Friday, September 07, 2007

Home Roam

Got tired of the same pic on my page.So thought now is the time to have a new post ..funny how we decide time for new post..I envy John for his regular new postings he is fast..My end to end time to finish a post is quite high.Considering,have to do spell checks grammar checks am so finicky abt which pic I want so will do trial error so many times..Now I know for sure,it really needs real effort for writers writing those long pages till they get it to their mind's perfection..

Back from home and had been a nice long trip..Went to doon and mussorie as well.Had to really blackmail my parents for the trip which according to them was not worth doing without my hubby or bro..And we talk about all the progessive society talk..Trip was good and it looked like parents enjoyed..Me surely did.

Finally my desire to visit the red fort was fullfilled.went in the night for light and sound show.Meena bazaar was so nice and the purse at 125 was something that for the first time in my life I did not even think of bargaining..To be honest I wld have been ashamed had I done so it was so intricately done..At the end me and mom both had one :-) One in pic is what I had

Something I find worth mentioning here..Meena bazzar was run by females for the females inside the Red fort.And it would open only on Friday when all the menfolk were in Jama masjid offering their prayers..I still can not stop laughing at the underline message though, prayers for men and shopping for women..:-)

Red fort looked so gorgeous and as we were waiting for the light and sound show,the security guard started telling us about the magnificent past of it..I never thought guards wld really know anything about it was a nice surprise..he literally told us all to sit in a lane like student and we were all ears,to what was being said. I wish I was able to click some pics of the so often seen Kila front on TV but the night was too dark..Light and sound show was well intended but definitely a disppointment and the scorching delhi heat made it worse.. Imagine it was night time..Only reason I can be thankful is the show gave me reason enough to make the effort to visit the Fort. The pic is of purana qila..I find them so pretty, they say its on the site of indraprashta(Pandava's capital,if it ever existed) and ASI has found signs of at least seven citites beneath this

One of changes that happens when I went for Bglr to delhi is the language..I am so used to speaking here in english when phone or enquiring..So was a plesant surprise when enquiring abt sound show the guy on the other side of the phone said Mam do u know hindi can u please speak it..Was a nice change for me,weird how less it is now that I speak of it..Home conversations are the only one I can count on..

Mussorie,home town of my favorite author Ruskin Bond.Did not even try to find him or where he lives..Hubby says a lifetime oppurtunity missed,might be he is right but could not imagine meeting him and then what?? Think it is better this way that I like him. Though it wld have been nice meeting accidentally ;-) well we all can dream can't we?

For a change I loved mall road which is nothing but a road full of all those typical chotta mota shops.Did not do much of shopping but the walk was so nice..It was the prefect cloudy dreamy weather..and the road had that nice old world charm..No cars vehicles allowed added to the lure of it for me..It was only rickshaws or ur own two foot..At the end of the walk went into a shop. We were able to finalize four items in a span of 15 minutes when we had come only for one,Speaks for the quality of the shop and of course its keeper as well..

There is so much i do not want to miss but think then it would be more of a trave blog or is it alreayd one..Here is FRI(Forest Research institute),built in 1929 no cement construction..Bldng was so impressive.Found out the willow tree used in making cricket bats..

Sulphur springs were yummy and we even had a nice chapak chapak in sahastrdhara..Shiv Temple was a rarity..No chadawa allowed and hence no kachra inside..So clean with prasad changing every hour..U even get tea as prasad..I hope I do not sound greedy :-)

Drive back was full of adventures as our driver got hold up for a challan,our fuel was on low and all the pumps in doon had closed owing to some fight..But seems luck was on our side and we made it back safely and nicely..

Back the weather is good and getting cold..So giving me all the oppurtunity to use my newly bought sweaters ;-)

Still gleaming in the beauty of it all..

And here is something I would love to share with all of you..Check out

I see it nearly once every day and have a good laugh..
So u all enjoy