Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wedding season

Just back from Bhopal.Wedding season it seems it was. Heard in TV delhi had 35,000 wedding in a day..Now thats quite something..Reason last auspicious day of the season..Seems like us indians habit of doing things at last moment catches up here as well :-)

Wedding are always fun time..Best part being the family get togethers.So here is a pic of all the cute kids posing,who were quite happy with the fact that they cld see their pics immediately after taking them..One of the reasons they were all ready to pose any time
Main function was in a palace turned hotel called Jehanumma.. Made in 1890 and turned into a hotel in 1950's. Could even locate a chamber of princes there..Wish they had a guided tour as well, oops who knows they had as I never asked..:-(

One of the pics of the pretty settings around..Never knew bhopal also had an uneven terrain with main stretch of road going up and down like in hilly regions.

Journey back home was in train and me watching all the time the scenery around.Best part was getting the side seats, where u can just lie down and keep on wacthing outside..

No need to turn ur head at weird angles like u do in other seats.(BTW this was quite frustrating for hubby considreing his height it is a difficult task fitting in.)

Never seem to tire of landscape,trees,mountains,small ponds and every tiny thing runnning by..Want to see it all and wish it cld be like that even when my eyes are closed..Guess one of the reasons I love these long drives.

During another one of our long rides went beyond krishnagiri(that wld be approx. 100 km frm where we started). Drive on NH7 was such a delight that we even made future plans on the lines that we cld go to chennai and it would be only five hours of journey..Let's see how serious our thoughts were or was it just spur of the moment excitement speaking :-)

Took loads of pics..Of the rocks the water and of course the highway..I am sure some years down the line when I am through with this obsession with highway,land water pics I will realize,how repeatitive I was..But today every pic looks so different to me.. Check out family above who seems to live with in the confines of this tonga only..

Only stupid thing was that on my way back I realized,phew , that the same scenery was certainly more photogenic..but guess was too tired to take any more pics..So made another pledge to come again and this time take pics the other way..(Actually looking for excuses to go back). Loved the sheep and the house beyond..Can u see some special glow to that house not quie similar to those huts or brick houses..cld not find out the reason..

And here is the loney buffalo..Now u might say what did I find here..well not sure but ain;t the setting with mountains behind quite nice :-)
Once the toll road ended we entered the countryside..That's where actually we came across our dhaba..Here is to the pretty country roads and of course to the lush green kheth(Not able to remember the english for it so please bear with me)
And in the end me ready to go back..
Finally hungry and tired we came across a punjabi dhaba in the heart of tamilNadu.That was quite a surprise and we had nice butterchicken and naan..

Just back home and it feels so good to be on your own bed..slept peacefully after 7 days of roaming around..Blissful sleep..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Time

Weather is getting chillier and even though not good for my vocal chords it's good to feel the chill after soo many years..
U know the feeling of wanting to be in bed all the time..Sitting cosily in ur blankets and doing all the chit chat..Oh I love that feeling just wish there was someone to hand me over that so loved cup of tea and pakoda's as well..Ok I am dreaming too much..

Sunday was a nice day..went out for a night drive with hubby and out of the blue thought of a friend whose home we were passing by.Made a call and voila we were at her doorstep..Family was having a nice time sitting with blankets sprawling in front of TV(Gumanjee being watched avidly by their 2 yr old kid)..We also joined in the chat and yeah there was someone to hand me over that precious cup of tea..Yummy Nice time we had and after an hour we were on our way back to home..Some times such small pleasures are soo precious ;-)

Next week would be marriage time..Going to bhopal. already explored net for places I can go to..considering the time crunch we would be going thru, would miss upon sanchi.That's a buddhist stupas & all kindaa place two hour from bhopal..Should have planned earlier and could have extended the trip a day farther..Too late now :-(

Anyways to compensate for this ensure my New Year plan is on track..Planning to go to Pondicherry..Most difficult part I face is in explaining to my realtives what is in a place where I am going..As they understand mostly things like going to Temples,shopping and of course a very famous city..Now how do I tell them about this simple small town charm..well i am sure in few years they would stop questionin itself,considering my choices are anyways hopeless lol

XMas is also near and this time plan to listen to enjoy all the carols in the church near me..Yeah anyways I can always hear their saturday sunday prayers sitting in my bed so this wld be a good XMas as well..Yipee..At times I wish had some Christian frnds nearby where I can celebrate XMas..well does not matter as I plan to catch upon most of the festvities this time

So many of friends are catching up in orkut..Good to see them all there..I love some of the lalu jokes doing round..
This one is very common but I still Love it So here enjoy

Laloo Prasad sent his Bio Data - to apply for a post in MicrosoftCorporation, USA.A few days later he got this reply:
"Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad,We are sorry to intimate you that you do not meet our requirements.
Please do not send any further correspondence. No phone call shall be

Laloo Prasad jumped with joy on receiving this reply. He arranged aParty and when all the guests had come, he said: "Bhaiyon aur Behno,aap ko jaan kar khushi hogee ki hum Amereeca mein naukri paa gayahoon."Everyone was delighted. Laloo Prasad continued...... "Ab main aap sab ko apnaa appointmentletter padkar sunaongaa - par letter angreeze main hai - isliyensaath-saath hindi main translate bhee karoonga.

Dear Mr. Laloo Prasad ..... Pyare Laloo Prasad bhaiyya

We are sorry ...... humse galti ho gayee

to intimate you that .........aapko yeh batana hai ki

You do not meet ---- aap to miltay hee naheen ho

our requirement ---- humko to zaroorat hai

Please do not send any further correspondence ---- ab Letter vetter
bhej ne ka kaouno zaroorat nahee.

No phone call ---- phoonwa ka bhee zaroorat nahee hai

shall be entertained ---- bahut khaatir kee jayegi.

Thanks ---- aapkaa bahut bahut dhanyawaad

Enjoy the Day