Monday, February 26, 2007

Flying Time

Read another ruskin bond..

Loved the conversation mentioned by ruskin bond with one of his readers. Reader says I also want to be a writer like u getting paid for those idyllic moments lying on the grass, looking at the world. Well I must say I cldnot agree more ;-) and now am owner of 2 more of his books. Though one of them gifted :-)

Have u ever noticed how when u r craving to know more about things they just fall into ur lap. This has happened to me many times. I have my in laws in ahmedabad and there u will find these real colorful motorbikes with long lorries attached for various purposes. I always thought of clicking one and finding out more about them as I had never seen anything like them anywhere else..

Been a year since then and suddenly in my flight, I find this jet airways magazine where an article has covered details of this colorful monster..Voila that was such a nice surprise.Tried searching for the pic on net but there are none.. I promise in my next visit to ahmd there wld be one from my camera :-)

We Indians have quite a creative mind coming up with such colorful combo's.But the cream of the cake goes to the fact that design is approved by Auto Association of India..Did I see any eyebrows raised well mine did..
They are called chakkadas name attributed from the fact that the body is assembled from six parts of different vehicles. AND they have even successfully exported these. Wohoo

Was on a visit to ranchi for a family function..Flight was via Kol,so got some time to rewind my days in Kolkata..Went to my old house(a friend lili di still stays there ) and had a real nice time..
She gave me those home made momo's..In kol for two years I never tasted them wondering they look so raw and tasteless, owing to fact they are made by steaming. But one bite and all my notions went to the wind..Simply yummy and when served with spicy veggie soup, u can even call it exotic. I can still feel the taste lingering..

Had darjeeling tea with Marie biscuit..This is something that I had learnt from Lili Di. I used to go her place for tea just for the combo And I cherish it till date.
Back at home..On my visit gave away two of my works. One to Di and another to ma in law. This time definitely plan to start on a canvas..Let's see how this turns out to be.

A New Day and a New Moment..

Note:The pic above is of the hall decor..Absolutely loved the satin on white look and clicked..Simple yet eye catching. Also quite diasppointed byt the fact that could not get chakkada pic on net..Blog seems to be incomplete without same :-( Only reference I could find of it on net was

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feb MakeOver

Jan rollovers to Feb and still no new entries in my blogspot..No this time won't blame it on my laziness or so.. just that have been busy roaming around..But then when do I not do so ;-)
Republic day long weekend we had decided to go to ooty..Bangalore-ooty is 6 .5 hr drive..Highlight of first part of drive was preparations for republic day function going on in schools on the way..
We were lucky enough to see these preparation in varying stages as we kept driving along..Interesting experience it was..One of schools had this small kid climbing the rod where the tiranga was to be flown later on..he was doing the initial arrangements.Must be real acrobat the way he was moving up.Saw school kids in colorful attires. One school had gals in all white attire coupled with orange duppattas..Somehow it was not looking dhinchak as it sounds..Another place school kids had these tiranga friendship bands in their hands.Even we bought a small flag for our car :-) So Belated Happy Republic day to you all

Went through bandipur and madumulai forest areas..On our way back spotted peacocok,deer elephant,monkeys and langurs..Might be going inside cld have seen more but from the outset it hardly looked many animals are there.
Ooty was a pleasure experience though.Best was our morning walk..Running up and down on the mountains in chilling cold,pretty morning surroundings and those princely villas is anytime a wonderful experience..Saw so many of those huge houses with even huge gardens there..Not sure how people maintain them though..We stayed on Havelock road and even saw havelock house on that road..Not sure who is named after whom :-)
Finally fulfilled my dream of an enjoyable horse ride..My first horse ride was in darjeeling..I must have been in 8th at that time.I remember being so excited abt taking the horse ride but when i really was on the horse,all my hopes crashed..I was a sickly kid with my nose always flowing at any given oppurtunity to do so..Horse's gallop combined with the air chill was an excellent trigger..After that only thing I remember is me struggling with my hanky and the reins of horse, trying to save myself from falling off. Phew so much for the excitement. This time I really wanted to give it another better chance..Taking clue from my prior experience,I got my afternoon lunch packed so I will have it after the ride.. Ride turned out to be a memorable event and the track they followed was next to ooty lake with the tall eucalyptus trees around.Made me crave for more.Next time I plan to take even a bigger route :-)

Took the toy train ride..this was something in my must do list..The small little compartments in blue were so cute..I found the stations and the cute look of the train even better than the ride :-) And the ticket was a small amount of Rs 7.
Got my friends over from paris here and two days were finishing his list of shopping..Thanks to fabmall was a one stop shopping and we nearly finished everything in a whopping 1 hour straight..A neat feat ain't it..Had another friends party yesterday..Still trying to get over from the party hangover..An enjoyable time overall..

Winter seems to be slipping away and afternoons are getting hotter and messier.Will go and get a nap..Enjoy the day