Monday, April 02, 2007

Another shifting in offing..No change in the city though,not that city shift would have really bothered me. Even though bangalore is acquiring all the mumbai's characterstics, population hot temperatures pollution,traffic jams..I wish it had somehow brought with it some of the vibrancy that mumbai has. Every city has a character of its own like we humans..and bangalore's charm was that easy laid back old city with tree lined narrow streets..Must be a poet or an artist's heaven..But somehow city has been stretched to its limits(like every other city though) and not be able to reinvent itself..Mumbai on the other hand is a vibrant city,not sure abt
artist's but definietly paradise for ppl who got the courage to be lost in the crowd and then come at the top..Though stretched to its limits it keeps offering u surprises at every turn..Kolkata will always be a city still in time wrap..Though I wld give it to the CM for trying hard to change its image but I still believe that's not kolkata at heart..It's a city where time stands still and ppl want to revel in it..Ppl full of proud aristrocracy at times difficult to digest it's 20th century.. Voices they raise about equality,sometimes I feel its written text admiration that fascinates them. Hand pulled rickshaws,the ease with which they use it quoting some hi fi text is a image
I find hard to forget..

Back to bangalore,temperatures are soaring real high with no rains to bring in the relief this year..went to yercaud to get away from the heat.Nice roads to drive on and
enjoyable journey esp if u start early.Though afternoons were as hot,mornings and evening were deliciously cool..went for morning walk..A good day's start what I call them.
To our surprise came across Mont Fort School..Established in 1831,nagesh kukonoor's rockfort was shot here..That brings to my mind how do these guys really hunt for movie
locations..I mean finding out such a faraway school in a far far away town.Impressive.And yercaud is not famous place mostly know as poor man's ooty only . I knew it
existed from word of mouth..Or might be thats power of word of mouth in India. Spreads far and wide..
Did see namastey london recently..Katrina looks sooo pretty..Her presence lits the screen and u are awestruck by the beauty of it all..Absolutely loved her hairstyle..Wish I had enough hairs to go for something like that.Been on a movie spree(Borrowed from shopping spree)..Seen six movies in last two weeks. So much so that my neighbor knocked on my door to check if I was there..she assumed I was out of station..It's difficult to explain though that I was busy with movies :-)
Have been on few morning walks..Now there is this office going guy with longg legs..There we are trying to walk as fast as we can and this guy crosses us swiftly with his long strides..Always makes me feel so funny..Have never seen his face..I recognize him from his walk and hubby by the way he holds his mobile in his hand ;-)
Bangalore has been having its own share of stray dog issues..Was going to cyber cafe when this little gal noticed a dog on the street and shouted see see "Stray Dog" So difficult to get into kid's come from so many dogs loitering around the city she picked one out to label as stray..
Seen so many statements from animal lover's about how we should not kill stray dogs but vaccinate them..Only thing I do not understand is how will that solve the problem..Point is valid in long term but then vaccinating them still can't make a bunch of stray dogs dragging a little gal to death..Did not seem like they had the intention of a dog bite only. It's diffciult to go by even on morning walks alone..I feel scared when I see a bunch of 7-8 dogs loitering and I can assure you our shoo shoo will not even raise even an eyebrow on them..BMP is famously happy passing the buck on to NGO's saying they are not doing their job..It has to be a case of too much on
their hands and I personally believe it can be take care of only when both parties understand that u can take care of things till numbers are in control..It's as simple as asking can a teacher take care of 200 pupil class..

Looking for houses is getting difficult with all the heat around..Let's see what we get this time. Read in paper so many blogs are dying..Seen many die,some revive some do not. quite curious about the ones who die..Is it that there is nothing more to say or just a fad
that passes of..Never know might find someday myself

Till Then Have Fun