Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wedding season

Just back from Bhopal.Wedding season it seems it was. Heard in TV delhi had 35,000 wedding in a day..Now thats quite something..Reason last auspicious day of the season..Seems like us indians habit of doing things at last moment catches up here as well :-)

Wedding are always fun time..Best part being the family get togethers.So here is a pic of all the cute kids posing,who were quite happy with the fact that they cld see their pics immediately after taking them..One of the reasons they were all ready to pose any time
Main function was in a palace turned hotel called Jehanumma.. Made in 1890 and turned into a hotel in 1950's. Could even locate a chamber of princes there..Wish they had a guided tour as well, oops who knows they had as I never asked..:-(

One of the pics of the pretty settings around..Never knew bhopal also had an uneven terrain with main stretch of road going up and down like in hilly regions.

Journey back home was in train and me watching all the time the scenery around.Best part was getting the side seats, where u can just lie down and keep on wacthing outside..

No need to turn ur head at weird angles like u do in other seats.(BTW this was quite frustrating for hubby considreing his height it is a difficult task fitting in.)

Never seem to tire of landscape,trees,mountains,small ponds and every tiny thing runnning by..Want to see it all and wish it cld be like that even when my eyes are closed..Guess one of the reasons I love these long drives.

During another one of our long rides went beyond krishnagiri(that wld be approx. 100 km frm where we started). Drive on NH7 was such a delight that we even made future plans on the lines that we cld go to chennai and it would be only five hours of journey..Let's see how serious our thoughts were or was it just spur of the moment excitement speaking :-)

Took loads of pics..Of the rocks the water and of course the highway..I am sure some years down the line when I am through with this obsession with highway,land water pics I will realize,how repeatitive I was..But today every pic looks so different to me.. Check out family above who seems to live with in the confines of this tonga only..

Only stupid thing was that on my way back I realized,phew , that the same scenery was certainly more photogenic..but guess was too tired to take any more pics..So made another pledge to come again and this time take pics the other way..(Actually looking for excuses to go back). Loved the sheep and the house beyond..Can u see some special glow to that house not quie similar to those huts or brick houses..cld not find out the reason..

And here is the loney buffalo..Now u might say what did I find here..well not sure but ain;t the setting with mountains behind quite nice :-)
Once the toll road ended we entered the countryside..That's where actually we came across our dhaba..Here is to the pretty country roads and of course to the lush green kheth(Not able to remember the english for it so please bear with me)
And in the end me ready to go back..
Finally hungry and tired we came across a punjabi dhaba in the heart of tamilNadu.That was quite a surprise and we had nice butterchicken and naan..

Just back home and it feels so good to be on your own bed..slept peacefully after 7 days of roaming around..Blissful sleep..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Time

Weather is getting chillier and even though not good for my vocal chords it's good to feel the chill after soo many years..
U know the feeling of wanting to be in bed all the time..Sitting cosily in ur blankets and doing all the chit chat..Oh I love that feeling just wish there was someone to hand me over that so loved cup of tea and pakoda's as well..Ok I am dreaming too much..

Sunday was a nice day..went out for a night drive with hubby and out of the blue thought of a friend whose home we were passing by.Made a call and voila we were at her doorstep..Family was having a nice time sitting with blankets sprawling in front of TV(Gumanjee being watched avidly by their 2 yr old kid)..We also joined in the chat and yeah there was someone to hand me over that precious cup of tea..Yummy Nice time we had and after an hour we were on our way back to home..Some times such small pleasures are soo precious ;-)

Next week would be marriage time..Going to bhopal. already explored net for places I can go to..considering the time crunch we would be going thru, would miss upon sanchi.That's a buddhist stupas & all kindaa place two hour from bhopal..Should have planned earlier and could have extended the trip a day farther..Too late now :-(

Anyways to compensate for this ensure my New Year plan is on track..Planning to go to Pondicherry..Most difficult part I face is in explaining to my realtives what is in a place where I am going..As they understand mostly things like going to Temples,shopping and of course a very famous city..Now how do I tell them about this simple small town charm..well i am sure in few years they would stop questionin itself,considering my choices are anyways hopeless lol

XMas is also near and this time plan to listen to enjoy all the carols in the church near me..Yeah anyways I can always hear their saturday sunday prayers sitting in my bed so this wld be a good XMas as well..Yipee..At times I wish had some Christian frnds nearby where I can celebrate XMas..well does not matter as I plan to catch upon most of the festvities this time

So many of friends are catching up in orkut..Good to see them all there..I love some of the lalu jokes doing round..
This one is very common but I still Love it So here enjoy

Laloo Prasad sent his Bio Data - to apply for a post in MicrosoftCorporation, USA.A few days later he got this reply:
"Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad,We are sorry to intimate you that you do not meet our requirements.
Please do not send any further correspondence. No phone call shall be

Laloo Prasad jumped with joy on receiving this reply. He arranged aParty and when all the guests had come, he said: "Bhaiyon aur Behno,aap ko jaan kar khushi hogee ki hum Amereeca mein naukri paa gayahoon."Everyone was delighted. Laloo Prasad continued...... "Ab main aap sab ko apnaa appointmentletter padkar sunaongaa - par letter angreeze main hai - isliyensaath-saath hindi main translate bhee karoonga.

Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad ..... Pyare Laloo Prasad bhaiyya

We are sorry ...... humse galti ho gayee

to intimate you that .........aapko yeh batana hai ki

You do not meet ---- aap to miltay hee naheen ho

our requirement ---- humko to zaroorat hai

Please do not send any further correspondence ---- ab Letter vetter
bhej ne ka kaouno zaroorat nahee.

No phone call ---- phoonwa ka bhee zaroorat nahee hai

shall be entertained ---- bahut khaatir kee jayegi.

Thanks ---- aapkaa bahut bahut dhanyawaad

Enjoy the Day

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Past, Present

That's glass painting,recent one being made by me..Planning to gift it to one of my friends That way I can make more ;-)
On side is this pntng of mine which I got recently framed. Placed it in my bedroom ,the only place bereft of my pntngs till now..Now this is one of my non favortite one's. As the dancing ladie's face has not come out with soft features.
Irony is that the location of pntng is such that as I lie on that she looks straight into my eyes.. And the effect is her looking angrily at me doing tandav nritya..Gives me a creepy feeling ..U know the kindaa when all your faults are looking at your face :-( Will very soon shift it to another location. :-)

Went roaming around forum mall yesterday.. Bought a collection of books ..Had not gone with the intention of buying but then got lured into it by hubby..And next I see is I have bought three of Gerald Durrell's.On second thought was nice of hubby to do so.Been long since I had read any.Most of his books are about his journey to various island in search of endangered species and his experiences in trying to catch them..Make it a very interesting read..And the best of all is the new way I have find to supplement his readings..Now an amateur naturalist like me has mostly got no idea of the kind of flora and fauna he refers to..So here I am in front of the net looking for these names..This happens when I am in one of those moods where I want to imagine what I read..Other wise it just reading and imagining urself in those make belief world..

Many times I wonder what I was in my earliy life..(If there is any such phenomenon).BTW do u guys wonder a swell. For me, I round it all to three choices:
1.Queen:Considering my love for castles,bldngs architecture, king's queen's lives, gossip's of that era ,I must be somewhere in there..BTW this phenomenon became quite evident after my visit to london..So was I queen of england lol Rolling on the floor laughing ..yes I know little incredilous but then what the heck ;-)

2.Nomad: My love for nature..the excitement of seeing new cultures, their ways and everything I can get to know..And the ease with which I gell with them..(Well that's hnow I wld like to think)

3.Hungry Man: (I know u surely enjoying this)..Well considering I am soo hungry most of the time, and bite I take is soo god sent for me.Yeah even during my regular meals I relish every bite.(Hubby loves to watch me eat.).Makes me think I must never had enough food in my past life

Yeah I know quite unrelated realities but I find the thought very interesting..
So here I have given you all some food for thought..What do u guys think u were in your past life..Do u wanna share ;-)

Enjoy the week

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just Chill

Been busy with relatives for quite some time..Had a gala time roaming around Bangalore.(U know my first tendency was to say Bombay here ;-)) lol Bombay surely is addictive.

Nowadays becoming a regular watcher of Big Boss..For starters few celebrities are made to stay in a place and there are cameras noting their every action..Now one of the characters out there is rakhi sawant..This gal has fallen head over heels in love with this another guy called amit..And man u should see her brooding over the fact..Yesterday in this scene she was complaining "Tum to sab se baat karte ho sabke saath hanste ho ....bus ek meinhi hoon jo tumhe nahi dikhati kindaa"Man that made me laugh real hard..Her expressions were soo evident ..I do not think the gal is faking it for her TRP sake..It really reminded me of some of our brooding sessions in college days ;-) Good to see a reminder bringing back the old memories

Then there is this humourous show by Cyrus "This week that wasn't"'s good to see humour back on screen not the johnny lever kind (no offences meant)..Nach Baliye is another of my favorite with couples dancong on various themesand choreographers assigned to every one of them..Surprising the kindaa dance maniac I am why I never have pursued this interest seriosuly..Or is it something which u need not learn it or something..Never know but I still wish someday I will learn kathak some day..(Have I said it many times before here ;-) )

wohoo looks like I am watching lots of TV these days :-)

My chotti mil(Hubby's chachi ) and her daughter(my sil ok sis in law) were here..took chotti mil to a "Infant Jesus Church" church here.Famous for granting any wish u ask for 7 consecutive thursdays.
Though I have been there this was the first time we took our own sweet time sitting and enjoying the peace there.It was kindaa funny first we burnt the candles and sat in front of infant jesus statue, then moved to other church and sat infront of the virgin mary stature then the huge chotte pil (pa in law) said are u going to convert or something??

One thing I admire about churches is the sense of calm there as if u are having one to one chat with god..I abolutely love that feel..We used to have temple in our colony where I was bought up with similar calm and quite..But then am yet to see again another one non bustling like that..
Finally got a palce to frame one of my painting yipee near the church only..Doscovered the fish market near as well..So church visit surely has been very fruitful ;-)

got most of mil's shopping done from deepam..By now deepam shld give me some loyal customer award as every relative at home does one visit there.well u get all with loads of variety under one roof,so kindaa convenient for me & few day visitors as well
weather is getting colder here and I seem to be enjoying the chill at least till now..Let's see how cihlly it goes in this part of the country..Good time for long drives..Let's see if I can get hubby out of his sleep for one..

So see you guys soon :-)

Note:My PC is supposed to back on Tuesday after all the repairs..Wish it will last longer this time..Wohoo My PC is back and it feels awsome to sit and home and surf..Too hungry now will go and get something to eat..Yipee

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to you All. How do I feel.. So lazy and been sleeping all day..Seems like a diwali hangover..

I love this festival of crackers and I am sure I did my best to kill all those dengue mosquitoes out there..U think that is an excuse for me to burn crackers then so be it.:-) Though I agree sound pollution shld be eliminated..

Had my niece coming over to our house..So we had a nice time..Did nearly whole day shopping day before diwali..Got all the lightings for my three balconies.Not much celebrated here in in my whole partmnet block only three families had lightings..well all the more good reason why lakshmi should come to my house now ;-)

Bought Loads of colorful diya's.Even got a simple lot and colored them :-). Got the best ganesh lakshmi ok beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.Best purchase was the lalten diya..Check in the pic..Also the heart shaped one's red and yellow were painted by me..In hubby's words red is the only color I see and like..well but then it has its own charm..ain't it

And most important of all crackers..Loads of them..Had a nice pataka time in of our neighbours fired this huge showers of light which went on for around fifteen minutes and that reminded me of aatishbaaji shows we used to watch mesemerised as kids..

Every year I get a snake my diwali are never complete withouth the black snake coming out of the ground bellowing fire..Even clicked one this time :-)

Hubby is travelling for work..No idea how he does so after such a long four day vacation..Soo grateful that now I am lazing over writing this blog..

So guys enjoy and Have fun.And here is my fav diya of the season..Happy Diwali

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kid talk

WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?—
No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows:
No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass:
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:
No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance:
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?
A poor life this if,
full of care,We have no time to stand and stare.
W H Davies

Got this poem from my nephew..This is one good thingwith my nieces and nephews ..Get them to read some poem,do a dance step for u..will keep them occupied and u happy :-)
After hearing the poem i was surprised and told shubham(nephew) to write it for me..And he did write it with no spelling mistakes..Cool I was impressed..

U really come to know quite a lot..In conversation with one of my nieces she mentioned about giving up post of head of a group..On enquiring further came to know about this group which helps other students to cope up with studies..and there are some rules u should abide by if u are head of group.. like even if someone asks u or ur copy 2 days before exam u got to give it..So u got the brightest as the heads.(nobody willa ask otherwis). Quite a meritious system and it is their idea to be ahead of other sections..Not managed by their teachers they are not even aware of such a thing..Cool Na

Another anecdote..Mishti's mom scolded her and after few mins bhaiya did the same(unaware of that she was recently scolded by bhabhi)..
Mishti's reply: Hein bhagwaan hum agle janam mein is ghar mein kabhi bhi paida nahi honge..(God make sure in next birth I am not born in the same house)
And she is hardly three years old..
Kids these days are a smart lot :-) And they say things which make u think..

Sometime I think they should recommend kid talk as relaxation therapy :-)

Note:Above pic was taken in Mysore near KRS Dam.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Festival Season

Been to delhi recently..Thought of doing a rang de basanti style pics but all hopes were thrashed with the barricading all around the monument.. Pic down
My cousin sis n law's engagement was very nice and was another occasion for the whole family to meet.We even parted with a discssion like we need marriages every year but unfortunately not so many candidates..So let's start the tradition of celebration wedding anniv's..Nah not only golden or silver ones, anything will do :-)

Went on a long drive to greater noida at 11 in the night with papa sitting at the back and saying every second minute "when we will take the turn to go home". Think we bhai bahan have gone little wicked as we ignored his plea for an hour before turning backQuite impressive infrastrcuture..A city planned in advance quite contrary to the expectations.yet waiting for ppl to occupy the empty flats :-)

Went to jantar mantar and this museusm in FICCI building..Gosh have never seen such a pathetic one..There was not even a single soul in the museum and of course it was speaking the story of neglect..Won't say that concept was faulty or anything..They definitely could do with some nice marketing. Read about DNA blodd cells and what not..Reminded me of my school days and things I had forgotten ;-)
Janatar Mantar was nice though.Was quite surpsied to hear from the counter person that there are no goverment guides inside. But we did find one who had gathered knowledge over the years. Told us interesting facts like the instruments there cld accurately predict not only indian timing but greenwich, paris timings as well. Movement of celestial objects cld be traced and for grahan days they had a pond so as to avoid ur looking directly into the sun/moon/stars.Ppl cld use that to find out the hindi month day,rashi's and make the whole janam kundali of newborns..They even have this kotari(dark room) downstairs with just one small window at the top which gets lighted by sun rays on 23rd of September(Longest day)Yet to put up the pics but soon will do so..
Had the long weekend of gandhi jayanti here. went on long drive to krishnagiri..Actually we thought let's go beyond hosur and see what lies ahead..We were pleasantly surprised to find the good roads..Funniest part of the drive was trucks..Indian trucks are a class in their own..With the kind of speed they were running it is a real surprise they reach their destinations..One of them was so loaded that it was tilted on one side and was trying hard to go up the road..Quite a sight but on a serious note this is what leads to all the accident(Guess something that we all know).

Just downloaded photoshop and was trying different looks..So here are few from long..My latest obsession with clouds ..Above is in the orignal form and another worked upon using workshop..Will come up with something better as well..Just need to warm up my hands..

Tomorrow is bandh in Karnataka..I really find them all useless but then trying to cash in on the oppurtunity going for "Pyaar ke side effects" Night show..No need to worry for getting up in the morning. :-)
So time to enjoy the holidays..I love this start of festval season..Time to enjoy and enjoy
Wish u all happy festival season
PS:Pyaar ke side effects nice movie..Enjoyed the show and night drive

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long Drive

On our long drive skies went all red and blue..Very nice I tried ignoring it for a while cosidering I might not be actually capture the beauty in the absence of digicam but then finally decided to go ahead..And here this one is the results from my Mobile Cam.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shopping Spree

Been busy for last week..With my mil(ma in law, a shortcut me and my frnd use while chatting) visiting..Did loads of shopping.. Roamed around commercial street.One of the market areas with shops on both side of street and ofcourse shops in every bylane that comes on the way. Guess went into nearly every second shop Phew ;-) and did my long overdue shopping.Got the bindi's yeah that's one thing I like in loads of different shapes and sizes and nomral ones don't do for me..So most of mine are in those vilianish style of saas bahu serials.

Hanged out at every mall possible..Yeah my mil is very mall savy..To be true even my parents have gone the same. and well the less said abt me the better..Parents recently shifted to Delhi..They have been living in non metro towns since most of their years..During my last visit to delhi and our first so called experience with frequent power cuts we realized malls are such a wonderful place to hang out and no restrictions on time pass..

Afternoon power cuts used to be unbearable so after a small nap we used to leave for these malls present at every nook and corner..Nice walk inside the mall,loads of window shopping and a fun gapshap time in the food courts..Cool Na

Not sure how good or bad it is but surely comfortable it is. Of course with the added condition that u never visit them in weekends/evenings..Yeah the crowd becomes little too diffcult to handle. That way in Bangalore malls are too full on weekends so much so that we now go there only on weekend afternoons. Nah it is not empty still but at least we are able to move around freely. I usually visit Forum mall..Love looking around those streisand paintings..They are so life like wish i cld try my hands on it.But they are soo full of colors, I mean u will need tubes and tubes of colors..Now being a first timer do not think myself capable of that.So right now being happy abt browsing thru their collection. And they change the display quite frequently.

For last two weeks have been missing on my weekly walks. But the good thing is we have started on morning walks..Hope it continues..Since our study days(Not even sure abt that as then we used to study late night) ,now is the time when I feel the morning breeze, see beauty of the roads(with no vehicles) and the parks.

Here in Bangalore we have these huge trees with red flowers. Very pretty one's need to find out what they are..They make such a pretty flower carpet..Yeah a red carpet welcome ;-)
Let's see how long it lasts..

Bangalore Marathon was there last week and nah I did not participate in that..Guess lethargy kicked in,though wld like to give thousand other excuses..Soon it wld be Septmber 30th..Day I left my job to be a housewife..Everybody made their own claims and still ask when I am joining a job..but me wld be celebrating my home anniv..So that says it all..

Love Peace and Enjoy(Copied from SWB)

Note:The guy was playing piano in Leela Palace when I took my mil. All the time I was thinking it was recorded music , so when came in face to face with the guy was quite pleased. ain't that setting so perfect

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Teacher's Day

Yippee At last my net is working again..15 days of stupendous effort and follow upto sort things out..Phew I am a very patient lady

Word of Caution to you all:Never ever take up indicom service..Pathetic is the word.

Net has become such an addiction..Started going to cybercafe nearly everyday since had this bitter realization that my net might not even come up again..Having net at home makes me feel so liberated..
Imagine three years back,me and hubby had a compromise on the whole issue of having net at home..We had decided that we will hire a PC and use the dial up service just to check out how much we really need it .

I must have been stubborn enough to make him commit :-) Pleasant memories..

Hubby is always travelling..Thanks to Airtel can call him at Rs 1 ..Cool na..Yeah that's India1 service for you..And I love rahman's airtel tunes & ads

My gym now has this new automated treadmill.After one use feels like my legs will come out of my body..Not funny .It is painful. "Jaake pao na pade biwai woh kya jaane peer parai" Yeah this used to be one of my favorite phrases as a kid..It means "Only the one who has pain can understand it's real meaning others can't"

Surprising do not remember using it in quite a long time..So I must be quite happy or might be little more stronger to face the pain..Hmm I would like to go with the second explanation for sure..How we all love to flatter ourselves ;-)

Celebrated my B'day last week. Was a wonderful day with hubby flying in from hyd for me. We went to leela galleria.That's a huge hotel here,seems more like a palace to me. I love this place for it's pretty galleries,huge chandeliers,pillars garden's & of course the buffet..I have this habit of starting my buffet with sweets always..and slowly with every serving quantitiy of sweets reduces giving space to other less favoured ones..

Sweet tooth they call it..But yummy it was.. I had malibu chocolate mousse tiramisu and god know what else..Buffet was cool and the spread huge..Oh yeah and how can I forget the bathroom..I went there without my mobile else wld have clicked there as well..They had his hugee pretty mirror kept on side with the outline of some antique crafting..Amazing it was
Enough rantings..Here are the pics check and u will know what I am talking about here..Leela Galleria Album in

Joined akhsara an NGO as a volunteer..Not that happy as yet not started working directly with kids. But yes a defnitely good experince in letting me know where I stand wrt to my so called commitment towards society. Small steps at a time..Must say have been faring good till now.. Also realized teaching is not my job..Though I love the process somehow my vocal cords do not agree. After every session I have this weirdo cough and need to resort to gargle..Thank god my fate did not let me be a teacher..

Life is good as it comes


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Independence Day

Was I sleeping ..John asked me..I really think I was..Been through loads.. lately saw KANK yesterday and was quite surprised by the fact that I liked the movie..Had gone keeping real low
expectations considering the reviews..
I think one reason for me liking it cld be attributed to the fact that being in a marriage changes ur perspective..Guess hubby
rightly pointed this can be really confusing for already scared on shaadi's thought youngsters..
Biggest surprsie to me was all the ho halla in reviews over the fact that how come rani does not like a dude as cool as
abhishek..To be honest I was quite surprised at this question itself..I mean if this would have been asked by ppl of my
parent's generation I wld have thought ok..As when they look for the partners for their kids this is what they go out for.(A
wonderful looking well settled well groomed man who wld look after your daughter)
But this coming from our generation was quite surprising..I mean realllly if that is the case why all this talk about clicking
with our partners. I personally believe "This click" is something very very individual and no amount of money personality can
enforce this..Well yes this can be improved to some extent ..That is where I believe rani cld have worked a little harder on
her marriage but then there is a limit to what can be shown in a 3 hour movie and karan was definitely showing one aspect.. So
a commendable effort overall..
Coming back to life,bangalore has been good to us for long drives..Went to hosur..Actually Sunday afternoon we decided to go to
Hosur road and the empty stretch was sufficient enough to convince us to keep driving ..That's how we reached tamilnadu and the
college my sis in law did her MCA..highlight of the drive was a scene where this woman with a vegetable jhola in her hand was
walking besides her buffalo(bhens) in such non hurry attitude..Both of them side by side silently enjoying each other's I wish I had
clicked her..
Have u ever realized in your life certain things come a full circle..Let me explain..As a kid there was a time when we were
fans of Parle G trhen came the era of all the wonderful creamy chocolaty biscuits..And suddenly few days back i realized I was
back to Parle G. Thanks to my bro in law who gave the habit to my sis in law and there it came to me..Now the stopry does not
end here..I went to teena(my close buddy I must say) and there I find her taking out PARLE G and I was like gosh U TOO:-)
Saw Main hoo Naa again yesterday.I have seen sequence of Shahrukh first time waiting seeing sushmita and singing "chand mera
dil" soo many times but it is as hilarious and sweet as ever..Both me and hubby watched glued to our TV's..he did not even took
calls which is rare :-) There are some movies I can watch & watch & watch..Another one of such wld be Mummy yeah I know very
kiddish but we love it..
Too much of movie talk..But then this is movie season with so many releases coming up..Very expectedly waiting for Lage raho
Munnabhai..Songs sound good. so should be the movie. yet to take the tickets.
Will give the updates soon..See u guys till then..Enjoy

Sunday, August 06, 2006

For the Love of it

Been on a book reading spree since last few weeks. Read “The Zahir” by Paul Cohleo. Cld never understand his “The Alchemist”..Due to author's/book's immense popularity among everyone I knew,decided to give the author another try..So when I saw "Zahir" I thought it was the time..Worth it was.

Does not mean that I change my stand wrt Alchemist but Zahir is another story altogether. Or is it that I am in a realtionship, makes me indentify with it more..Have u ever thought if ppl really appreciate these bestseller's or is it more of I should not be left behind feeling. I do have my own doubts.

Coming to think of it there has been quite a few interesting incidences of me not being able to read bestsellers. Best example in the list was Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy”. Made hubby gift me on one of my B’days . After quite a few chapters I was lost totally lost in all the banares ki galiyaan described by the author. Still trying to find my way thru them and the book, yeah u guessed it right never cld complete it.

Similar story was repeated with Alchemist ,Call Centre one..though I must say by this time I was intelligent enough not to buy the books rather read them and decide upon my opinions abt them

Took me really another 2 years before I could gather the courage to pick up Vikram Seth’s another book. But finally I did “Two Lives”. Real treat and something I cld finish at one go. But the bitter lesson had taught me to really believe my instincts rather than going by bestsellers. Now I make sure I read at least 2 chapters of the book in the bookstore before deciding it as a worth buy. Good strategy and thanks to Landmark or say so many new browsing bookstores can be fulfilled

Coming back to reading. Currently on Chronicles of Narnia. I had loved the movie(there is a movie on Part 1) and so when I came across this ebook I grabbed the opportunity. Six more stories to the legend..Reading them I could almost visualize all the details, thanks to precise detailing in first movie

The talking lion, kids as kings queen, walking and talking trees, talking squirrel too proud of his whisker’s.. Wohoo .interesting it sounds ..Power of cinema.
Out of the reading world is full of adventure. Found this group of trekkers organizing regular trips from Bangalore nearly every weekend.

Also came to know abt ppl who do regular Bird watching around Lalbagh. DO NOT LAUGH. Not the bird watching u think the real original one..
Rightly they say it as a city of opportunities. Must thank orkut as well as all the info came from there.

Nowadays u can found soo many articles on blogging. Most of them are so outrageously funny..Trying to put blogging into steps to be done...well u get some tips as well to popularize your blog. Like read others blog Leave comments there to popularize yours.. Never stick to a topic for long. Blah blah blah...

Well not that mine is a popular blog but I still believe, the day I start blogging keeping such steps in mind my blog surely will be dead. It is the passion which makes me write and it is the lovely feel I get when I read other’s blog that makes me write comments rather than u praise me and I praise u stuff.

There are counterviews to any theory and so my ears wld be open to hear that. Writing this since last 45 minutes and to think of it, can this be really done without the love of it.
Interesting thought

Cheers and BFN

Trivia:Pic of the home is from one of our walks. Fell in love with it..Looks like a dream home

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Magic Kingdom

Wanted these dream like pics to say for themselves. So here is a picture blog for you all :-)
Cindrella's Castle Dream Like it is

Aladdin :Guy has takes such a alaadin lookalike pose

I love the swirl here

Pink is pretty always and so here it is

Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy Blogging

It is so good to be back on your own homepage.. I really missed that greeny home page and all the fellow bloggers..And now when I come here suddenly found everyone had found their ways back here long before I found out the alternative. That is quite embarrassing ..shows how lazy I can be..Anyways loads of thanks to pkblogs and TimesofIndia

Went for Bangalore walks last weekend. To start with, concept is on the lines of London walks (say kind of theme walk).. Around that theme u see various places with the interesting anecdotes & stories revolving around.
We never realize being in a city there is so much more to it than we see..So many hidden facts lying just in front of our eyes ready to be discovered ;-)

Three hour dream walk treading the nostalgic path of city’s ppl, it’s history, culture. A must if u want to get into the skin of the city and feel like a true bangalorean. Yipee

Cheers to Arun for the wonderful idea and an awesome start of the day we had !!!(Yeah it starts at 7 in the morning)

Check out the pics at in Bangalore Walks album

Last few days spending a lot of my time on net. Thanks to orkut..Someone had mentioned the same to earlier as well but I found it veryy weird and non-user friendly..Yesterday a chat friend really guided me into it ad that is when I realized it was a real treasure.. I got this link to sooo many ebooks that my eyes are still in the process of appreciating the titles only.. Yipee u know they even have term for this called orkutting funny ain’t it

Talking of treasure next in line movie is Pirates of the Caribbean Part 2. I absolutely fell in love with the first one..Try it out if u love all those silly pirate stories..For the first time was a bigger fan of any English movie than my husband.

Also bought this book by Gerald Durrell. My farm and other animals. Such a cute and humorous version of life on an Greece island from the eyes of a ten year old boy(interested in the world of animals) and his eccentric family.

Also learnt some more yoga techniques from one of my gym friends. Somehow there is no progress on weight loss front and I am quite disappointed by the fact. Let me do the watching for some more time and then might be it is time for a change of gym.

Seems like so much is happening. I love it this way though.

Wishing us all a happy unblocked blogging

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Eagleton Long Drive

Pics of the long drive we went for..Bangalore Mysore highway (famous for all it's controversies) was surprisingly a cool stretch to enjoy the perfect bangalore weather and the scenery all around..
Drove some 40 km srtetch and took the much required break at Eagleton Golf park..No I am not golf fan in any way..I find it quite a lazy game where all u do is keep kicking that small ball in some faraway holes..and then walk all around the ground in those stupid half pants and the golf cart..Gosh this elite stuff looks so frivoulous to me and how I would have loved to belive that all the ppl playing out such a game are all rich spoilt ones..
Alas can make no such claims as half of the CEO,entreprenurs janta I admire list golf as their favorite games..Adding to the beauty of of the situation,the look on hubby's face tells the day he gets a chance to try his hands on golf he would be glad to do so..
Thinking of future I would then start moving around with my camera in golf cart..Only way we can ensure a harmony :-)
Though I must agree all these golf park do provide us a long green stretch. You can enjoy the pretty turns and twists on our way at in Eagleton Drive album

Check out the swings..My favorites..but my stomach was too filled after sandwich. So dare not venture out ;-) Did u see the guys sitting there on the swing.They are te drivers waiting.First sighting of guys enjoying the swing time ..

Here is me and of course the lovely pathway..

Trivia:Eagle out there belong to the eagleton golf park..Though i still wonder what can be the connection between an eagle and golf park..Any clues sure leave them for me

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Trying to explore Bangalore. Now that can be a difficult task considering the city itself being very small.(Having stayed in
Mumbai and Kolkata definitely my comparison parameter might be little tough)
Location wise Bangalore is at such a juncture there are enough two or three day trips you can plan.But what abt ppl like me who want one day joys and who does not have the endless appetite like a Normal Indian for temples..

I know that make things a lot tricky..To add to the trouble we did take that one day KSTDC tour in 2003 leading to our visting all the major places inside the city.
So what is the solution..If there are problems there sure are solutions as well..And so far my bangalore renzdevous has been planned thanks to information on the internet. So again last weekend spent an hour at net trying to find the right kind of place for our moods and time..Yipee and there it was Banerghatta National Park Though reviews on net were quite bad with respect to the infrastructure maintenance.. but then I am not even sure why people cribbed about..I consider it a known fact for any government enterprise.

So there we were ready with our aloo ka paratha's and digicam to accompany us. Visit was interesting.
First time I took an elephant ride.They call it Joy Ride and sure joy it was.

Best part was the tiger safari. For the first time it was we who were caged inside the bus instead of the beast..And it was the beast trying to smell us and see what was inside that caged structure(yeah the bus)..Seem them in the wild and u get to know why are they called royal

Next stop was zoo. Snake's Meal time is something I will never forget..caretaker was soo cool about the whole process..he went
inside the cages in absolutely normal clothes. Kept the food of rats and chickens at a centre place and then with a steel rod
in his hand,went on with task of going to each and every hole picking the snakes out of it..Yeah and I saw it all with my eyes
and mouth open
This man sure deserves a placed in guiness book of records..Here are some of the pic you can enjoy.

Check out Banerghatta
National park album at

Since coming to Bangalore I have been to quite a few places like the planetorium, muscial fountian,lalbagh gardens.but the best part I love is our weekend walk. Today it extended for two hours..Just a gully(Next time I surely am getting the name if this one) and some surrounding galliyans and still we find so much there..we
start at our leisure pace covering parks on the way to our loved street..To be exact there are at least three of them on
the way and I am not counting the ones in surrounding gullies..No I do not visit all of them everytime..Just that I have soo
many choices available makes it cool
Then comes our juice centre.Juices here are so inexpensive,easily available that I am trying to convince hubby to take walk
till here everyday..Soon I shall succeed. On top of all this, gully has golgappa shops, bhelpuri telewaala, sweet shop and today we found out corner house(Famous ice cream
shop here) as well.
Sounds like a perfect street..:-)
Coming to think of it we have been a great lover of such street food since our Mumbai days. In Mumbai juhu beach was our
favorite haunt with all the dosa's, malai kulfi..Kolkata it was city centre .. and now here this street.
we always need a place to haunt in every city which is comfy to reach and is a sureshot joy..Good to see all the cities so far
have accomodated us in this respect..Hope shall see many more in my lifetime

So here comes another weekend and the walks of life goes on.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The T Tag

Me tagged me..and the pretty pics he placed up made me search hard in my kitty.. I have tweaked it a bit for my benefit..Sure u won't mind

1. Most Admired Celebrity

Comment: Eyes say it all.

2.Want to do this someday

Comment:I always walk on these paths so often but the desire stays

3.Want to visit this place

Comment:Trekking to such pretty valley's

4.Random Favorite

Comment: Beautiful memories

5.I was tagged by me[post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from].

Friday, June 16, 2006

Games we watch

Ain't that look at the second bunny face very funny..I find it so cute that thought had to share this with anyone coming to my blog and so here it is..
Found them during our lalbagh visit and pic was just a trial. Never expected to capture their expressions so nicely. :-)

Realized after coming to bangalore been quite long time since I clicked any pics..Well can't say why..Might be as my main balcony has a construction building opposite it ..Enough to kill my creative energy from flowing into balcony.(YM tongue out). But that wld be an excuse as the other windows have church facing.Anyways I just hope the desire will come back some
day..Till then I got to struggle with which pic feature on my blog.

My painting has started and is going at quite a satisfactory pace. Estimation as 30 hours of work..Approximately month and a half...let's see how I fare here.

Tried watching the soo happening soccer game with hubby and I realized my attention span is quite short. I can follow the trajectory of the ball for ten minutes at most and then somehow unconsciously my attention shifts to players their expressions ,audiences ,all the ho halla going around..I love all the drum beats, sounds and euphoria around ..I really felt some sounds were quite similar to drums in our shaadi bands ..Not sure if any of you noticed.. But then how
can they carry drums inside the stadium..No idea and too impatient to sit in front of game and find out..Wish they could make an album of all the music and background sounds on the games.Say something like sounds of the ten most popular games
played. Interesting that wld be..Are there any audience

Yeah Yeah I know all u soccer lovers must be cursing me for being
crazy but then see so many ppl and so many ideas ;-)

Coming to TOI..I am getting good at loop the loop.Yeah almost 100 percent success rate..Nice one..where do they pick such games
from..Good I'm loving it.

Last weekend we went out for a walk and a long walk it was..Enjoyed it except for the fact that whatever i wear my feet gets
all the rashes..I hate wearing my gym shoes for walk..Need some smart footwear for my walks and it has to go with my suits. Phew
My purse is getting older as well.. Today cld see the foam coming out..Poor thing just been a year and seems already so overused. Always overloaded so had to be..I hate shopping for the right things as they r quite diffcult to come by..Wish all of them cld come to me with required specifications and I will just go and buy them..Being lazy I am

It's raining again..though not much but the tip tip is enough to get the hopes up.

So go out there and Enjoy the Weekend

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Saw Fanaa Today..Did not get many positive feedbacks for the movie so was apprehensive at the start
But finally decided in favor of movie and of course the cheaper tickets..Oh how I love morning shows
What did I like..Shayari was good..Not too cheap and not too heavy for a non shyari person like me..Just the right mix..Guess wld be Difficult for ppl not very fond of hearing hindi and urdu words..Second half was little slow but granted
Shots of Delhi were just superb ..Talking of delhi, everytime I hear of it ,it has shown different facets to me..
My impression of Delhi has been a place always in news for the kind of treatment meted(hope right usage) on women .Not that my view has changed even today. Just that I have seen the other part of the story as well..

My first visit happened last year when hubby was on training there.. That was a Delhi with all the broad highways,near zero jams, market and sweets at every possible corner..So many mehendiwaalas, bangle waalas..Those nookad small shops which has surprisingly heavy stock of all varieties compare to sizes of the shops..

And ofcourse u can never forget rashtrapati bhavan, lal kila, amar jawaan..If u ever go to delhi just go to that area itself..I fell in love with it at first sight....Had I stayed there for long, I surely wld have gone there every morning just to get the feel of it all.. Astonishing it is..

That is what fanna gave me..Delhi as I see it from my eyes..And that makes it special for me..
Some of scenes where I thought director wld go wrong were the ending scenes and when kajol hides in kernal's house from aamir..But he did not disappoint me..
Saw the movie alone..As hubby was on a tour and in mood to watch fanna..Good that I did..Though people around me were in shock how can I watch a movie alone..
Well what can I say to that..I enjoyed and loved it

Will soon be starting on my next painting..Yesterday did some tracing..Was not getting a clear pic on tracing paper,so put some oil on it..
Trick worked..I am still surprised at where did I learn it from..
Sure shot effect of so many movies I have watched.

Well hope will see some more good ones in future :-)

Went for Lalbagh garden..Enjoyed our time there..Check out pics at LalBagh Visit


Trivia: Loved all the blues in Fanaa. So badly wanted to place in Kajol's image in one of those blue tops but not too many good one available..So guess u gonna watch the movie if u reallyyy want to find out :-)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Anniv

Yesterday was a hectic day. Last day of my bhanji and Jijaji with us..She had come for her comed-K exams & was leaving for
back home..AND was the day of our marriage anniv. Quite a surprise that we finally managed to spend some quality time together..and yeahh we got the cake.
Most of the morning was spent taking wishes..
Took niece for afternoon lunch at Mac D.. Good decision only if u cld have seen her face light up..(Yeah I know all of us can
aruge till death that kids shld not be encouraged to eat junk food)..After that it was shopping time..we went to Deepam sarees(MG Road). My niece wanted a
saree for her mom..Running short of time we were..but we managed..Shopping in record time of 15 minutes..We exceeded
our own expectations.. Collection was cool will surely visit there when got to take one from hubby :-)
Rushed to Yeswantpur Station. Saw Bangalore city station as well few days back..It is so pretty. How I missed having my digicam there..That have lantern style displays displaying bogey details..I love that station feel.
Drive back Home was nice with pretty weather all way long. we even managed to get a cake on the way back..Thanks to driver who took us to this bakery in austin Town. Does that name reminds u of something. To me it does..austin powers the movie..first time on hearing this name I was like what
why..yet to get a answer on why part though..

I find that name still funny. Bringa a smile to my face.. Nah I am not one of those austin powers
fan..Outrageously stupid movie in my view..
Coming to views, it can be quite dangerous to have views nowadays(indirect reference to Aamir Khan controversy) :-)

Came home from bakery..Did R & D on digicam to ensure together pics of us.. yeah the auto timer..We even got video of our cake cutting & candle blowing ceremony..Came out pretty neat.

These five years have been roller coaster ride..though with up's and downs we lived & loved every single moment ..

Sixteen years since we met .A long way it is.

Time to celebrate all the moments spent together and for all to come..

Happy Anniv to US


Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's Up

Time between my posts seems to be growing longer and longer..(angel while I was writing this u gave the comment..C here I am ) Can not be helped..Got to do with nearby cyber café..Though I will miss all the access to my pics.
Been nearly a month in Bangalore now but days are still busy..Still trying to finish off that one last thing (phew)
Weekend is busy with relatives coming up. Falling in love with Bangalore weather. And another good part evening breeze and the sound of my chimes coming across..Such a pleasure to sit in my balcony and enjoy.. Went to Infant Jesus Church few days back with my gym friends. They say it has miraculous powers and if you go 7 consequective Thursdays ur wish is granted.
Well not sure if I believe in that but I loved the ritual of lighting up the candle. Bought two pink ones
Another hot favorite nowadays is my microwave. Working hard to get ways to make good food with minimum of efforts. Too early to say if I have succeded.. But my milk boils without any spillovers Yipee.. Also got the cake done though it had some flaws.
Wrote mail to so many of my friends and got their calls back..It is so good to have friends who find it tedious to write mails.. They call you..(YM tounge out)
People ask me I must be liking Bangalore much more than Kolkata. I don’t get it. Why compare. Every city has it’s own aura, experience. It is you who make the best out of that city experience. Considering the fact that I am not settling in in any of the cities for too long why shld I crib..yes kolkata is laid back but then Bangalore has power problems. Bangalore is so happening with all the malls and hep janta but then kolkata ppl are soo much art conscious.
Personally for me, I find this debate useless..Sit back and enjoy the feel is quite exciting to see though how our customs our attitude everything changes as we move from one state to other..
Nowadays have started playing this new game in TOI called “loop the loop” Exciting it is..Do not think that this has taken the place of sudoku..but yes this has been another addition to my daily kitty of puzzles..
They have also started this number crunching game called Kakuro..But somehow could not make myself to like it. So time to get proficient in “Loop the Loop”
Trivia:Pic above is the backyard at in laws place. Well looks like the one in saas bahu..Evil Grin

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rains Rains and Rains

Bangalore is cool..Yeah I mean in literal terms..It rained yesterday..I was lucky as I went out exactly at the time when it started raining..So kindaa saw the the rains the dhool and winds all thru
Got few snacks packed and took them home to my friends place..Had a nice candle light talking time with her..Feels so good and of course along with the chocolate excess it was yummy..Hail Barista..(Yeah it was a barista product)
Read ruskin bond (better re-read)..guess he is my all time rain favorite..Gosh how I wish I cld quote him here..Yesterday while reading tried to remember the words but no use..My memory always fails me..Sure will do so once have net at home and can do all the copy paste stuff..

Read whole of Vikram Seth "Two Lives". Collected it from roadside. Imagine bok of above 600 in 120..
Such things can happen only in India. Lovely and I can return him after reading at 50 percent..what say
Thanks to Nango yeah that was the name of the guy..Even took him mobile number..Poor soul seemed worried what was I going to do.. (YM Smiley)

Well coming back to the novel it was good..Though the part of Henny's letters are little diffcult to follow but I love the feel of it..No pretension life of 2 ordinary ppl who have seen quite a lot in their times I think i can read any biography but nope not so..It all depends upon who the writer is and how nicely he is able to capture your imagination

Noticed quite a few eateries on my way back to gym..Usual very small one room kinds..and what I find written on the walls "Customer Satisfaction is our aim" ...Nope I am not saying that huge shops are good, they also turn out to be worse at times..What I am pointing out here is the awareness of the terms like "Customer Satisfaction" at such grassroots level..Amusing yet surprising.

Oops my time seems to be getting over :-( yeah that one hour cap..So will surely drop by soon..Till then enjoy

Note:Pic on the top is one I took while visiting Adalaj Stepwell..You can visit the whole album at titled "Adalaj Stepwell Visit"

Friday, May 05, 2006

Life Settles Down

Am at loss of words ..but guess this happens to all of us in a blue moon. Life is settling down in Bangalore..I love the fact that I have got an open kitchen and balconies all around..imagine to my surprise when I found myself staring into a gilhari,sitting on topmost seat of a ladder..Funny it was

Bangalore is lot more windy than Mumbai. good for me, ensures the soothing sound from my wind chimes. Guess my ears r attuned to that voice..hubby says he can’t hear a single thing but I can hear lightest of tinklings..quite soothing..One day will have a water fountain as well..

One of my balconies has church next to it. last weekend when we were shifting could hear the sounds of Sunday mass..
This weekend will ensure sitting thru the same at my balcony..such prayers have a very lovely feel to it..

Someday will have a jhoola in this balcony. Sure u wld have seen many of them in gardens/terraces. not sure what exactly do we call that L

Met my college day friends as well here. gap of eight years. So many of us are in Bangalore right now. As someone mentioned either everyone we know is in Bangalore or in US..
Got a maid who speaks Tamil.. She is trying her best to teach me some.
Though I never discourage her, I have some serious doubts on my capabilities in this regard.. Tamil is soo different from least Bengali had some similar sounding words..She doesn’t even know how badly I am struggling to even remember her is kurungi..I just hope I got it right.
Here ppl know at least 4 languages..especially ppl in professions like drivers, maids etc..

Joined a gym as well. Gym hunting was quite an interesting exercise..Never thought it could tell of city’s culture but sure it does..Loads of gyms r there but ppl here are more into the objective of body building ..
Settled for gym near my home. Owner said they r discouraging ladies from coming there as they r few in number
and too ireregular..I insisted..At least proximity will ensure I attend the same daily J

Went to Lalbagh gardens once..Nice place but little far off..Need to visit when have mire keisure time at hand..Do I hear someone laughing that what more time do I need. J

My marathon seems to be off. Considering the fact that I have not done any preparations at all..Let’s see.

Difficult to work from laptops(Hubby’s)..guess good for working ppl ..
PC’s are such a comfort..yeah little bulky though.
Met my neighbors on the floor. One of them had a son doing freelance marketing. Another had loads of realtions visiting her currently. She is from Malda in west Bengal though a rajasthani..And third ones r the couple both working..No me not that social just that our cable was off..Hubby gave me a deadline which ensure my knocking on every possible door to get the number..Good it was though J

Hmm, New beginnings made. Let’s see where life takes me from here.

Let me live each day as it comes. Ciao

Trivia: Pic above was taken in Ahmedabad garden.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bangalore Experience

Feels soo long since I last visited my own site..

Been a week since me here in Bangalore..Did loads of home hunting and
shopping..How is the city.Traffic is bad but guess a
fter Mumbai all this is cake walk. :-) So many malls have come up here since I last visited Bangalore in 2003..

Even after a gap of 3 yrs I was able to identify most of the roads I went thru..Considering my memory I think that is quite an acheivement..Remembered even a cyber cafe which I had visited once only during my stay :-)

Interesting it is..

Did loads of home hunting with my broker..This time I did it alone..
Different experience. Prices are exuberant..Is it really too much to ask for a small balcony and sunlight..Try searching for home and u will know what I am talking about..
But finally I am thru..Shifting yet pending ..(YM Phew smiley)

fell in love with furniture ordered..Especially the dining table and the bed..Infantry road is simply superb. if u want to get any furniture at reasonable prices that is the place to be.

Got a candle stand & perfumed candle for me..Planning to keep it on my dining table.
Been to quite a few malls for window shopping..The best part is food courts.Wonderful tasty North Indian combo meals U do not get them in North India these days..

Gulab Jamuns yummy pure khoya one's..I had forgotten the taste..So rare were theyI thought all halwaii's had taken a liking to gits and their type ..Yipee thank god that was not so.

Next week onwards would be time to resettle at new home..How am I feeling..

I'm loving it.

Trivia: New blog with no pics :-( Still some more time to go..

Bangalore Experience

Feels soo long since I last visited my own site..

Been a week since me here in Bangalore..Did loads of home hunting and
shopping..How is the city.Traffic is bad but guess a
fter Mumbai all this is cake walk. :-) So many malls have come up here since I last visited Bangalore in 2003..

Even after a gap of 3 yrs I was able to identify most of the roads I went thru..Considering my memory I think that is quite an acheivement..Remembered even a cyber cafe which I had visited once only during my stay :-)

Interesting it is..

Did loads of home hunting with my broker..This time I did it alone..
Different experience. Prices are exuberant..Is it really too much to ask for a small balcony and sunlight..Try searching for home and u will know what I am talking about..
But finally I am thru..Shifting yet pending ..(YM Phew smiley)

fell in love with furniture ordered..Especially the dining table and the bed..Infantry road is simply superb. if u want to get any furniture at reasonable prices that is the place to be.

Got a candle stand & perfumed candle for me..Planning to keep it on my dining table.
Been to quite a few malls for window shopping..The best part is food courts.Wonderful tasty North Indian combo meals U do not get them in North India these days..

Gulab Jamuns yummy pure khoya one's..I had forgotten the taste..So rare were theyI thought all halwaii's had taken a liking to gits and their type ..Yipee thank god that was not so.

Next week onwards would be time to resettle at new home..How am I feeling..

I'm loving it.

Trivia: New blog with no pics :-( Still some more time to go..

Monday, April 10, 2006

In Transit

As the title suggests I am yet to reach Bangalore. Enjoying my days at in law’s place..Are u guys winking well might be it’s ur age old prejudice speaking up hmm (YM tounge out smiley)

Came to Ahmd via Mumbai.. A gap of 2 yrs.Was it long not sure.. Got the opportunity to drive thru the roads of Mumbai..Western Express highway. Most of Mumbai years were spent travelling on the same.

Good to see the changes especially the opening of malls and eateries along the Western Express highway stretch..Always thought there was a great business opportunity there.
Met old friends during my short half a day stay..Fell in love with smit’s home balcony. Never knew such cld exist in Mumbai.. no pics there.

Been enjoying the relaxed pace of in law’s home for last few days..It is such a beautiful experience just to see birds flying, gilhari’s running while I sit in the garden and see them doing mischief’s all around.

I even saw langoor’s and peacock’s during my morning walks. Yipee I am loving it

Went to home terrace and was so enticed with the view..Here see if u can love it as much as I did

Only few pics of the lot ..Pretty aren’t they..Can’t come up with the whole album in the absence of my broadband..How I miss it. Soon will be on track.

Trivia:I am not sure of this post has any meaning without the pics I wanted to upload.Yeah cld not upload even few of them. So, I decided to go ahead without the pics..Might update the post at a later date with all the pics. Even keeping there references to pics open for you all.So u can use your imagination :-;

Till then Ciao

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bye Bye Kolkata

I am in the process of relocating..So let's see how active I wld
be on blogging scene..

Going with warm memories..and wish for a new future :-)

Trivia: Home in pic is not mine but one of my favorties here

Monday, March 27, 2006


Walking down the memory lane..I was on my last visit to IFFCO
Allahabad..I spent 18yrs of my life there..Gosh sounds so stagnant to me
today..But then never felt so in those 18 yrs..Guess I still have that small town with in me somewhere

On the way back from visit to Windom falls..I fell in love with
the setting..quite surprising how suddenly u find such places which u see and say
Hey that's soo perfect..One of those kodak moments for me..

I felt this was so picture postcard like..and imagine it coming out of my mobile
camera makes me more proud..Going on a boat ride on sangam was my idea of giving ode to my grandma and ganges for one last time..
I still remember the early morming when we used to pack our aloo ka paratha's and leave with grandma for the sangam snan..(Sangam is metting of three river Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati. and it is there in Allahabad)

Half an hour my world was still in those waters..

Such a cheery pic..Have a Happy Day

check out more in Album "Sangam Vihar" at