Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just back from another marriage..Last wedding for quite a few years to come..Had a nice time now that hubby was there with me..(Engagement he was not there.) Will be sometime before we have any other such oppurtunity to have lavish get togethers ;-)

Best part was whole day mehendi session.Every lady and kid had mehendi on their hands..This time artist was not that good as mehendi designs didn't have that fine quality but that was subdued by the joy of all of us having mehendi,comparing our designs and even getting mehendi tatoos..

Back to bangalore now..Nice weather is such a huge relief.Recently joined a library..Very nice one,whole collection listing is online. I can browse reserve and even get home delivery done for a cool price of Rs 10..Not that I never knew of this library just it's very to near to my current home.So that made me finally take the plunge.Read like I hadn't read in years but then that's true to an extent..Took three books in first go and had 2 finished in a day..Been an yearand only books I have touched are our weekly dose of India Today week and others,apart frm few buys here and there..Seems like at least for first two months I am going to do a real good usage of the library ;-) Plan to catch upon Ruskin Bond Anita Desai Mark Tully ,thrillers(not good at author's names here)

Sunday was spent catching upon the reading and best part was me and hubby sitting outside and doing the reading..With all the rains in the nights,weather is getting prettier day by day,though a little colder for me..Even went for a drive with nice winds blowing..For the first time told hubby to take a U turn and go home..somehow the cold wind made me homesick..Never was so desperate for home warmth and cosy bed.

Got a new haircut.More of a doc suggestion than a desire for change.Was quite apprehensive not sure how it looks but it is quite difficult to let ur long tresses go,however thin they might be ;-) Both me and hubby are trying to get used to it..

Latest I read in paper they actually are going to develop the Ramnagaram as a tourist spot..So long due..On my last visit I was wondering why this idea had not stuck anybody till now.Sholay was released in 76 and it's been good 30 years.Anyways good at least they are thinking on those lines not sure execution will take how many years..

Weather has with it brought power cuts and everytime darkness fells I am thankful for the UPS I bought..Phew my stomach is aking all those hungry noises.Time for lunch.

Note:Purse in pic above is my favorite..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life seems to getting back on track.Had anniv on 29th and day was so nicely spent.Got mehendi done. Came out very pretty at least in my eyes.My wish of spending real long time in oxford bookstore was fulfilled ..This was followed by dinner at leela's..Last I visited leela was on my B'day so u can understand my fondness for the same..Dinner was decent but the lovely part was the decor..Well yeah u can't eat the decor for that matter but without that how can a day be special.

Inlaws visited a day after,had nice dinners outings and loads of cooking.Too short a visit so did not go anywhere much. Got to know even about few other bhanjaas and bhanji's who are studying in bangalore..and suddenly I found out I am mami to so many ppl..So from the much heard of bhabhi now the latest one is much heard mami..

Finally started chatting again ,that's an important improving milestone for me..

Losing my hair fast nowadays not that I have many but am sure wouldn't look nice if I have none left..Planning a visit to hair doctor soon..tried mix of amla shikakahi and reetha powder.Na Na I did not do all the hard work of powdering and all.Too lazy to do that.U get powder in shops.It's cool I mean u need not use any shampoo and makes ur hair soo soft
Finally am back to finishing my quota of movies..Cheeni kum was lovely, though I am not sure it is for bachelors. I say this for quite a few movies Reason I have a feeling at times u just can't understand the intimacy comfort level or say equation u can share with a person at various levels. It is only when u are well into ur life or marriage for sometime that u realise that it has so many shades.Now this makes me real curious about the director who made it if he is married or bachelor..well google search not much of help here ;-)
Just back from hospital visit and found out I need to reduce my weight as it is pressurising my poor spine..Quite some work ahead for that. Here shot of my favorite mehendi .

As said earlier last few days been raining and has given my front yard a nice dreamy look..Was just standing on the balcony when decided to use my mobile cam and took few pics..Two of my favorites are here..Enjoy