Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot Times

Its been hot here for the last few days..Amid all the hot news is hubby might be travelling to aamchi mumbai for few months..Oh how badly I wish to get a chance to vist the place..Though his last few visit's report has been getting worse and worse ..Everytime he visits, he insists that infra is bad.going further worse and so on .But that still is not enough to demotivate my visiting thoughts
Mumbai has been city of dreams for me though I never thought so even for a day till i was there..I still can't forget our juhu visits(which used to be quite often),walk on the beach in front of SRK's house,all the time staring at his house (see I am already forgetting the name of that beach in bandra ..yeah Bandstand ) and of course our visits to AB's both house(jalsa and ...)..I cld never get salmans house right somehow it gets lost in the maze of bldngs..

Then there is this pomfret near heera panna (I think name is noorani's)..they say sanju baba gets his food parcel from this place.A very no sense place but serves an amazing pomfret..Yummy So many memories in there..The thought of it makes me smile.I wish its not as bad as hubby says when I visit it..

Back to Delhi..I am yet to explore any of Delhi..Wish to take the INTACH walk heard its nice but am not sure if anyone in govt really picks up phone for bookings. Even have to re-read the Delhi Jinn book by William derymple(After checking on net I see name is City of Djinns)

Delhi metro is amazing..I think Kolkata metro is cool but delhi's metro has this bright and sunny character which of course makes it more adorable.Surprisingly its clean,though I must say the credit is more to the system than to the people. Reason being in metro stations they have not allowed anything to munch on..chips and sandwches and stuff..All u get is water and cold drinks..
So not much for our indian public to create a mess :-)

Metro has connected me to the most of to be visited delhi..That's one cool advantage ,apart from the fact that the whole journey is a colorful experince.Last visit I had these group of four college gals,on the whole way discussing how to get makeups right for a perfect cam pic..After a longg time I did peer reading (peering over someone else's magazine while the person is reading) .and there is nice nap time with background ongoing noises and a good AC inside..Travel makes me sleepy a lot more sleepy than usual..I sit in a plane and even before its stable in the skies and seat belts sign off I am half wayto my beauty sleep.Same with trains ,metro..Car is the only exception as there I go in a trance staring at the outside world,in my own thoughts..I love the feeling.
How I wish noida was directly connected to my place..Wld have made my travels a lot more shorter..I love the metro part but I hate the auo part..Though I have met some nice autowallahs..One of them told me how to identify noida autos at delhi metro stations..

An interesting thing here is about the name of apartments..U have a doctors apartment(yeah the bldng occupants are mainly doctors),samachar apartments(This one is quite a landmark) and many more..though don't remember seeing any of lawyers apartments might be they will fight/bite each others off ;-)

Market in my place is interesting and I finally got hold of a library as well.Not a proper one as bangalore but a sadak one,better version of my kolkata sadak library.Expensive though,well imagine charging 40% as reading charge but then I can use it for occasional purposes or say fall back mechanism.Plane to re read HP 6 and 7..yeah I am a big fan(though I admit it only in some of my book hungry moments)

Saw jaane tu and bachana ..Ranbir looks cool and I absoultely love genelia and Imraan..Imraan looks so the new happening guy to me.These kids are the ones who have made me think SRK Aamir bandwagon has realllly grown old.. Waise thinking kats and ranbir are of same age,was weird.Might its about how old a face u have become in the industry..

Have nice balconies in my new home..And there are some flower pots as well..Been bringing some plants from parents home to fill in my empty pots..Did see parrots here and loads of them. here is a pic..Have pigeons visit on my ,mainly attracted to the water available in the pots.. That reminds me I am yet to water the plants :-)

Its lovely feeling hearing the flutter of their wings flying in and out of my balcony..Now that's a good advantage of having a nice top floor apartment though I guess next years summer will really tell me how good or bad it is..

We were just thinking we dont even have warm clothing for delhi winters..Lets see how much we buy phew I hate overloading or underloading of clothes..

Lots said rest will be for next time