Monday, December 15, 2008

Waiting for More

Trying to come back to normalcy that's how we as a country are feeling..So,Is all back to normal..No it isn't and I really wish it's not..

Political back lashing by janta at least ensured co-operation among various faction on India's integrity issues. Though how long they it stays this way is anybody's guess.
Let the pressure be on..

For the first time I am seeing the response frm pakistan on our channels..I am really able to see why aam janata there failed to believe 26/11 was being rooted in their soil itself.
Yes our politicians shouting Pakistan for all happening here never helped (especially sambhavana blast being the recent example)..Dawn's own investigation definitively reveals some role media can really play..Now this is a new change,as I never remember something like this coming out frm pakistani media in Musharraf government.Some faith in civilian government and of course freedom of speech..(To be honest I always was a Musharaf fan and cld never understand why ppl were shouting freedom in his reign apart from political reasons..Shows how far projected images can go,But I stand corrected).

I appreciate our govmt's measured response and pressure building tactics on pakistan.
Ensuring there won't be a any war but pakistan will have to fight hard for any terror on its own soil. Stopped Zardari in his own tracks rather than letting him blackmail the world by saying they wld be shifting their troops.

I sound for the time being satisfied with government is trying to achieve on border scene.. But I am yet to see anything concrete on home front..Measures so far hasn't impressed any of us. So yes I am waiting for more a lot more..

Also some hot questions still running wild in my thoughts

--yeah PK has banned Jamat E Udwa but then announcing 2 days in advance and then banning doesn't help much..By then all assets are transferred else where and member already start disappearing. So whats the way to take this forward.

--How does one change the basic nature of an organization(ISI) which has been at war with INDIA since their inception be it frontline war or being involved with indirect warfare..(trying to train insurgents/militants)

--We are thinking of creating a new federal agency but does that ensure smooth transition and information flow among our agencies ..How do we solve that? Also how do we minimize the bureaucracy for various approvals required?

Sometimes I try to think back when all this started..and I am not sure why my mind stops at Babri Masjid Demolition.Its not that our history didn't have riots before that but somehow this one seems like unending loop to me. But the recent attacks are far beyond our own issues or are they really??

Would Don's involvement ink something similar?

Sometimes I wonder how someone like advani can sleep comfortably at night..Does his conscience never bother him or it it really easy to say and believe things went beyond ones control..Was he not the leader,the one driving his rathyatra..How can one fool oneself huh

Note:Last post I got at least 2 of my queries answered by steps taken by govt..I wish things get clearer by next time..

So yeah I am Still waiting for MORE..

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