Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little Delights

Last one and a half month have been nothing but full of walks, gastronomic delights (yummy laddos ,chocolate cakes loads of golgappas) with little bit of scrabble and bluff(a card game and I am the bluff queen :-)) thrown in..

Durga puja has started,dashhera is right a the door step and diwali coming in..looks like the eating days are not gonna end soon.Actually they have just started. Not that I mind :-)

Was so down and out today,not seen a single pooja mandap in all these pooja days..Finally ventured out looking for puja pandals.Got two :-)Had a funny scene of a lady turning & staring at me then her kids and then her hubby...Weirdo. thank god came out they were acquaintances.. Had an impromptu lunch with hubby's langotia yaar,yummy food and new restraunt.
On our way to next pandal also got a ganna juice waala after a long time.Had a perfect day end sitting in park for an that's some record and weather was so very best at 3 in afternoon..Hmm A perfect day..
I absolutely love days like this when u feel things are made right just for you .
Home now and it's raining yipee what more can I ask for..hearing to the rain drops and writing my blog..
Recently seems like i have found my walking foot and companion as have been walking loads recently and its good to get so much of fresh air in your system..found nilekani's house in one of these walks.yeah somehow wanted to know which one is millionairre's row lol.
Have been going there for quite some time..It's just on the other side of the road but it seems like a world lost in itself..U have to enter the road and u have left all the noises behind. Tree's are there lining the roads on both side..branches meet each other at the centre of road,ensuring a heavenly welcome. Flower buds there everywhere on the road,sun shines thru the branches,uare not deprived of the sunlight but at the same time the coolness around makes u love the walk..Does not matter what the time or season this is how it feels there..
Not that roads there are good,neither the gov nor the millionaries has taken to making it nice smooth road but good avoids loads of vehicular movement there..
Now that rains are dropping in as and when they wish,need to get a wind cheater(are these really the right spelling's ) to cheat those winds,rains for my walks..Is that why cheater in its name ;-)

Discovered Lumbini garden's. Was a surprising delight in bangalore..reached at the right time to be in the boat watching the pretty sun set..Romantic for sure I am..

Learnt new ishtyle sambhar,which as been a hit..Recipie transfered from raipur to Bangalore yeah thanks to sweta's chachi & of course sweta..Funny how recipies travel..

Reading seems to have been going a little slow..books I would have read in few days take two fortnights to read..reading some classics somehow I find then interesting yet funny..Underlying facts(strength of women characters,men chivalory,the gossiping world) i see in them are as true in today world as well.just the packaging is different..

Have been doing loads of house hunting,thankfully not for me this time..Saw some PG's..Quite an eye openers they were..Little bunkers with a bed,no sunshine..we had better days for sure I think friends make things a lot easier going for you.still remeber fondly of mumbai friends.So must thank all of them for the good times I had

T20(cricket) is going on..I can't understand those weirdo dancing in there..Can't they have better dancers at least..the steps are so repeatitive and funny.. Poor ppl like me,can't even see the dance lol
Wish you all great pooja's and happy dusshera

Here is one of my fav pics in nandi hills,I call it sharing the duppata secret..

Enjoy and have a nice time

Pic at the top is another favorite love the leaf shades in there