Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This is absolutely amazing..Here I am lying on my bed and typing on my desktop as if I was using a lappy...Only rearrangements are little side shifting for the PC table and a keyboard on bed and wow u are at it..Now I have a newfound love for my PC :-D

its getting warmer here, though there has been lot of western disturbances(thankfully) leading to rains far and betweeen..which are the only saving grace.
Was in Mumbai for a fortnight..hubby was in for business and I tagged along..A good decision overall. Hubby went to office and I roamed and roamed and roamed. Went around from VT Flora fountain bandra Navi Mumbai to Thane.BTw do u know the cost of construction for flora fountain ?..Rs 47 yeah saw it written below the fountain lady... trains were not that crowded(of course I travelled in off timings having the time luxury) . Humidity was a bit high but coming from Delhi it was all better than not being able to go out for heat..even nights outside are so hot..

Saw lot of change..all the BEST stops had names on it..JVLR was so much the better..Linking road was so closer to Bandra station now..I am sure they have opened up some shortcut as it used to take a lot of time a decade earlier..Bandstand was not so cool, had a hard time locating mannat among so many constructions and high rises..Have the rocks gone a lot darker than early times??..I missed brightness of a sea shore ..Cld not make it to marine drive and Juhu..Juhu was our all time favorite spot..

For the first time explored powai.Spending few hours in crossword was nice.Did u know Sonia and Indira cld got along well as italian brides are more or less prepared for a "superior MIL and superior husband " and I thought it was taught in India only hmm..

Another anecdote Maneka gandhi had a ring given by indira(passed on frm Kamla Nehru) which she threw away in a fit and it seems sonia kept it for priyanka and now priyamka wears it..will surely try to sight in all the fingers now looking fo the ring ;) Source of course is sonia's biography an afternoon read in crossword..

Even got a bookstore in those few days, took a membership and got to read "Palace of Illusion"
It's mahabharata written as draupadi wld have seen it(fan fction style)..Loved the way writer has handled scenarios of "her marriage to 5 bro's", "her cheer haran" and so many other episodes..Author has tried to come up with a fictional account from what might have been draupadi's point of view..Amazing is the word..I think I might read it again frm another library some time some day :-D

went around and did loads and loads of window shopping ..Took severe liking to a govinda colored yellow bag and didnt buy (all to save some 20 stupid bucks which he was demanding more than my quoted price )..Now I see it all around me and even think of it as some ideal purse..Man is this what being a shopalcholic means ;-)

Might have another shifting coming soon..Right now its MIL operation time. Wohoo how famous docs position themselves..its like creating a brand and then loads of processes for patients to follow. Then there are horde of associate consultants and like to take care of your every need, with few doses of the main doctor to appease the poor patient.. Well I missed the personal feel of a doc a lot.. Those were the days..
If had been my surgery I wld have preffered the home next door doc anyday..

Now that's khandani rajdhani..Occasion was mother's day..So mom got to get her day out and thali was so cool..first thali which I really appreciated..Sweets section is just amazing and guys are smart with the sizing and quantitiy of the material..Amazing place here is hubby loving his VEG thali meal(Can tell you for sure this is one rare phenomenon)

Anyways,can see lots of colorful blossoms coming up here and there and here..At the top is a pic of one of them and yeah the umbrella as it rained that day in delhi with icecubes (okie I dont know what do u call olay in hindi :-) so go get a good laugh )

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I-swear-I-did-not-write-this said...

Hey - I love working on my desktop by lying flat on my stomach on my bed :) and cause of that I dished out 1200 bucks to get a wireless keyboard + mouse ad 15K for a 22 inch flat screen monitor - Now am soo happy with the improvisation :) Btw, those BEST buses - do they still have their numbers and destination written in Marathi- that is so irritating - most of the time, only after the bus passed by the stop, I would realize that I missed my bus - that much time I took to read he numbers in Marathi/ Hindi :P