considering that its a soo well know city..3 platforms thats it..Only regret cldnt get an omlette on station..Bird flu seems to have made a strong impression on people's minds..

Way back was nice sleepy time on bumpy roads
Quite a cold time of the year and after so many years of living in kolkata bangalore mumbai had really fogotten what chill Was good recall how teeth chattering & hitting cold feels ..just for old times sakes :-)

Repurcussion was of course felt after being back now down with a horrible cold so much so that even my sound is alien to me..Fil(father in law) was all packed up like a kid with his new sweater and the monkey cap..yeah it may sound funny bit it really saves you :-D

Got my mehendi done :-) mehendi gals were too fast and good.Admitted to doing it for last 4 years.quite some time..We asked the cook to light up a gas for warming our hands(trick to ensure mehendi color comes).of course it served the purpose of so much needed warmth in cold wave.

Nice to have attended finally a dulhas wedding after a gap of three dulhan's marriages and of course the chance to dance.One new ceremony was making a replica of dulhan which is done with once the dulhan comes home..Here is the one with full makeup of lehenga choli bindi mattha teeka and all...

Loved the ceremony where the groom's parents are all dressed up as dulha dulhan themselves..and here is mami posing for me ;-)

Literally gorged on litti choka on the shaadi day ..never had tasted them but somehow had this non tasty image of them..But yummy they are..I was one of few ppl on that stall and the only one to come every second either for more litti or for more chokha..

Silver man was another attractive feature.Had seen the same in europe US but in IndiaNot sure how was the guy managing in such a weird posture without even battling an eyelid
The hotels where we got married were quite nearby to where we were staying.Saw them first time after marriage.How did it feel..I wish I cld recall something or might be it will be some more years later..As of now those moments are so un vivid's more of chaos that I remember..abt new ppl new place the look the makeup and of course for me the most imp issue of me and hubby to go our sperate ways for next 6 mths

But yeah glad I was to see it :-)

On our way back,was our halt at kolkata. Airport had a cloak room and I thought only railways stations had..Thanks to it we deposited our stuff in there and went roaming around..went to city centre ,used to be our fav haunt in kol days.Ate at pizza hut,manager had changed with one of serving guys having hit the position..I think i remember faces though always have been bad at names..even got to buy a sandal from khadim's.
I have a record,none of my footwear lasts long for more than 3 months..Does not matter how expensive or how cheap it is.hubby used to say this to me always and I used to make fun of him..But then after some time I started keeping the receipts just being curious to see how true his claim was ..Though I hate to admit it it but he was right yeah 3.5 is the maximum record that any of my chappals have :-(
Been watching so many movies of late..None that impresed me a lot.I think godfather series was the last that impressed me.Now that have got a DVD player,is more like a movie a day..thanks to the DVD library we joined..

Liked the concept of "sunday"(Imagine thats a movie name) but then its good with all those fast forwards only..

Friday night it is time for another movie..C you guys