Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's Party

Spring is here and I can see all the colors blossoming all around me.I love the play of colors all
around me..Nice winds and amazing morning,evening breezes.Never knew Delhi has a pleasant weather phase as well..Surprisingly here it is and it reminds me so much of the bangalore..

Roamed around in malls and markets a lot during last few weeks as in laws were here..Discovered some new markets..I am a fan of lazingly roaming around in a market U get to see everything in abundance be it colors smells food shops people and love the feel of it all though I believe shopping takes away the focus from what I see lol Anyways will go to explore the markets some day later..Found a market in tilak nagar exclusively for Shaadi ka band baaza and accesories.Yeah there was a whole row of shops dedicated to gaana bazzana.Proper office with manequins playing bands in their typical dress..There were shops even the ghodhi waala and pretty carriages and all ..Amazing
Got the holi gujiya at a local shop and yummy it was total home kindaa taste..Finished the whole buy in just two days ..Gosh how gluttonous..It reminds me of what joey(frnds soap character) says when he is caught redhanded while finishing somebody else's cake "And I dont even feel guilty about it " :-D
While shopping in our sector mkt saw this guy wearing T shirt with slogan "we both know u want want me" I was so amused I think I stared at the lines quite a few times lol..One of the best one's I have read in recent times :D
Had some of the funniest moments with our pic above
Sample bhanja moments :D
-Sitting on the floor in a mall(we made him walk quite a bit) massaging his legs saying "Ab mein bahut thak gaya hoon"
-While going back "Mamma ka plane ticket nahi hein mein abhi lekar aata hoon"
-Checking my washimg M/C's logo(he cant read right now) and saying yeh LG hein na
-Asking me a logo when I said bajaj he replied "Bajaj Auto waala"
I was left amazed at how attentive creative expressive we are as a child and how set on a pattern as we grow up already moulded in our thinking biases..talking of biases..Kept a maid for cutting veggies(I hate this part of cooking) and here I get calls asking me if I am really okay letting a muslim do this..I was shocked by the blatancy of the question..I have seen the prejudices but in a gen above..This coming frm someone around my age was unexpeted

I must say I had quite impressive experiences with my maids..I still remember my mumbai maid who when came first to our house..We thought she was the head of some maid association..she had this mangalsootra heavy ear rings and saree with not even a slight wrinkle anywhere..And I never saw any wrinkle in her saree ever for as long as she worked in my house..Then I had a similar maid in Bangalore..I was amazed by her zest to give a better life to her kids fighting a non supportive husband and in laws..she had a savings account for her daughter(which she had kept with my landlord's help as she herself cld not read and write)..
There must be so many stories around I am sure..

Watched Slumdog Millionaire..I think he small kids were amazing..and so was the energy of the movie..I love that chase and the way they have shown the O saya .even the potty scene I am still awed by it..dont tell me u guys never did a timepass like the little guy.. :-p ..Not sure how many times I have seen the movie for these shots..
Been to haldiram in search of ghevar and came back these pics of mango tango..As our home is near airport strip keep seeing so many planes landing and believe me watching a plan frm soo close is wow everytime..Now there section outside the airport where u will see guys selling matka kulfi..couples, kids, parents gazing in the sky kulfis in their hand..All just to catch a glimpse of the scene..Its funny how such a small thing can become an attraction here :D
Yeah and even I plan to do the same sometime soon..

Went across to stretch of NH8 a lot many times and got so many amazing sites..Above is one of them..A huge fleet of cow gaadi's with villagers on NH8 ..It was a cool I wish I had camera instead of my mobile with me.
Been ne few rounds of rajpath that my fav stretch and this time went there especially to catch lovely dahlias..:-)
Wish you all a belated holi and a colorful spring time

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