Friday, December 28, 2007

Closing 2007

2007 coming to an end..Time always flies soo fast..Realization made me resurface here again..Wld have been so unfair if my page wld not even have had a last
word from me on the year and happenings
So how wld I describe this year..Busy one beaming with guests some amount of backache and then the lovely trips thrown in..
Went on a 4 day trip to Kerala in Nov.Roamed around kovalam, kanyakumari , allepey, trivnadrum..
Sole reason of going to Trivandrum was nostalgia..Had spent three months there in my training days so just wanted to check how has the city been all these
years. even saw OSO(Om Shanti om) there..It was nice cheering shouting with the crowd that made up for the not so likable first half of the movie for me..Pic is of ambrosia at bakery junction which used to our favorite treat joint..We were so excited at unexpectedly finding it but also were so happy that all we too there tasted so yummy

Kovalam was as pretty as ever but somehow that was not sufficient for me..The novel experience was the two hour fish catching ceremony on the beach.something I will never forget and which i can see happening before my eyes even today.Ceremony is the word not task I use. As that can rightly describe the untiring effort and focus,the rhytmic movements and the merriment around

Had just gone a walk by the beach in the morning when we noticed the fisherman pulling ropes whose lengths were hidden somewhere beneath the sea..Seconds changed to moments and moments to hour..we stood there watching.Cld see the rope's lengths after an hour..that was a new high among the fisherfolks..U cld see suddenly the movements going faster..Youths, in hope of getting a piece of final share,joined in the effort..

Foriegners joined in for the excitement of it. As the ropes came near some folks went inside the sea..Jumping near ,still far end of the net,it was dance celebrating the arrival ..As the net came nearer,efforts reached crescendo..On could feel the excitement in the air..Fisher men started singing ,a rythym complimenting their movements and at the same time conveying the hope..

Soon the catch was out and all the excitement was changed to business like demeanor in deciding the amount of share for everyone. Yeah did ntowit up to
see the further details as I had my bag full with a lifetime experience

Next stop was Kanyakumari..We took a taxi ,it was lush green everywhere..Hotel we got in kanyakumari was a pleasant surpise..Yipee we cld see the sunrise frm
the room and they even have a knock door service for this.
Got up early in the mrng to roam around the sea.Even though weather was not at its best we had the advantage of having risen early..lonely boats,clean blue sea all around,early mrng fish market bustling with activity were some of the images that still stay
with me

Took first ferry to vivekananda memorial in hope of beating the sun..Thiruvallur rock was new addition since my visit last time..knew the name thanks to abdul kalam's book wings of fire

Another major attraction for me there was the majestic look I cld get of the rock memorial ,as if rising out of the sea

Next day early morning we started for allepey..Houseboat(Mettuvalam) was another attraction we had thought abt going to..We decided for a six hour day tour and I can tell
you for sure though little expensive its a lifetime of experience u shld never miss

We had a crew of three with us boat captain(dont get a image of someone in whole white but its plain shirt and loongi ishstyle,one sitting without umbrella in the pic),one cook and I guess third one was giving the morals support to other two ;-)
Must say out captain was a sociable guy,honking his boat nearly every 5 minutes as a way of greeting someone he knew..And one colorful thing of all the ppl the boats nearby us he was the only one typical india with a colorful umbrella..All others had usual black ones

On discussing we came to know these boats are made by investment of somewhere around 20-30 lakhs and the high ends one can reach as high as 50 lakh..Its
literally a 2 bhk home inside with TV decent baths with hot clean water thrown in.Wld even go to the extent of saying better than some of the hotels we have stayed in. Lunch is such a nice feast..we choose to go in small canals and cld see the bustling activity on tiny strip of land on both sides..There were homes schools and even shops there. Boat head even showed us his home..we saw the longest snak boat the route of yearly boat raceand they hav boat clubs jsut like football clubs..Our boat captain was a part of such club and claimed to have been part of winning team in many races..
Six hours were a dream run and they simply passed by..we being mesmerised by the lovely views .But end it did and with it our kerala trip..

For me this wld be the remembrance of the year..Hope to have more for such moments in the year to come..

Wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year ..
Trivia: Must thank doctor bejan singh who game me some jaan when some foreign object invaded my eye..TO hubby who took me all the way from kanyakumari to
nagercoil just for something in my eye which I wld have avoided.. and in such case surely wldn't have had any trip to remember

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little Delights

Last one and a half month have been nothing but full of walks, gastronomic delights (yummy laddos ,chocolate cakes loads of golgappas) with little bit of scrabble and bluff(a card game and I am the bluff queen :-)) thrown in..

Durga puja has started,dashhera is right a the door step and diwali coming in..looks like the eating days are not gonna end soon.Actually they have just started. Not that I mind :-)

Was so down and out today,not seen a single pooja mandap in all these pooja days..Finally ventured out looking for puja pandals.Got two :-)Had a funny scene of a lady turning & staring at me then her kids and then her hubby...Weirdo. thank god came out they were acquaintances.. Had an impromptu lunch with hubby's langotia yaar,yummy food and new restraunt.
On our way to next pandal also got a ganna juice waala after a long time.Had a perfect day end sitting in park for an that's some record and weather was so very best at 3 in afternoon..Hmm A perfect day..
I absolutely love days like this when u feel things are made right just for you .
Home now and it's raining yipee what more can I ask for..hearing to the rain drops and writing my blog..
Recently seems like i have found my walking foot and companion as have been walking loads recently and its good to get so much of fresh air in your system..found nilekani's house in one of these walks.yeah somehow wanted to know which one is millionairre's row lol.
Have been going there for quite some time..It's just on the other side of the road but it seems like a world lost in itself..U have to enter the road and u have left all the noises behind. Tree's are there lining the roads on both side..branches meet each other at the centre of road,ensuring a heavenly welcome. Flower buds there everywhere on the road,sun shines thru the branches,uare not deprived of the sunlight but at the same time the coolness around makes u love the walk..Does not matter what the time or season this is how it feels there..
Not that roads there are good,neither the gov nor the millionaries has taken to making it nice smooth road but good avoids loads of vehicular movement there..
Now that rains are dropping in as and when they wish,need to get a wind cheater(are these really the right spelling's ) to cheat those winds,rains for my walks..Is that why cheater in its name ;-)

Discovered Lumbini garden's. Was a surprising delight in bangalore..reached at the right time to be in the boat watching the pretty sun set..Romantic for sure I am..

Learnt new ishtyle sambhar,which as been a hit..Recipie transfered from raipur to Bangalore yeah thanks to sweta's chachi & of course sweta..Funny how recipies travel..

Reading seems to have been going a little slow..books I would have read in few days take two fortnights to read..reading some classics somehow I find then interesting yet funny..Underlying facts(strength of women characters,men chivalory,the gossiping world) i see in them are as true in today world as well.just the packaging is different..

Have been doing loads of house hunting,thankfully not for me this time..Saw some PG's..Quite an eye openers they were..Little bunkers with a bed,no sunshine..we had better days for sure I think friends make things a lot easier going for you.still remeber fondly of mumbai friends.So must thank all of them for the good times I had

T20(cricket) is going on..I can't understand those weirdo dancing in there..Can't they have better dancers at least..the steps are so repeatitive and funny.. Poor ppl like me,can't even see the dance lol
Wish you all great pooja's and happy dusshera

Here is one of my fav pics in nandi hills,I call it sharing the duppata secret..

Enjoy and have a nice time

Pic at the top is another favorite love the leaf shades in there

Friday, September 07, 2007

Home Roam

Got tired of the same pic on my page.So thought now is the time to have a new post ..funny how we decide time for new post..I envy John for his regular new postings he is fast..My end to end time to finish a post is quite high.Considering,have to do spell checks grammar checks am so finicky abt which pic I want so will do trial error so many times..Now I know for sure,it really needs real effort for writers writing those long pages till they get it to their mind's perfection..

Back from home and had been a nice long trip..Went to doon and mussorie as well.Had to really blackmail my parents for the trip which according to them was not worth doing without my hubby or bro..And we talk about all the progessive society talk..Trip was good and it looked like parents enjoyed..Me surely did.

Finally my desire to visit the red fort was fullfilled.went in the night for light and sound show.Meena bazaar was so nice and the purse at 125 was something that for the first time in my life I did not even think of bargaining..To be honest I wld have been ashamed had I done so it was so intricately done..At the end me and mom both had one :-) One in pic is what I had

Something I find worth mentioning here..Meena bazzar was run by females for the females inside the Red fort.And it would open only on Friday when all the menfolk were in Jama masjid offering their prayers..I still can not stop laughing at the underline message though, prayers for men and shopping for women..:-)

Red fort looked so gorgeous and as we were waiting for the light and sound show,the security guard started telling us about the magnificent past of it..I never thought guards wld really know anything about it was a nice surprise..he literally told us all to sit in a lane like student and we were all ears,to what was being said. I wish I was able to click some pics of the so often seen Kila front on TV but the night was too dark..Light and sound show was well intended but definitely a disppointment and the scorching delhi heat made it worse.. Imagine it was night time..Only reason I can be thankful is the show gave me reason enough to make the effort to visit the Fort. The pic is of purana qila..I find them so pretty, they say its on the site of indraprashta(Pandava's capital,if it ever existed) and ASI has found signs of at least seven citites beneath this

One of changes that happens when I went for Bglr to delhi is the language..I am so used to speaking here in english when phone or enquiring..So was a plesant surprise when enquiring abt sound show the guy on the other side of the phone said Mam do u know hindi can u please speak it..Was a nice change for me,weird how less it is now that I speak of it..Home conversations are the only one I can count on..

Mussorie,home town of my favorite author Ruskin Bond.Did not even try to find him or where he lives..Hubby says a lifetime oppurtunity missed,might be he is right but could not imagine meeting him and then what?? Think it is better this way that I like him. Though it wld have been nice meeting accidentally ;-) well we all can dream can't we?

For a change I loved mall road which is nothing but a road full of all those typical chotta mota shops.Did not do much of shopping but the walk was so nice..It was the prefect cloudy dreamy weather..and the road had that nice old world charm..No cars vehicles allowed added to the lure of it for me..It was only rickshaws or ur own two foot..At the end of the walk went into a shop. We were able to finalize four items in a span of 15 minutes when we had come only for one,Speaks for the quality of the shop and of course its keeper as well..

There is so much i do not want to miss but think then it would be more of a trave blog or is it alreayd one..Here is FRI(Forest Research institute),built in 1929 no cement construction..Bldng was so impressive.Found out the willow tree used in making cricket bats..

Sulphur springs were yummy and we even had a nice chapak chapak in sahastrdhara..Shiv Temple was a rarity..No chadawa allowed and hence no kachra inside..So clean with prasad changing every hour..U even get tea as prasad..I hope I do not sound greedy :-)

Drive back was full of adventures as our driver got hold up for a challan,our fuel was on low and all the pumps in doon had closed owing to some fight..But seems luck was on our side and we made it back safely and nicely..

Back the weather is good and getting cold..So giving me all the oppurtunity to use my newly bought sweaters ;-)

Still gleaming in the beauty of it all..

And here is something I would love to share with all of you..Check out

I see it nearly once every day and have a good laugh..
So u all enjoy

Monday, August 13, 2007

Real and Virtual

Its Mid August and no postings.Last I had was on 9th July.. just saw(I mean really sawww) the dates today..Long hiatus guess..

Independence day is near..How does that make u feel..I don't know I feel nothing from inside u know I mean like when something means to you in real sense.Might be I am not patriotic enough or something..Yeah I love those AR Rehman new releases every 15th ,get goosebumps when i see flashes of our freedom fighting pictured all over channels I can be feel very proud when I hear out anthem from a distance every time recited in one or the other school functions..I even recite it with them but that's a momentary feeling ain't it what after this?? I mean its more of a festival feeling(ain't that how I believe many of us treat it)..Might be its before my era that I can never fathom things as they shd be but yeah I am thankful that I can do what I want,go where I want and live like I want..So Thanks INDIA and all those who gave us his all..and I am proud to be here.

Got XBox 360(gaming thing) recently..and its yummy.I love the car racing game.Somehow I can never take turns in one go..My car goes totally in reverse after a huge bump..Once derailed,after that I can't even go straight and its a humpty dumpty ride after that..One bump on right,another on the left Sounds funny..It makes me really laugh..But yeah now after a few days of gaming its little improved I do get hit still but at least can go forward and complete the race

Went on a drive this Sunday..Roads were as neat and weather nice..And I realized I missed the roads..Must give this to TN
they have really maintained their roads well and just stretch back to Karnataka u need to even go 1 km to see the difference..There is broken road as soon as u enter karnataka welcoming you:-)

went to reliance plaza for a breakfast of dosas..Nothing extraordinary as in food but a nice concept..Decent sitting area, food(little less than decent I wld say but ok),freshning up options and petrol, all at one place..

Drive was interesting.. I was comparing the car steering to my gaming ways..I mean I cld really see turns and say ohh on this turn I wld get hit in my game and here in real world my car steering worked just the right way.(Must say Thank god for it working right way lol).So that's what u call mixing up the real and virtual worlds..
Noticed quite nice back truck quotes on the way..Loved this one
the way daboo choudhary has declared himself "Chora Jaat ka" Funny gave me a good laugh and I patted myself on clicking it so nicely I mean both we and truck were moving at 100 kmph..I am still smiling on this one.

Ready to go home after a gap of nearly one year..and this one is a real longg trip..yeah I do not remember when last I had gone for 9 days end to end..

Am reading Stephen King nowadays..whenever I used to say his name I always got an image of guy on wheelchair with some life support system.But then on the back of novel there was a different person looking at me.Well some days back figured out why I have this image..Stephen Haw"King" is what I thought of , now tell me with such similaritites in name how am I to blame..


Monday, July 09, 2007

It was federer versus nadal game again in finals..Oh I do not know even an iota of tennis..But yeah I do keep a tab on news..and guess its the upteempth time I have heard the two play against each other in finals..Guess after that Boris Becker,Pete Sampras era, this is another when I know names of players..

Knowing my equation with sports,if I know both of these names then it's like saying joey(friends am sure u guys wld have heard of it) figured something out..An indicator these really are great days for tennis..For me whom do i prefer to win is entirely a question of persona for me..Any day I wld love federer to win..Was surprised to see he does not even whine when making those powerful shots..No idea how he does it but I do not remember a single playe,of whatever little tennis I have seen of, who does not shout at the top of his lungs..Now am not sure if these are really required shouts or more kindaa I shout louder than u show..But be assured,such gentlemanly charm surely makes my vote go for the guy ;-)

Went for tea to my landlords place..Cute couple they seem like..Will post a pic of theirs some day. Loads of plants they maintain,I wish I cld as well but then me and plants our vibes do not go together quite well :-)

Loads of reading and reading..Seems my appetite has grown many fold in last few years..By now librarian's(yeah there are few of them rotating) of course knows me by face..

Latest am reading this book called "The Egyptologist".Anything to do with mummies,egypt catches my(am sure there are thousands more like me) eye.Tried thinking many times why so..Think there is that element of mystery,suspense,grandieur be it of their tombs,riches inside, all give us a glimpse of a great era left behind..And that's what allures us..

But then I see questioning myself,why my own history not allures me?? Guess a bit of that I wld attribute to the textbook ratto style in my school days ,which made sure I was away from anything to do with history for a very very longg time..

Talking of today,even all the ho halla abt the taj being in wonders,cld not make sure a single piece broadcasted on taj and what makes it such a wonder..What the beauty inside is and how its been holding all these years and what do all the pretty patterns inside mean..

Do u remember anything on Indus civilization?? I do,some of those potteries in history book and fact that it was a great acheivement for that time.Not a word on their structured town planning,sewage systems and fine designed jewellery ..
Try finding out the same for romans/egyptians,and u can the whole of roman city re-created as it was in those days..Yeah I really did seeing shows where they explained all abt their town planning,living style,all the day life nuances...

Now how can i not be mesmerized with information as beautifually pictured as that..How I wish I cld have something like this happening in to our country's heritage..

It was all those phirang desi's books which really ignited my interest..I personally believe they have more dilligently tried to understand our own past.Try reading a tully or william's Age of kali, and u wld see our own country,its landscape with such a surprise..

Phew sounds like a history lesson and that too from someone who knows nothing abt it..Is this what happens if u are too deep in reading..;-)

With the live earth campaign, I am trying to get rid of my habit of having so many lights switched on..Putting off all the power switches after charging and all..Not sure how much that helps but then can try.Did I see sav earth live,nah,not my kindaa music. Somehow am waiting for MTV Aids campaign which happens every year, really curious to see if they change as well to MTV earth or some kindaa..well with all the climatic change thing taking priority I am expecting that to happen..

Trying to watch movie in bangalore is quite a harrasment..Even on weekdays u get all the shows booked all the time..Need to wait at least 2 weeks before I can get my hands on the tickets..

Whole of bangaloru has no other pass time I guess..Well with all the traffic jams I guess this is the easiest way to chill out
Need to go and get my chef cap on now..Bye till then

Note :Pic above is from lalbagh somhow posted it for thinking of "Save Earth" campaign

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just back from another marriage..Last wedding for quite a few years to come..Had a nice time now that hubby was there with me..(Engagement he was not there.) Will be sometime before we have any other such oppurtunity to have lavish get togethers ;-)

Best part was whole day mehendi session.Every lady and kid had mehendi on their hands..This time artist was not that good as mehendi designs didn't have that fine quality but that was subdued by the joy of all of us having mehendi,comparing our designs and even getting mehendi tatoos..

Back to bangalore now..Nice weather is such a huge relief.Recently joined a library..Very nice one,whole collection listing is online. I can browse reserve and even get home delivery done for a cool price of Rs 10..Not that I never knew of this library just it's very to near to my current home.So that made me finally take the plunge.Read like I hadn't read in years but then that's true to an extent..Took three books in first go and had 2 finished in a day..Been an yearand only books I have touched are our weekly dose of India Today week and others,apart frm few buys here and there..Seems like at least for first two months I am going to do a real good usage of the library ;-) Plan to catch upon Ruskin Bond Anita Desai Mark Tully ,thrillers(not good at author's names here)

Sunday was spent catching upon the reading and best part was me and hubby sitting outside and doing the reading..With all the rains in the nights,weather is getting prettier day by day,though a little colder for me..Even went for a drive with nice winds blowing..For the first time told hubby to take a U turn and go home..somehow the cold wind made me homesick..Never was so desperate for home warmth and cosy bed.

Got a new haircut.More of a doc suggestion than a desire for change.Was quite apprehensive not sure how it looks but it is quite difficult to let ur long tresses go,however thin they might be ;-) Both me and hubby are trying to get used to it..

Latest I read in paper they actually are going to develop the Ramnagaram as a tourist spot..So long due..On my last visit I was wondering why this idea had not stuck anybody till now.Sholay was released in 76 and it's been good 30 years.Anyways good at least they are thinking on those lines not sure execution will take how many years..

Weather has with it brought power cuts and everytime darkness fells I am thankful for the UPS I bought..Phew my stomach is aking all those hungry noises.Time for lunch.

Note:Purse in pic above is my favorite..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life seems to getting back on track.Had anniv on 29th and day was so nicely spent.Got mehendi done. Came out very pretty at least in my eyes.My wish of spending real long time in oxford bookstore was fulfilled ..This was followed by dinner at leela's..Last I visited leela was on my B'day so u can understand my fondness for the same..Dinner was decent but the lovely part was the decor..Well yeah u can't eat the decor for that matter but without that how can a day be special.

Inlaws visited a day after,had nice dinners outings and loads of cooking.Too short a visit so did not go anywhere much. Got to know even about few other bhanjaas and bhanji's who are studying in bangalore..and suddenly I found out I am mami to so many ppl..So from the much heard of bhabhi now the latest one is much heard mami..

Finally started chatting again ,that's an important improving milestone for me..

Losing my hair fast nowadays not that I have many but am sure wouldn't look nice if I have none left..Planning a visit to hair doctor soon..tried mix of amla shikakahi and reetha powder.Na Na I did not do all the hard work of powdering and all.Too lazy to do that.U get powder in shops.It's cool I mean u need not use any shampoo and makes ur hair soo soft
Finally am back to finishing my quota of movies..Cheeni kum was lovely, though I am not sure it is for bachelors. I say this for quite a few movies Reason I have a feeling at times u just can't understand the intimacy comfort level or say equation u can share with a person at various levels. It is only when u are well into ur life or marriage for sometime that u realise that it has so many shades.Now this makes me real curious about the director who made it if he is married or bachelor..well google search not much of help here ;-)
Just back from hospital visit and found out I need to reduce my weight as it is pressurising my poor spine..Quite some work ahead for that. Here shot of my favorite mehendi .

As said earlier last few days been raining and has given my front yard a nice dreamy look..Was just standing on the balcony when decided to use my mobile cam and took few pics..Two of my favorites are here..Enjoy

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's the time of the year which I love most..Rains..this year rains are much more prettier than any other as I am into a independent house ground floor..So I got an aangan/peechwaada and even front real small garden as well..So I can just step out when I want to and be under the roof when I want to be a mere spectator..

This house has a mango tree..yeah u heard it right.At most weird times of day one can hear these sudden big bangs of mangoes landing right in my backyard.Half of them eaten by birds frequenting the tree..Since I came here I have been a keen listener of loads of different bird voices..Google is coming up with new video search..Imagine u putting in a small pic and it will find out all similar pics and their details for u. How I wish they had a audio search where I can just place in the bird voices and they can find out the details of the birds for me..sometimes I wish I knew the voices better and could say names like whistling thrush and what not..I do hear loads of whistles in my backyard but not sure if they belong to the variety said..

Want to put up a bird bath kindaa thing..wld be real interesting..have a huge diya and many times, the thought of converting the same into a bird bath has crossed my mind ..

It's quite different a feeling living on your own rather in an apartment..No security whom I can call anytime of the day to whine light is not there. Instead I need to look out for problem source..Ringing owner's bell is a nice way of finding out if its a colletive failure or only my concern ;-) Surprisingly this is the first city stay for me where power cuts are so common but am sure now such is the situation in most of the cities..
Another important tip for non starters like me, voltage dim is a generic phenomenon and not home specific..So need not bother just say gods name and have belief in our power supply units.Another intresting aspect always try looking into ur neighbor's home,and u might discover something interesting like TV is still working :-) and can help u kill some time
Also CFL's(compact fluorescent lamp) work wonders in such conditions..Nothing else wld glow but CFL won't give u away and light up the home for you..Just the other day read an article on how a village has reduced their power cuts by saving the power by using these wonder lamps..

Life is different now that I am down and out with this weird slip disc thing..Been so long since had any outings..Just the other day was watching my sandal,how long since wore it..Now adays a small sneeze can make me feel all the 306 muscles in my body.Yeah and some of them u never even realized were there.I surely know my body more than I knew in all those years of studying :-)

Plans to go out this weekend though.One visit to my doc and another to cheeni kum. Hope Big B does not disappoint me..waiting eagerly for Penguin's love story on NatGeo, 27th at 8 pm..again voiced by Big B..So do try to catch it up and have a happy weekend.

Note: Pic is of my adorable nephew who recently turned one ..and also tells of the nice times I had at my in laws

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Been a month but time flies away or must say runs away..How the nitty gritties of the daily life can keep u busy considering that now I got no other job than sit at home :-) Weird...
Had loads of relatives visiting starting from chotti maa,chotte babu my devar..So had endless get togethers,eating outs,eating ins, dinners, and of course shopping sprees..and the fact that hubby's bday fell in during the exact same time was an added reason for all the fun and gala time.

But then all masti maza had to end but here it did end with a thud..Came down with severe backache and never could believe myself when I just could not get up from the bed. Acupressure rocks though still going on allopathy as well..
Did the house shifting. yeah another one our average surely is one per year.During one of those early conversations with the new landlord called him Mr kumaraswamy.For unknowns Mr kumaraswamy is the CM of karnataka.How stupid can I get..

Yet to get used to the new house and set it up properly. Day One went only in guiding the movers and packers on keeping the things at right place..and next day morning we started for Ahmd..Need to set my abode again once back.
Now at my in law's place for some rest,shopping and few more cautious getaways..I know difficult to amend ways ..
Went to this mall called gallops. It had a wonderful horse sculpture with "Photo Prohibeted" Tag on it. Instead they could have placed artist's name somewhere.Might have bought some publicity and money to the artist..Was surprised to see the loads of new buildings , malls and hanging out places coming up in a year,bought loads of lightings and of course crowds on the roads though nothing in compared to the metro's...This is just the start but I hopethey do not overdo it. But yeah I know that's quite subjective. Malls are great equalizers I believe..U will see all categories of ppl whether they have money in their pocket or no money venturing out and checking what's inside..Yes I have seen this even in Bglr and more so in Ahmd, u will find college kids, window shopping ppl ,village going junta with their women folk doing their outing (of course this proprotion is little less now but I am aure same won't be the case soon), buddhist monks (this made me really smile) and at the end ppl with deep pockets.
It surely has something for everyone.
Saw a small garden outside some complex..Loads of ppl with their families resting their after dinners..Kids doing their khel and tactics was good to see there are still ppl around who after dinner instead of being glues to TV sets are out there enjoying with the families..

Ahmd is so hot even at night seven u can feel the heat being radiated from the earth.It is such a dry land that it is difficult to find any greenery on the outside..Suprsingly the mornings are cool till 9 -9 :30..So gives me just sufficient enough time to get up and read my paper in the garden ..Yeah they have a pretty huge garden..Best part is while u read by the birds come by in the garden hopping near you here and there,unaffected by ur presence. Quite a refreshing feeling.Rest of the day not much can be done except sit in the AC talk,sleep.So good enough time to catch up on things.
Met another of my family friends here and seems she is also down with slip disc..So had a classic meeting with her with both of us lying on beds and discussing away.

Never mentioned about this movie "Bheja Fry" Went just to kill some time and this one had decent reviews..Came out feeling why what a day. Still remember it was a day after my slip disc and I was laughing so hard, that i was real afreaid of hurting my back..A gem of a movie, u do not see many of them nowadays. So if u are in need of a hearty laugh do keep some time for this, u are not gonna regret this one. I remember that guy Vinay pathak from his khosla ka ghosla days (I simply mean that I have been keenly observing his performances since then not that I know him :-)) Knew he was good but this good..Cool Sil(sis in law) is coming tomm. so might make up a plan again this time with the whole family though.

Tea Time,so need to go and make one for myself..enjoy
Note:Pic there is decoration I did for hubby's bday..was a nice idea about using diwali lightings.. :-)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Another shifting in offing..No change in the city though,not that city shift would have really bothered me. Even though bangalore is acquiring all the mumbai's characterstics, population hot temperatures pollution,traffic jams..I wish it had somehow brought with it some of the vibrancy that mumbai has. Every city has a character of its own like we humans..and bangalore's charm was that easy laid back old city with tree lined narrow streets..Must be a poet or an artist's heaven..But somehow city has been stretched to its limits(like every other city though) and not be able to reinvent itself..Mumbai on the other hand is a vibrant city,not sure abt
artist's but definietly paradise for ppl who got the courage to be lost in the crowd and then come at the top..Though stretched to its limits it keeps offering u surprises at every turn..Kolkata will always be a city still in time wrap..Though I wld give it to the CM for trying hard to change its image but I still believe that's not kolkata at heart..It's a city where time stands still and ppl want to revel in it..Ppl full of proud aristrocracy at times difficult to digest it's 20th century.. Voices they raise about equality,sometimes I feel its written text admiration that fascinates them. Hand pulled rickshaws,the ease with which they use it quoting some hi fi text is a image
I find hard to forget..

Back to bangalore,temperatures are soaring real high with no rains to bring in the relief this year..went to yercaud to get away from the heat.Nice roads to drive on and
enjoyable journey esp if u start early.Though afternoons were as hot,mornings and evening were deliciously cool..went for morning walk..A good day's start what I call them.
To our surprise came across Mont Fort School..Established in 1831,nagesh kukonoor's rockfort was shot here..That brings to my mind how do these guys really hunt for movie
locations..I mean finding out such a faraway school in a far far away town.Impressive.And yercaud is not famous place mostly know as poor man's ooty only . I knew it
existed from word of mouth..Or might be thats power of word of mouth in India. Spreads far and wide..
Did see namastey london recently..Katrina looks sooo pretty..Her presence lits the screen and u are awestruck by the beauty of it all..Absolutely loved her hairstyle..Wish I had enough hairs to go for something like that.Been on a movie spree(Borrowed from shopping spree)..Seen six movies in last two weeks. So much so that my neighbor knocked on my door to check if I was there..she assumed I was out of station..It's difficult to explain though that I was busy with movies :-)
Have been on few morning walks..Now there is this office going guy with longg legs..There we are trying to walk as fast as we can and this guy crosses us swiftly with his long strides..Always makes me feel so funny..Have never seen his face..I recognize him from his walk and hubby by the way he holds his mobile in his hand ;-)
Bangalore has been having its own share of stray dog issues..Was going to cyber cafe when this little gal noticed a dog on the street and shouted see see "Stray Dog" So difficult to get into kid's come from so many dogs loitering around the city she picked one out to label as stray..
Seen so many statements from animal lover's about how we should not kill stray dogs but vaccinate them..Only thing I do not understand is how will that solve the problem..Point is valid in long term but then vaccinating them still can't make a bunch of stray dogs dragging a little gal to death..Did not seem like they had the intention of a dog bite only. It's diffciult to go by even on morning walks alone..I feel scared when I see a bunch of 7-8 dogs loitering and I can assure you our shoo shoo will not even raise even an eyebrow on them..BMP is famously happy passing the buck on to NGO's saying they are not doing their job..It has to be a case of too much on
their hands and I personally believe it can be take care of only when both parties understand that u can take care of things till numbers are in control..It's as simple as asking can a teacher take care of 200 pupil class..

Looking for houses is getting difficult with all the heat around..Let's see what we get this time. Read in paper so many blogs are dying..Seen many die,some revive some do not. quite curious about the ones who die..Is it that there is nothing more to say or just a fad
that passes of..Never know might find someday myself

Till Then Have Fun

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Holi

Have seen a pattern to my writing but then I am sure everyone has their own patterns. After all the ho halla is over can be some function.festival or internal uthal puthal, and then when I am in one of those reflection moods that's when I sit down to write..Going by the rate I write seems like I reflect too much ;-)

Just over with the holi bash..I am sure as by now most of u would have an idea that I love festivals..So this one was no unusual event.Just another oppurtunity for me enjoy the revelry.This was the first time I played quite loads of dry colors.Always used to feel they are more dusty then wet colors .But guess with time things change and as I can hardly find pl around me who are ready to do with wet colors..So I got to go for change of mode..Though I did my shubharambh with wet colors but that's what it was, only a start..Rest of holi belonged to gulals..I love the medley of colors they provide All the yellows reds & jamuni's.

Had holi in the apartmnet as well and then a nice get together with close one's..Best part was the dishes I could make..Dhokla,cake,dahi bada,nimki and kheer..I surprised myself that I cld make quite decent preparations of all of them..Dahi bada recipie was shared by a friend of mine..Never knew a small portion of adrak(ginger) and soda could make so much of a difference..Chocolate cake was the most wanted items as I had to make many in succession to ensure a smooth demand supply equation..And I never knew I could make kheer for ten people at a go..Made it in cooker thanks to idea confirmed by ma..Yummy it sounds.

One thing I missed was bhaang..I really wish I could have it some day in holi. Though I have serious doubts about that..Learnt thandai from neighbor and decided next year will add the same to my menu..Easy to make and adds to the holi feel..Esp. will let me crave less for bhang ;-)
Phew,was little tired at the end of it all..Monday was left with nothing but to finish off all the leftover sleep.
Had my tooth extracted recently. Got decayed so badly and all the time I was like why are things getting stuck here.Thanks god I went to the dentist.Hardly top part left.Even brought it home so it reminds me to take care of my teeth properly.

Now am sitting with this weird swelling on my face..By now my maid and sabji waali has asked for explanations..Though I have given them a truthful account,I have my own resrevations how much of it they understood considering they know no hindi and me no tamil..Just hope they are not thinking husband has beaten me up lol lol Poor him..

Might have to shift homes..Another week to know and then will have to start home hunting..
Did make one of my first canvases at last..Am no good at drawing so was thinking of copying a drawing but all my efforts to do so failed..Yeah I do not know how to copy on a canvas.Any ideas there are welcome. So finally had to draw myself.Made a bunch of flowers with all the colors I had in my kitty :-) Holi effect I guess

Won't say outcome is that good.Still waiting for hubby to come and see how he reacts..he is the best critic though it's always hard to believe what u did is not good enough.
I always have to think hard for words to end a post..Thank god am not a writer,else this would have been real nightmare
So ending the post by hoping all of u had agreat holi.

PS: At times I feel like I am writing a letter as in old days uncle and aunts used to do..writing all of that has happened in a simple postcard or envelope..Seems like a lost art today :-)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Flying Time

Read another ruskin bond..

Loved the conversation mentioned by ruskin bond with one of his readers. Reader says I also want to be a writer like u getting paid for those idyllic moments lying on the grass, looking at the world. Well I must say I cldnot agree more ;-) and now am owner of 2 more of his books. Though one of them gifted :-)

Have u ever noticed how when u r craving to know more about things they just fall into ur lap. This has happened to me many times. I have my in laws in ahmedabad and there u will find these real colorful motorbikes with long lorries attached for various purposes. I always thought of clicking one and finding out more about them as I had never seen anything like them anywhere else..

Been a year since then and suddenly in my flight, I find this jet airways magazine where an article has covered details of this colorful monster..Voila that was such a nice surprise.Tried searching for the pic on net but there are none.. I promise in my next visit to ahmd there wld be one from my camera :-)

We Indians have quite a creative mind coming up with such colorful combo's.But the cream of the cake goes to the fact that design is approved by Auto Association of India..Did I see any eyebrows raised well mine did..
They are called chakkadas name attributed from the fact that the body is assembled from six parts of different vehicles. AND they have even successfully exported these. Wohoo

Was on a visit to ranchi for a family function..Flight was via Kol,so got some time to rewind my days in Kolkata..Went to my old house(a friend lili di still stays there ) and had a real nice time..
She gave me those home made momo's..In kol for two years I never tasted them wondering they look so raw and tasteless, owing to fact they are made by steaming. But one bite and all my notions went to the wind..Simply yummy and when served with spicy veggie soup, u can even call it exotic. I can still feel the taste lingering..

Had darjeeling tea with Marie biscuit..This is something that I had learnt from Lili Di. I used to go her place for tea just for the combo And I cherish it till date.
Back at home..On my visit gave away two of my works. One to Di and another to ma in law. This time definitely plan to start on a canvas..Let's see how this turns out to be.

A New Day and a New Moment..

Note:The pic above is of the hall decor..Absolutely loved the satin on white look and clicked..Simple yet eye catching. Also quite diasppointed byt the fact that could not get chakkada pic on net..Blog seems to be incomplete without same :-( Only reference I could find of it on net was

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feb MakeOver

Jan rollovers to Feb and still no new entries in my blogspot..No this time won't blame it on my laziness or so.. just that have been busy roaming around..But then when do I not do so ;-)
Republic day long weekend we had decided to go to ooty..Bangalore-ooty is 6 .5 hr drive..Highlight of first part of drive was preparations for republic day function going on in schools on the way..
We were lucky enough to see these preparation in varying stages as we kept driving along..Interesting experience it was..One of schools had this small kid climbing the rod where the tiranga was to be flown later on..he was doing the initial arrangements.Must be real acrobat the way he was moving up.Saw school kids in colorful attires. One school had gals in all white attire coupled with orange duppattas..Somehow it was not looking dhinchak as it sounds..Another place school kids had these tiranga friendship bands in their hands.Even we bought a small flag for our car :-) So Belated Happy Republic day to you all

Went through bandipur and madumulai forest areas..On our way back spotted peacocok,deer elephant,monkeys and langurs..Might be going inside cld have seen more but from the outset it hardly looked many animals are there.
Ooty was a pleasure experience though.Best was our morning walk..Running up and down on the mountains in chilling cold,pretty morning surroundings and those princely villas is anytime a wonderful experience..Saw so many of those huge houses with even huge gardens there..Not sure how people maintain them though..We stayed on Havelock road and even saw havelock house on that road..Not sure who is named after whom :-)
Finally fulfilled my dream of an enjoyable horse ride..My first horse ride was in darjeeling..I must have been in 8th at that time.I remember being so excited abt taking the horse ride but when i really was on the horse,all my hopes crashed..I was a sickly kid with my nose always flowing at any given oppurtunity to do so..Horse's gallop combined with the air chill was an excellent trigger..After that only thing I remember is me struggling with my hanky and the reins of horse, trying to save myself from falling off. Phew so much for the excitement. This time I really wanted to give it another better chance..Taking clue from my prior experience,I got my afternoon lunch packed so I will have it after the ride.. Ride turned out to be a memorable event and the track they followed was next to ooty lake with the tall eucalyptus trees around.Made me crave for more.Next time I plan to take even a bigger route :-)

Took the toy train ride..this was something in my must do list..The small little compartments in blue were so cute..I found the stations and the cute look of the train even better than the ride :-) And the ticket was a small amount of Rs 7.
Got my friends over from paris here and two days were finishing his list of shopping..Thanks to fabmall was a one stop shopping and we nearly finished everything in a whopping 1 hour straight..A neat feat ain't it..Had another friends party yesterday..Still trying to get over from the party hangover..An enjoyable time overall..

Winter seems to be slipping away and afternoons are getting hotter and messier.Will go and get a nap..Enjoy the day

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Looking Back

Been quite a cold day.Not a single ray of sunshine in my balcony .One of the days when all you want to do is curl up in ur bed with your favorite books..Bedspace full of magazines,books around which I had been planning to read for soo long..Finally the day has come....Made myself cosy in those lovely quilts and spent the day flipping books,day dreaming and sleeping

And of course my beloved tea breaks thrown in between..After a long time had lemon tea(hot of course..I am more of a hot drink person than cold one).Always brings back the memory of my distant Dadi. she was my grandma's sister. It was she who had introduced me to kaava tea first..I remember her visiting us when I must have been around 10 years of age.she had this habit of getting up real early in the mornings,when whole house was asleep and making kaava for herself.Somehow one day I tasted it,and that's how I got hooked to it..During the rest of her stay (which was for a month or so) of all three of siblings of us , I was the one to get up early just to share that cuppa tea with her..I used to have my cup and then would go back to sleep. I can't feel or remember today the taste of that kaava but the feeling associated with it, is there so clear in my mind.Some time it is surprising how some of these memories are still so fresh in our minds..These are the ones you cherish most I guess..weird that I do not remember much else of her trip except this one incidence..So today's tea to her..

I do not even know if she remembers me as that was the only time when we met..But I am sure had she been listneing to this she would be a happy soul..That reminds me of the story behind her name "Parsinni"
My grandmaa used to tell us about her family.Best story was how my grandma's sister was named "parsinni".As we know girls in those days were not as welcome as boys.(Holds true even today to some extent). So when after my gradma, my grand grand pa(her father) had another daughter, they said we are too happy ("prasann") with two daughters and we want no more..Hence the name "parsinni" . ;-)

Now my grand ma and her sis both are no more but I still remember them at times like this and always wish I had some more time with them..Or the time I had I should have asked for more stories from them :-) So this one blog for all my loved ones..

Coming to writing ,I do quite a bad job first lol..(I know what r you guys thinking) What I mean here is I need to read my blog at least two to three times before I can even think of publishing it..There are so many mistakes of all kinds grammatical..words crumbling over each other..looks as if I was trying to write as fast as my mind can think..If I publish my blogs without few rounds of proof reading they come out so raw..check out my last blog,simple laziness made me skip a third proof reading and look at the half sentences or half finished words leading suddenly to a completely different sentence.

And when I go back to them I always think,gosh is this what I have written..

At times life is so weird..There is simply no end to perfection..or trying to do better..What if some day I suddenly get tired and say I want to improve no more..Knowing myself I am completely capable of this..But I really wish such a day never comes..Gosh such gloomy thoughts not sure why are they entering my head..Is this what no sunshine does to you :-) Or is this post holiday blues for me as well. The thought makes me smile for sure
Waiting for tomorrow..Sunshine day awaits me..Till then enjoy

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year

Start of another year.sure all of you wld have had a great time.

This time of the year is making me feel all the more lazy..Had a nice XMas ime with my niece..and then New year time with my SIL(sis in law).so it's good to be back home now.. Love enjoying the sun in my balcony with a paper as company..Peace prevails..Is it that I am getting old..Well i refuse to believe so but read sometime back,this is the time when teenagers feel highly depressed.(So as pr the study I sure am no more teenager.. ok :-( ). Reason stillness of life after all the ho hungama starting from pre XMas bash and lasting till New year.

Guess shld call it post holiday blues..Or is this an already existing jargon
was mentioning to one of my friends I love holidays now as I know I got no work next day ;-) Saw Vrindvan garden in night and enjoyed bowling..went there saying I won't play much but ended up playing for two of us..Yes even played for my sil as dropped out at the last moment..
After a long time tried cycling..Was quite a relief to see I can still ride one..Though must say was little surprised by the fact that the flexibility was missing.

Been making use of my so many sarees lying in the closet.Should say was on a saree wearing spree..Must say there is not another attire as pretty as this one..Hides all those tires at the wrong places and still makes you look so pretty..Ever thought abt the origins of this one..Do not know much except that it is one of the oldest attire dating some 5k yrs back

do you ever wonder what has New Year in store for you?? I always used to wonder what more is to come..Somehow this year feel different..So here is welcoming 2007 and

Wishing you all great days ahead..